Friday, June 6, 2014

The Cancer of the White Race

Liberalism is the failure to mature or transcend insanity.

Immaturity and insanity deny reality and substitute a preferred illusion in said reality's stead.

Liberals cherry pick the facts which naturally or logically deduce their targeted, preconceived conclusion of illusion. Further, if there are no cherry pickable facts, then liberals simply invent the facts out of whole cloth, they manufacture them.

Liberals always pursue to achieve their superiority, but never pursue to achieve their maturity. Therefore, when liberals achieve their superiority they are the immature and or insane, in charge and giving the orders.

Once liberal superiority is achieved, and the liberal bugler blows revelry, all must make muster in the liberal ideological line. All must kowtow to, or tow the liberal ideological/illusion, because all those who choose instead to dissent from liberal ideology/illusion are constantly headhunted, by a liberal jackboot arm and fist persecution policy, designed to crucify all dissenters in their personal social and monetary venues.

This is called totalitarianism, which white liberals have denigrated and denounced as evil since day one, and further, have done so in varied venues and ways such as was singer songwriter Woody Guthrie's slogan, "This machine (guitar), kills fascists". However, now that liberals have achieved their superiority, are in charge and giving the orders, liberal totalitarianism is promoted. For white liberals, there is no hypocrisy in their crystal clear position that, "it is bad when you do it to me, but good when I do it to you".

Liberals either wear the persona of the good shepherd or reside as a flock member. The good shepherd liberals pursue the achievement of their superiority as leaders and do so for the rewards of the highlife of power, fame and fortune. The flock members follow their liberal leaders happily, to achieve their reward of not bearing the burden of their personal responsibility to mature, per nature's charge, but while still enjoying the comforts and rewards intended, by nature herself, only for those who accept their personal task of maturing. 

The good shepherd liberal leaders use either a fully enfranchised democracy, as here in the occident, or military muscle, as they did over there in the orient, to finally overcome the previous rulers with their great numbers of followers and backers baited into participation by appealing to the deadly sins of these hoi polloi, great unwashed mass of liberal flock members.

The deadly sins are all born of immaturity, chief among these deadly sins of immaturity are selfishness and cowardice. Other sins of immaturity, such as envy, sloth and greed, are also played upon by the liberal leaders to curry favor with their flock.

The liberal's immaturities of cowardice and selfishness have brought upon our white race the concept of, "The white man's burden". Here liberals, be they lowly flock members or highfalutin good shepherd leaders, can and do cheat both nature and the white collective via social chess.

By donning the persona of self-righteous and noble courage, these cowardly, selfish liberals can hold their head high and walk tall as they nobly defend those they are cowardly afraid of, those who are not of their kind, while self righteously standing up to those they do not have to fear, their own kind.

This social chess stratagem allows the shame and opprobrium associated with cowardice and selfishness to be sloughed off the cowardly and selfish liberals, and onto the others of the white collective. Most unfortunately it is our young who are most susceptible to, and fall victim of, this social chess act of guile.

Moreover, it is here that the white man's burden is yoked upon our collective.

In 1967, Susan Sontag said, "The white race is the cancer of human history". Susan spoke the creed and mantra of white liberals and their white liberal ideology/illusion, however, Susan was wrong. Her adage genuinely reflects both the white liberal ideology and white liberal illusion, but it does not reflect the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth of reality.

The white race has given more positive to all humanity than all other races and sub-races combined. For example, the white man's higher culture of civilization and some magnificent white men and women have given both whites and all humanity a cornucopia of sustenance and a repertoire of modern medical miracles, such as anesthesia and anti-biotics. 

All humanity owes the white race a huge debt of gratitude.

To correct Susan in the real world I say, "White liberals are the cancer of the white race".

We non-liberal, non-apostate whites, the matured whites, need a new White Homeland.

This we must do for our coming and beloved, white posterity.

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