Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Matured and the Immatured By PDK

In our country America, and in all the planets first world countries,there is only one real division between all the people, it is not race, it is not sex, it is not political, it is found somewhere along the developmental line of the maturation process. There are but two sides, one, the matured, two,the immature, and there are no others. This may seem ridiculous, surely it is black versus white, or at least majority versus minority, but no, surely it is the feminine versus the masculine, again no, but it must be liberal versus conservative, right, no. There is only maturity versus immaturity.
All humans are born 100% immature, the maturation process strives for 100% maturity, but this like perfection, is rarely, if ever,achieved. As a process however there is at least a line of demarcation, separating out those who are basically matured from those who, for their own peculiar and particular problem, cannot overcome a hurdle, a hurdle that may appear small to one already matured, but to them still stands mountain tall as it did in their childhood.
The matured among us have not mastered maturity. There will always arise, given enough time, something new the matured must mature through .However, what the matured have mastered is the maturation process, and given the short period of time needed to accomplish maturity on this new hurdle, the matured will. The same is not necessarily true for the immature. They may mature here and there, may mature over some new hurdle, but they have not mastered the maturation process as evidenced by their particular immaturity,something somewhere so big to them they are incapable of rising above via the only means for rising above and maturing beyond their mountainous problem, the maturation process.
Where the mature graduates beyond any given problem, as a track and field athlete clears hurdles and proceeds, the immature cannot, but he must proceed, just like the matured. Incapable of hurdling his obstacle, he chooses to go around. He passes go, collects his 200 dollars, but he does not mature, his immaturity has now become a permanent part of his psyche. This immaturity becomes a big chink in his armor, a canker in his flower, it demands of him a resolution and he resolves this problem via the construction of an illusion. It is an illusion design to hide his embarrassment, his failure, and offer up instead a perfectly and seemingly legitimate position, but of course it is a false position.
So important does the commitment to his immaturity become, so embarrassing is his failure that, he must defend the illusion, as the illusion defends him, at all costs, and unfortunately that cost, experienced as a price to be paid, as burden upon the back, is experienced by the entire populace of the given group, here the country.
Johnny liberal, a little boy, is so freighted by the big bad boogie man that he goes around in avoidance of him rather than find his St. George courage, face his fear and clear this obstacle of his maturation process. Years pass, he becomes a man in body, but there is a chink in his armor, a canker in  his flower, and an illusion in his personality, designed to cover this failing, his cowardice complex.
Unfortunately for his country, every time a challenge besets the country involving that which elicits his cowardice complex, his illusion must spring into action, ultimately protecting himself, at the expense of others, from his own failings in the maturation process, here his cowardice complex. For those who remember his Presidency, this was Jimmys problem, and why Iran is now controlledby the insanity of Islam.
One day matured and immatured fellow countrymen, come to grapple over Islam, as Islam advances aggressively to conquer and submit. Both think they are arguing objectively, but in reality, the matured argues objectively,while the immatured argues subjectively.
The matured wishes to protect and preserve his country and his countrys culture, the immatured wishes to protect and preserve his illusion, so necessary to his false pride and false appearance as an adult in mind. For the immature to fail here, the biblical disaster, the most feared of the feared would transpire, his illusion would be crushed and he would be forced to face his monster, his cowardice complex he has worked so hard to hide, even from himself.
Therefore, the immature, having shirked his responsibility to the maturation process, sloughs off upon his country and in particular the mature, the price of his irresponsibility, the price of his immaturity. If this price is the eventual conquering of country and culture by the insanity of Islam, that is inconsequential, that is not his problem. His problem is to protect and preserve his illusion at all expense.
This of course is why a liberal, the immatured, seem sick and stupid, seem insane, because they defend not their country, but their inner illusion at the exspense of their country, but they do so as if they were as objective as the matured, letting it not be seen that they are really arguing subjectively, to protect themselves.
Whatever particular failing any given liberal has in the maturation process, they all accept the others problem, as the others accept their problem, this is the comradery among the immature, the liberals, and for them it is the glue that bonds.
With this understanding it came to pass, quite clearly in my mind, that arguing with a liberal is the equivalent of arguing with a mental patient in the psyche ward, as meaningless as two people talking about two differen trealities, while both think they are talking about the same reality.
Frustration and anger, not resolution, is all that materializes. One wonders if it is worth soldiering on, or should a new alternative be sought out.
I shall try to keep the faith.