Monday, June 2, 2014

Two From the Road

From Nick Styx:

Headline Read:

 Mangan’s: If You are Pro-America, You are Anti-America, as the Country is Willing Itself Out of Existence

 By Nicholas Stix

That’s not exactly what Dennis Mangan said. He actually said the same words, except that in America’s stead, he said, “Sweden.” And yet, the same can be said of every Western nation.

Ingrid Bergman, 1940s

PDK said:

What is happening in Sweden is truly increduling and unbelievable.
I stopped reading actual newspapers in 1995, stopped watching broadcast news in 1998, stopped watching most cable news in 2005 when I stumbled onto fox cable news, but then gave fox news up in 2010.

I no longer watch the news.

Sad it is because I still remember the day when the 15 minute local news followed by the 15 minute national and international news were simultaneously increased to 30 minutes each.

It is also sad because I was a paperboy from age 9 until near 16.

However, the news is no longer the news, but rather a vehicle for ideology indoctrination, and white liberals have achieved their superiority in the news world, and it's the guy at the control who decides what, when and how.

Does anyone remember Dan Rather using his newscast to pull Kerry up from Kerry's 10 point deficit to Bush with a false story wrongly besmirching Bush, back in 10/2004?

News uh.

However, I have msn as my browser and Breitbart on my favorites, viewing the news only occasionally, I have still seen the goings on in Sweden.

Sweden is doing to itself as a nation-state and micro-gene pool, what Michael Jackson did to himself physically.

Michael did not try to enhance his looks for monetary gain as an entertainer; he used skilled surgeons and modern medicine, the white man's medicine, to deny his negro inheritance and to pretend he was white. Those 3 white children with his name are not his biologically.

They were props in Michael's grand illusion/masquerade.

However and most saddening, where Michael could not change his DNA, Sweden is changing, or eventually will change, its gene pool. From powerful, marauding Viking warriors to cowardly, selfish, whimp liberals in just a single millennium.

How far the mighty can fall, unbelievable.

The bug of liberalism, the ideology of the immature and the insane, is easy to catch. Especially now that the liberals have achieved their superiority and are in charge, giving the orders and doing so with a totalitarian policy.

Care to dissent anyone?

Our years as a white gene pool/race are numbered, and it is our fellow white kind, the liberals, who are spearheading this white extinction drive.

It is our fellow whites, the liberals, who are giving away our family farm.

And to whom are they giving all this magnificent whiteness to? The losers of planet Earth, how cowardly can an individual be?

Worse still, those white liberals are doing it to our posterity, not themselves. How selfish can an individual be?

Modern liberalism began during the last quarter of the 18th century. It has grown into a religion, much like Christianity had by the 2nd century AD. In fact liberals see the Judo-Christian faiths as the competition, and that planet Earth is only big enough for one of the two faiths.

The time to plan for tomorrow is today.

A new White Homeland is the only hope for our white gene pool/race longevity.

Goodbye Sweden, and goodbye Ireland, Italy, France, Great Britain and other, once great white man higher cultures of civilization nation-states.

We thought we knew ya well. RIP.

From the Sanctuary, @

I'm PDK: Thank you.


Also from Nick Styx:

Headline Read:

PDK said:

Rand Paul, as with any mainstreamer, must embrace liberal ideology and must not dissent from liberal ideology, or risk the headhunting, jackboot arm and fist persecution policy of liberal totalitarianism and experience it's social and monetary crucifixion.

The only real republican voice I've heard is Ted Cruz, who has stood up for the Constitution 3 times that I know of.
Twice on the second and once on the first.

Can Ted's genuine moral courage for our Republic withstand the coming liberal ideology onslaught via the LMSM?

The LMSM will choose a Rand Paul as the republican candidate.

If you want to pretend America is still America, or that she still can  be righted, better get behind a Ted Cruz should a Ted Cruz dare even try.

Republicans now need their Messiah to step forward, the best out there are Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann perhaps Sarah Palin or a few others.

Our nation state, America, and our Founding Father's free enterprise Republic with the liberty to pursue wealth and happiness must be the republican platform, and not the white man's burden, negro social justice nor democracy or socialism as that belongs to the liberals and their democrat party.

This election might be Ted Cruz versus Elizabeth warren.

A matured, mostly white man versus and immature and insane white woman.

God help us if Elizabeth Warren wins the Presidency.

From the Sanctuary, and building my Arc now, before the Warren storm hits, I'm PDK: Thank you.

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