Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Science of God

E. O. Wilson was born 6/1929, and is still with us today. E.O. is known for a number of scientific achievements and is somewhat fondly called the father of sociobiology.

In 1967, E. O. and a man named Robert MacArthur postulated and thusly made manifest, the idea of r/K selection theory. The short of this theory is pure genius. It states that a gene pool can move in one of two, mutually exclusive directions, by the pressures of evolution.

Evolution and evolutionary pressure is a hammer and anvil reality. One serves as the anvil, where the individuals produced by the gene pool experience genetic variation by chance via mutation, and the other is all the pertinent forces of the environment raining down on these choices of variation, as with the hammer.  What becomes the life form, and what the gene pool itself becomes, is the product forged by this hammer and anvil reality.

This is what Charles Darwin postulated and made manifest back in 1859 with his Opus Magnum, "On The Origin of Species".

The evolution upon the gene pool can either favor the quantity of numbers produce quicker at the expense of  the quality of intelligence; or it can produce the quality of intelligence more slowly at the expense of quantity of numbers produced.

In my opinion, when one is talking about the mutually exclusive, different sub-species of humans, the races, the bottom line, and what it all is about, is where in particular on the r/K selective strategy line any of the mutually exclusive gene pool/race's sits.

It is here, where, when comparing the gene pools/races that one can deduce whether the gene pool strategy hammered out by evolution is more r selective or more K selective.

Moreover, with humans, the cerebrum/head of our offspring is so large in comparison to our females birth canal, that nature has we humans born before our fetal growth rate pattern has terminated. We humans, once born then continue our fetal growth rate pattern of development, as if still in the womb, and for a measurable amount of time after.

It is this measurable amount of time, that serves as one highly accurate representation of our gene pool/race's position on the r/K selective line, IQ tests are another .

John Philippe Rushton, 12/1943-10/2012, expounded this concept in the 80s and 90s, culminating in his 1995 book, "Race, Evolution and Behavior". John by the way, took a lot of heat by the headhunting, jackboot arm and fist policy of liberal ideology against dissention.

Here in America, much is made of the white, negro duality. We come from mutually exclusive gene pools and our gene pools produce offspring in accordance with their mutually exclusive, evolved r/K strategy as hammered out by evolution. 

In the post natal, fetal growth rate patterns, the negro cerebrum/head development ends a full month earlier than the white cerebrum/head development. This ultimates in a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum for the negro and a physically larger, higher IQed cerebrum for whites. This reality just might be the science of God.

In IQ tests, the African negro displays an IQ of 70, the American negro an IQ of 85, and the white an IQ of 103.

The African negro was and is capable only of the low culture of the primitive savage because that is the limit producible by his evolved, gene pool strategy and subsequent IQ place, and not because evil whitey holds the lowly, innocent negro down.

The American negro has gained in intelligence because of miscegenation and mulattoism, and this at the expense of the white. However in the white man's higher culture of civilization, directly born of the white gene pool strategy and subsequent IQ, the negro behaves like a fish out of water, murdering and raping whites, among many other low brow behaviors.

The negro sees the white mans world and wants in, but he does not fit, and more, he blames "evil whitey" for this phenomenon, though it is his gene pools fault not whitey's.

Further the negro never says thank you whitey, which should be the proper response.

I was born here in America in July 1954. My blue eyes have bared witness to a rise in miscegenation, a rise in mulattoism and a decline in our white numbers and percent of total population. Our white decline is also a planet Earth phenomenon.

Miscegenation and mulattoism is one of the intended goals of both white liberal ideology and negro ideology. What I see is our magnificent white gene pool/race sliding down the helter skelter into eventual extinction.

The one gene pool/race that has given so many more positives, a cornucopia of sustenance or anti-biotics for example, than all other races combined, is sliding into extinction.

It is time for we non-liberal, non-apostate whites to begin thinking quietly about an alternative direction.

A new White Homeland may fit the bill.

For our coming and beloved, white posterity

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I'm PDK: Thank you.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Michael and Eamon

"It is not the critic who points out where the great man stumbled", Teddy Roosevelt, circa 1910.

Michael Collins, aka the big fellow, was born in county Cork, Ireland, 10/1890, and died 8/1922. Eamon de Valera was born in New York City of an Irish mother and a Cuban father, 10/1882 and died 8/1975.

These two were, Irish Nationalist heavyweights, in Ireland's great struggle for independence and the creation of an Irish Free State during the early 20th century.

For modern day Ireland, the big day came on the 6th of December, 1921. It was here that the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed by both Great Briton and Ireland, ending the Irish War of Independence, and ultimately creating the Irish Free State for all of Ireland except the 6 counties of Northern Ireland.

Michael Collins was one of the Irish delegates to, and signer of, the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

By any measure a great achievement by the Irish.

However, there were Irish detractors, those not satisfied with the outcome, among them was Eamon de Valera.

Eamon had chosen not to be part of the Irish delegation, he was not there for the Anglo-Irish negotiations; and this, though others begged and prompted him to attend, as he was the most able negotiator among them all.

This was important because some of the Irish accepted the treaty as the best possible achievement of the time, while others wanted nothing less than complete independence. Therefore Michael and Eamon represented these two distinct factions.

"It is the man who is actually in the arena, the man who sweats and toils greatly", Teddy Roosevelt circa 1910.

Michael Collins was the man actually in the Arena, up against the great and powerful, John Bull, sweating and toiling greatly.

At the signing, Lord Birkenhead, a Brit, said to Michael Collins, "in signing this treaty, I am signing my political death warrant", to which Michael replied, "Lord Birkenhead, I'm signing my actual death warrant".

Michael Collins was subsequently killed, or assassinated, by anti-Treaty Irish in an ambush in southern Ireland some 9.5 months later, two moths short of his 32nd birthday.

"For his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat", Teddy Roosevelt circa 1910.

Between 12/21 and his death in 8/22 Michael put forth the proposition that the Anglo-Irish Treaty gave Ireland the "freedom to achieve freedom".

Eamon de Valera, the critic who points out where the great man stumbled, but not the man actually in the arena, stirred the pot by charging the delegates as traitors for failing to achieve complete freedom. Turmoil and bloodshed resulted.

Michael Collins's place in history shall never be with those "cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat", but Eamon de Valera's place in history is with those cold and timid souls.

In 1966, the 50th year anniversary of the Irish, Easter Rising, Eamon stated "It is my considered opinion, that in the fullness of time, history will record the greatness of Michael Collins, and it will be at my expense".

That just might be because one was the Great Man who actually got in the arena, the other chose to be the critic, who not only would not enter the arena, but further pointed out where the Great Man in the arena failed, rather than where he, the Great Man, achieved.

If I could see in my lifetime, an achievement for a new, non-liberal, non-apostate white, nation-state, a White Homeland, on par with the achievement of Michael Collins for The Irish Free State, I would be most moved.

Michael Collins; the Great Man who actually got in the arena and achieved greatly.

From the sanctuary,@
I'm PDK: Thank you, thank you all.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Coming and Beloved, White Posterity


Hi all you non-liberal, non-apostate white people. We white babies have not been born yet, but we have come back in time to let you know we might not have our chance to be born this way, we might be mulattoized, and we wish not to be mulattoized.
Therefore we hope, we ask and we trust, that you, our recent ancestors, will do what needs be done to allow us, your beloved, coming white posterity, to be born in our natural whiteness.
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Until then, the good Lord willing, the creek don't rise and if all goes well, FTS will continue posting clean and insightful truths of reality, furthering our most special cause on the concerns of our white gene pool/race and posterity, and our coming new White Homeland. 
May God himself bless all our non-liberal, non-apostate white patrons of FTS.
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Our White Redoubt

A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet. The Bard, William Shakespeare, circa 1591.

A movement has quite apparently begun here in the United States of America. It is a movement with layers.

First, and currently viable is, "The American Redoubt" movement. This movement is one of a strategic relocation to the mountainous hinterland of the tri-state Montana, Idaho and Wyoming areas. This movement was postulated by a former army Intel-officer and survivalist, one James Wesley Rawles, (see online). 

This movement seems clearly, about and for, those born of the white gene pool, and in particular, the non-liberal whites.  Also, Christian fundamentalist are strongly attracted to this movement.

However, James was not the first to postulate the American North West as the most viable area for whites to immigrate to, with intent of avoiding and surviving, the coming catastrophic consequences of white liberal ideology. 

Richard G. Butler, circa 2/1918-9/2004, (see online), back in the 1970's founded the Aryan Nations in Northern Idaho. Dubbed, right or wrong, a white supremacist group, and Christian Separatist organization, he was headhunted by the jackboot arm and fist of liberal ideology, and eventually was sued by Morris Dees of the SPLC. Dees won in court.

In the 1980s a Mr. Robert Jay Mathews, circa 1/53-12/84, the founder and leader of The Order, an American white nationalist and militant group,  chose to pursued his white separatist understanding, his way. Mathews clearly saw the white race was in great jeopardy, so he attempted to initiate a movement to the American Northwest, or, as he called it, the "White American Bastion". However he chose to fund his movement via armed robbery which ultimately forced the showdown that took his life. Robert was one tough sob, but was wrong in his preferred means to a genuinely noble end. Read his story online.

Randy Weaver, circa 1/48, and his wife Vickie, for religious reasons, fearing, as I see it, the consequential coming apocalypse of white liberal ideology, retreated with their children to Northern Idaho and began living the white separatist life. Falsely accused as a threat to America by an angry at Randy neighbor, the American government wrongly pursued the Weaver family, and ultimately, in my opinion, murdered his wife Vicki and son Sammy in 1992.

This incident became known as Ruby Ridge, (see online).

These white men had in common the understanding that our white race was, as it still is, in jeopardy and ultimate peril, to the point where something must be done sooner, but not much later, or the consequences would be, will be, grave and possibly even, the eventual extinction of our kind, our white sub-species of human. 

Redoubt, a complete enclosure of any form, used to defend a prominent point; a refuge; French circa 1600.

Here the words American Redoubt, White American Bastion, Refuge or even The Sanctuary, have imbued within them, the common idea and understanding that, white liberal ideology will one day cause the extinction of both our white gene pool/race and our white culture, and therefore the necessary response, to be made manifest by non-liberal whites, is to separate out and away from white liberals and their allies, the negros, Hispanic white/browns, Islamics and all losers of planet Earth, into our own, protected, White Homeland, and this, before their ideology ferments into this most horrific eventuality.  

I believe, the entire North West quarter of continental America, eventually joined by both Alaska and the western half of Canada, should and could, one day be, our new non-liberal,  non-apostate, White Homeland.

Any words that reflect this understanding, would, like the rose, still smell as sweet.

For our coming and beloved, white posterity.

From the Sanctuary, @
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Comments posted Elsewhere by PDK

From Countenance on Immigration:

When you have something special, something that is the envy of all humanity, such as the white man's higher culture of civilization, and here in America, our white, Founding Fathers free enterprise Republic with the liberty to pursue wealth and happiness, that something special must be protected.

When you have something God awful, such as any culture other than the white man's higher culture of civilization, the negro lower culture of the primitive savage for example, the need to protect that something is null void, non-existent.

Ultimately, for a God awful culture to keep its people, should that be desired, a wall must be put up to keep the people in. Otherwise they would leave.

Further, if the culture is superlative, the envy of the world, ultimately the culture must erect a wall to keep the invading hordes out.

We Americans, because of white liberal ideology, the ideology of the immature and insane, did not erect the wall that was so desperately needed to protect our extremely special form of the white man's higher culture of civilization.

Our nation-state is lost, our culture is being transmogrified and our priceless white gene pool is being drained by those envious competing other sub-species of humans via miscegenation.

Should we non-liberal whites, accept the God-work of our time, the great burden of separating out and away from white liberals and every loser people of planet Earth, to then secede by declaring independence via abrogation, to create a new White Homeland, then, among our other immediate priorities, we must build a wall to protect our very special and most valuable culture.

It is not enough for a father to mold and build his daughter into a priceless Goddess of Venus type woman, but that he protect her from all the lower than the belly of a snake, scum of the Earth vermin, pursuing to enslave her, to use and abuse her and unworthy of her in the first place, that she may one day rendezvous with her real counterpart in Holy Matrimony, the man who is the rightful complimenting other half of their intended union.

A fool and his money are soon departed.

Let us learn our lessons well.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

From Nick Styx, on the Mayor of NY City; Bill De Blasio:

NY City hired Bill De Blasio for the job of Mayor.

His credentials read something like this; white, liberal, apostate, miscegenator.

Think about who his constituency is that they would elect an adult, white male with those credentials.

Whitey, evil whitey, the blue eyed devil, the white man, the man, these monikers all refer to the sub-species of human commonly called whites.

Whites gave the world both hamburger and hamburgers. Along the way we whites contributed a few other tidbits to all humanity.

From the transistor to the micro-chip, from the radio to the computer, from great ships, autos and bicycles, to trains and planes.

Whites also simultaneously gave a culture, the white man's higher culture of civilization, that produced a cornucopia of sustenance, feeding the world of all humans, increasing both the the quality, quantity and longevity of life for all humans, and modern medicine including antibiotics also increasing both the quality, quantity and longevity of all humans.

These achievements by whites, and all the resulting, ensuing, betterments of humanity, is precisely why the non-white world and white liberals both praise and thank whites, oops, denigrate whites by driving the white gene pool/race into extinction.

It seems that people who are constituent to Bill are the people who, rather than embracing their personal responsibility to mature, choose to remain immature. They then, rather than thanking the white race for its God sent gratuity, choose to achieve their superiority over whites by pilfering whites to death in culture and gene pool.

Who is the fool?

Is the white liberals ideology of the white man's burden worthy of we non-liberal, non-apostate whites anymore? Have we come to our senses? Will we come to our senses before our posterity pays the unchangeable price?

The work of uprooting, transplanting and beginning anew, totally removed from the constituents of Bill De Blasio, that includes white liberals, is the God's work of our time.

Our coming white posterity's reality, depends on our choice in our time.

From the Sanctuary, far removed from Billie boy D, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Thanks one and all, PDK.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jews, Christians and The Holy Bible

When Cecil B. DeMill portrayed the Old Testament, biblical story of Moses and the Exodus he did so with the type of panache and pomp the Biblical authors intended. This because, whatever the true objective reality was from whence this story came, the story itself  was more intended to dramatize the plight and abilities of the Jewish people. To inspire them with a sense of greatness beyond what an ordinary individual could believe of himself.  Undoubtedly more myth and less reality, Moses himself may have been an actual, or a non-actual living person whose character is certainly more the personification of spirit, much in the same venue as King Arthur of the Kelts from the 5th century AD of modern day England.

There is archeological proof of King David's existence, there is none of Moses, and Moses is at this time relegated to a place somewhere between pure myth and an actual person of much smaller stature than the Bible portrays him to be. Put simply, there may have been an actual man with Moses like qualities or there may not have been, we just don't know for sure.

As it is known David existed, not known if Moses existed, it is obvious that Cain and Able never existed as living, individual humans. However the story of Cain and Able is predicated in, or drawn from, real life. The two are personifications of an historical truth of reality.

If one looks a picture of Pharaoh, in full Pharaoh regalia, among other symbols of Pharaoh power are the crook and the flail. The crook is what we understand as the Shepherds staff and the flail an instrument for threshing grain from stock.

It is from the meaning of these symbols that the story of Cain and Able materializes.

About ten thousand years or so ago, in three separate places of similar latitude, two Caucasoid and one Mongoloid people made manifest the reality of agricultural husbandry, which further, shortly thereafter, then subsequently made manifest animal husbandry. One of the Caucasoid areas for this achievement was the Fertile Crescent, the land of the Jews, ancient Egypt and other Arab/Semite peoples.

I consider this reality, humanity's greatest twin achievements of all time, the twin achievements of agricultural and animal husbandry.

Further it is with the achievement of agriculture that our modern day concept of culture and civilization was born. As humans now needed to settle down in one area as opposed to migrating out and about to forage and hunt.

Progressing from agriculture came animal husbandry as certain herding animals such as goats and sheep gravitated to the newly developed fields of food. It was then found that the herding animals, docile and safe, were controllable. Flocks emerged, and a migratory people thusly ensued. By the way, and in my opinion, it is here that the domestication of the most servile wolves, into dogs, began. This because the wolves would have been attracted to the herding animals, who were attracted to the cultivating fields of grain.

This I believe is where the story of Cain and Able comes from. The story is not of an actual individual family but rather a story personified through an imaginary family. That further, the brothers personified the newly developed, mutually exclusive, cultures or ways of life. The evil brother Cain is the agriculturalist and the good brother Able is the shepherd because the Jews were shepherds practicing herding while the non Jews were the agriculturalist. Clearly the Biblical authors wanted their people to understand that they the Jews were the good people who were then subsequently wronged by the outside group of non-Jews.

Further, before the Jews monotheism emerged, people of the time were polytheists. It was, in my opinion, the human shepherd, constantly seeing himself as a superior being to his flock, giving guidance and protection, that the idea of a single, all powerful God emerged, the God of the animal husbandry people, the God of the Jews.

Moreover, it was with the agricultural husbandry people, the people who began the city-state cultures from which we of today descended to live in the larger nation-state, that the idea or concept of life after death emerged as with each spring, life would resurrect from the throes of winter's death, and life would begin anew.

In ancient, Pharaoh Egypt, this life after death phenomenon became a huge part of their overall culture. Mummification, pyramid building, and the God of the afterlife, Osiris, all came from this concept, born of agricultural husbandry.

Finally, the Christian name for the book of the two testaments, The Holy Bible literally translates as The Whole Book, or the complete book. In my opinion, it is the complete book because with  the life story of Jesus the Nazarene, or Jesus the Christ for believers, the whole story of the two mutually exclusive, ideology of cultures runs full course, and once again the two people who were one become one again via the union of the two ideologies. 

At the point of Jesus's resurrection and eternal life, the belief in the concept of a single, all powerful God of the nomadic shepherd and flock people is merged with the concept of the life after death people of agriculture, and finally, that all who live in accordance with the will of God shall resurrect in the afterlife and live again, forevermore.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

From SBPDL, a PDK Comment

Eight negros charged in murder of white toddler:

PDK says:

Can you imagine females about to be photograph by police for their mug shot, stopping for a second, and dolling themselves up.

Take a look a those negro mug shots, aren't they all "maned up" in their macho persona. That first has his head tilted back so he has to look down into the camera. He, by looking down, is saying, I'm superior to you.

On other sites, elections will come up. I always cut through the chase, go right to the finish line, and say, America is finished, kaput, dead.

It is true, white liberals, white liberal ideology, invasive non-whites and a fully enfranchised democracy have, acting in concert, transmogrified our white, Founding Fathers, free enterprise Republic with the liberty to pursue one's wealth and happiness, into the white man's burden, made manifest at home.

We have opened our house to any and all, including members of different sub-species of humans.

They run roughshod over our particular white man's higher culture of civilization. They make a mockery of our laws, they murder and rape our white sons and daughters.

It is rumored through the grapevine, that LBJ had a recurring dream during his Vietnam Presidency. He found himself, neck high, in a huge body of water, and wherever he looked, that was all he saw, more water.

I believe his dream was telling him he was in it deep, all alone and had no idea which way to turn, or which way to go.

Non-liberal, non-apostate whites must realize America is lost, just like LBJ's Vietnam war.
Unlike LBJ, who failed to realize Vietnam was unwinnable, we must realize our lost white America cannot be won back.

We have lost her, the immature and insane, the white liberals have cheated us out of our inheritance, stealing it away for themselves and sharing it with their allying invasive different sub-species of humans.

For most of the older non-liberal, non-apostate whites, a new beginning will not be manifest in their lifetime.

A new beginning will take time and effort. This is much like the Biblical story of the Exodus, where Moses and his Jews wandered in the Sinai for 40 years before finally achieving their pursuit of the Promised Land.

However, our white posterity will then have the chance to be born with their own, and they as a collective will have a chance to live in the harmony of their own white gene pool/race's nature.

The American continental NW, the Canadian West and Alaska, call out to us and should be our targeted, coveted, new White Homeland.

This should be a new White Homeland for all non-liberal, non-apostate whites the planet Earth over.

For our beloved, coming, white posterity.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

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I welcome and thank all my non-liberal, non-apostate white visitors. Thanks again, PDK.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two Comments Posted Elsewhere by PDK

From Nick Styx:

PDK says:
Take a good long look at that pulchritudinous, young white woman, for the day is coming when that form of human is rare and, when still a little further on down the line, that form is extinct.

She is us, and we are selling the soul of our gene pool today, to appease liberal ideology, the ideology of the immature and insane, for a transient gain at the expense of all our kindred's tomorrows.

Just as the anaconda of liberal ideology's socialism is slowly killing our American form, of our white man's higher culture of civilization, so too is liberal ideology's anaconda of miscegenation slowly killing off our gene pool and posterity.

Are we capable of pulling ourselves out of this whirlwind of insanity. It seems to have the power of an F5 tornado.

I do not see others recognizing the danger of liberal ideology's eventual end zone.

I see many making money on the problem, but not actually trying to solve the problem.

Unfair assessment? Perhaps.

Only our posterity will know for sure.

And then the waitress says to me, would you like your, fresh out of the oven bun, vanilla or mulattoed, I wondered, just what is she asking?

From the Sanctuary, @

 I'm PDK: Thank you.
From Countenance:

His Real Crime Was Procreating

North County

PDK says:

Can you imagine yourself having that Hollywood liberal moment, the guess who’s coming to dinner moment, (a movie from 1967), and your white daughter brings a Larry Madison home to dinner?

Unfortunately, that is, what is, transpiring in our white world thanks to the unrelenting machinations of white liberal ideology and the negro buck’s natural sexual gluttony melded to his lust for our young white women.

The insane white liberal ideology machine is now a juggernaut.

A Hollywood non-liberal, non-apostate white movie needs be made, guess who is separating out and away to secede via declaring independence by abrogation?

Time to start thinking now said the ant to the grasshopper.

From the Sanctuary, @

 I’m PDK: Thank you.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cancer of the White Race

Liberalism is the failure to mature or transcend insanity.
Immaturity and insanity deny reality and substitute a preferred illusion in said reality's stead.

Liberals cherry pick the facts which naturally or logically deduce their targeted, preconceived conclusion of illusion. Further, if there are no cherry pickable facts, then liberals invent the facts out of whole cloth, they manufacture them.

Liberals always pursue to achieve their superiority, but never pursue to achieve their maturity. Therefore, when liberals achieve their superiority they are the immature and or insane, in charge and giving the orders.

Once liberal superiority is achieved, and the liberal bugler blows revelry, all must make muster in the liberal ideological line. All must kowtow to, or tow the liberal ideological illusion, but further, this, whilst all dissenters from liberal ideology are constantly headhunted, by a liberal jackboot policy, designed to persecute and crucify, all aforementioned dissenters.

This is called totalitarianism, which white liberals have denigrated since day one, and further, have done so in song, Woody Guthrie's slogan was "This machine (guitar), kills fascists", for example. For white liberals, there is no hypocrisy in their crystal clear position that, "it is bad when you do it to me, but good when I do it to you".

Liberals either wear the persona of the good shepherd or reside as a flock member. The good shepherd liberals pursue the achievement of their superiority as leaders and do so for the rewards of the highlife of power, fame and fortune. The flock members follow their liberal leaders happily, to achieve their reward of not bearing the burden of their personal responsibility to mature, per nature's charge, but while still enjoying the comforts and rewards intended, by nature herself, only for those who accept their personal task of maturing. 

The good shepherd liberal leaders use either a fully enfranchised democracy, as here in the occident, or military muscle, as over in the orient, to finally overcome the previous rulers with the great numbers of followers and backers baited into participation by appealing to the deadly sins of these hoi polloi, great unwashed mass of liberal flock members.

Chief among these deadly sins of immaturity are selfishness and cowardice. Other sins of immaturity, such as envy, sloth and greed, are also played upon by the liberal leaders to curry favor with their flock.

The liberal's immaturities of cowardice and selfishness have brought upon our white race the concept of, "The white man's burden". Here liberals, be they lowly flock members or highfalutin good shepherd leaders, can cheat both nature and the white collective via social chess.

By donning the persona of self-righteous and noble courage, these cowardly, selfish liberals can hold their head high and walk tall, defending those they are cowardly afraid of, others not of their kind, by standing up to those they do not have to fear, their own kind.

This social chess stratagem allows the shame and opprobrium associated with cowardice and selfishness to be sloughed off the cowardly and selfish liberals, and onto the others of the white collective. Most unfortunately it is our young who are most susceptible to this guile.

It is here that the white man's burden is yoked upon our collective.

In 1967, Susan Sontag said, "The white race is the cancer of human history". Susan spoke the creed and mantra of white liberals, however, Susan was wrong. Her adage may reflect both the white liberal illusion and white liberal ideology, but it does not reflect the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth of reality.

The white race has given more positive to all humanity than all other races and sub-races combined. All humanity owes the white race a huge debt of gratitude.

To correct Susan in the real world I say, "White liberals are the cancer of the white race".

We non-liberal, non-apostate whites, the matured whites, need a new White Homeland.

This we must do for our coming and beloved, posterity.

From the Sanctuary, @

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Welcome back my Ukrainian friends. I'm hoping all people of both the Ukraine and Russia are safe. I further hope a lasting resolution, agreeable to both sides, has been achieved or is pending and imminent. From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

From the Sanctuary again sends it's hope out to all the
Russo-Ukrainian people for a safe and Godspeed conclusion
to their time of great trouble. We look forward to their  
return here at From the Sanctuary. Thank you, PDK.

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