Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Found INNOCENT

Thank God justice prevailed over this, transmogrification of justice, immoral appeasement to the American Negro, buffoon trial.

George with his nose altered by the fists of the 

adult, Negro punk, Trayvon, "the would be murderer", Martin.

I can only hope Obama and Holder, the dynamic mulatto Negro duo, do not besmirch and transmogrify American justice any further with some, brought about by Negros in high places, trumped up, bogus civil rights charge.
Image: In this image from video, George Zimmerman smiles after a not guilty verdict was handed down in his trial at the Seminole County Courthouse on Saturday (© TV Pool/AP)

George, exuberant at being found innocent of

the trumped up charge of murder 2. 

Wonder if the American Negro will try to protect, defend and support the Negro illusion that said Negro is only a loser because the evil white man, the blue eyed devil, persecutes the innocent Negro, by rioting like the animals that they are.

Trayvon Martin, the fully matured anti-white racist Negro,

displaying his contempt for whitey and white culture.

Well what can one expect; the white liberal let the Negro animal out of his cage, and fully enfranchised him in the white man's higher culture of civilization.

White liberals, Negros and the prosecution all

referred to Trayvon as a "child".

The more animalistic Negro may want into the white man's higher culture of civilization, but he cannot fit in. For the Negro is the product of a more r selective gene pool, and further therefore possesses a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, capable of only a tribal existence, and totally incapable of functioning properly in the higher culture of civilization.

Because the Negros have been threatening online to riot should justice prevail, even shipping in Negro rioters by the New Black Panther criminals down into Florida, I can well imagine the profit to be made down there as a spear salesman, and spear chucking entrepreneur this week.

Oh well, the white man is just a racist, correct white liberals and Negros?

Good luck George. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Imaginary, Illusion and Liberals

There is a big difference between imaginary and illusion. On the surface they seem the same, as both represent something other than reality. However down below the surface, where one begins to comprehend the mutually exclusive concepts each word defines, one may, if matured, consciously perceive the difference. For those adults who have chosen to remain immature, there is, undoubtedly, good reason to keep oneself and others from distinguishing the difference between the two.

In imaginary perception one is filling the void of a necessity that reality has inadvertently shortchanged. A child, living in seclusion, in need of other children for all manner of social contact, will create imaginary friends to fill this need, which reality has not.

A man or a woman in waiting for their soul mate or heart of hearts will fill the absence in reality of their need with the imagination of being with or finally meeting their intended other half.

The great Albert Einstein utilized imagination in his famous “thought experiments” to do for his scientific quest what reality could not, and all that to understand what the reality of reality was.

Does not he or she pursuing their superiority, in any field of endeavor, and from time to time, imagine the moment they achieve their said superiority? Does not this imagination help those in pursuit of their superiority to one day achieve their superiority?

Imagination, for all its apparent falseness, is in fact, rooted in reality. It deals with reality even though reality is unable to cooperate at the particular time.

Illusion seems on the surface to be the same as imagination, as it too reflects a something that is not reality. However, the falseness illusion reflects is intended to replace reality, not to ever be one with reality.

Where imagination is an aid to reality, illusion is a usurper of reality. Further, it does seem clear that though everyone can and may utilize imagination, only a particular type of personality will use illusion. Illusion is reserved for those who deny reality, and those who deny reality are the immature.

It should also be clear, that those who deny reality, the immature, adopt the ideology of liberalism and hence become liberals.

Take for example a white liberal who never hurdled the obstacle of cowardice. When presented with the situation that elicits his or her cowardice, how can the immature liberal not suffer the chastisement of his peers or society for his or her failure to mature?

This liberal coward, Jimmy Carter, as President he 

let the Shah and Iran be taken by the

Ayatollah and Islam. Now Iran pursues the bomb.

In the game of social chess the liberal can feign noble courage by both befriending those he is cowardly afraid and by confronting his own people whom he fears not, and all on the false pretensions of morality. Here the immature liberal looks courageous, hides his cowardice and ultimately the price tag affixed to this cheat is subsequently paid for by the collective of his own people.

The white liberals who defend Islam or Negros, because of their cowardice elicited by Islam or the Negros, looks good while he stands tall with false noble courage, but the collective suffers as Islam or the Negros then run slipshod over the white culture and white people.

This liberal coward, Ted Kennedy, transmogrified

America's demographics, which in turn

transmogrified America.

Sir Winston Churchill once stated, “those who appease the crocodile, hope to be the last eaten”. This is the coward’s strategy, where illusion is offered up as reality, and further is defended via the game of social chess. Here instead of the immature liberal bearing his own burden, the price of his cowardice personally, the collective bears said burden as those invaders/aggressors gain in their pursuit to conquer or parasitize the culture.

Winston Churchill, a great man, a great leader

and therefore not a liberal; the man had class.

Nobody can cure a liberal but the liberal himself. The liberal can “cure” himself by embracing his personal responsibility to mature, and this by the way, is the task nature charges all humans with.

Unfortunately for us non-liberal whites, we are burdened by white liberals from our own gene pool/race, as they forge or unite together, and further, embrace our enemies in a feigned friendship of losers, hoping to skirt their failure to mature and its accompanying embarrassment at the expense of both our white culture and our mutual white gene pool/race. This strategy is currently operating in the white world of the West, and has been for the last half century or so, and is destroying and/or transmogrifying our successful gene pool/race and cultures into a loser gene pool/race and cultures.

This liberal coward, Janet Napolitano,

refuses to protect America's borders.

Moreover, I have come to realize that liberals in defense and promotion of their liberal illusion will cherry pick the facts of reality which in turn naturally or logically deduce their targeted conclusion of illusion. If there are no facts to cherry pick, liberals will create the needed “facts” from whole cloth.

Liberalism is immaturity. Immaturity denies reality and substitutes a preferred illusion in said reality’s stead.

Imagination works for, and is further, for all people; illusion only works for, and further, is only for, the immature. In our adult world, the immature are the liberals. Thank you.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Thank you all

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Murderous and Miscegenetic Desires of the American Negro

The American Negro knows what he wants; ultimately to shed or slough off his Negro traits born of a more r selective gene pool. Most in particular the Negro gene pool trait that produces the physically smallest, lowest IQed cerebrum of any of all the sub-species of human, on planet Earth.
Though the Negro is of Low IQ, he has sufficient intelligence to glean his totally inferior, intellectual ability. Perhaps if the Negro had never witnessed with his own eyes, the superior, white man’s created and maintained, higher culture of civilization with all its, “superior to tribal existence” amenities, he might never have realized his inferior status in the world of humans.
However, no white individual, back in the day when white first met Negro, could have gleaned just how low and inferior the Negro was. Moreover, the Negro would most assuredly have realized near immediately, how superior the white gene pool/race form of human was, and decided right then and there to affix their loser self to the winner whites. Shortly thereafter, the American Negro ensconced himself, permanently, in the said, white man’s higher culture of civilization.
Woe would become America.
The American Negro plans to continue pilfering from the white gene pool in order to achieve his parasitic quest for a superior form of Negro.
The American Negro has pilfered 15 IQ points in just 400 years of close contact living with whites, as witnessed by the difference in mean IQ, 70 to 85, between African Negros and American Negros.
Barac Obama is a good reflection of this dangerous phenomenon in action as his low IQed Negro cerebrum has been supercharged by his mother’s white genes for a higher IQed, Negro cerebrum.
In any event and in the meantime, American Negros intend to continue on as the more animalistic and/or tribal people that they are while enjoying the highlife of the white man's created and maintained, higher culture of civilization, and by the way, of which they are still incapable of assimilating into; witness for example Detroit, Mi., or Birmingham, Alabama.
Also in the meanwhile, the American Negro intends to continue promoting and protecting the Negro illusion that states the Negro to be the loser form of human solely because the evil whitey persecutes the Negro. That evil whitey goes out of his way to persecute the Negro. This Negro illusion is of course the driving force behind the current violent manifestations, and the much greater of magnitude, violence in potential, the Negros are agitating for should George Zimmerman correctly be found innocent of murder 2.
Was there ever a more clear case of justifiable homicide than George Zimmerman’s killing of the violent thug, potential murderer Trayvon Martin,   in recent decades?
In fact, not only does the American Negro intend on continuing to pretend he believes his illusion, but even worse he intends to act as if his illusion is the truth by continuing to commit violent acts upon whites, including beating, raping and murdering our white women, most of whom are in their child bearing age, thereby denying whites their full potential inherent in these, our white women's genes.

Eve Carson Murderers; The American Negros, Demario Atwater and Laurence Lovette Jr.


This reality can be gleaned online, young white woman such as Eve Carson and Nicola Furlong and the 1000s more in the last 50 years of American history.

The American Negro, Richard Hinds, 19,

murdered the pulchritudinous, young Irish White Woman

Nicola Furlong: He was found quiltey, but only received 5-10,

the maximum in Japan for a minor.

Moreover, the American Negro enjoys protected status, like an endangered species of animal, by the white liberals. The Negro realizes this and therefore allies himself with the apostate to his own gene pool/race, white liberal dolt, and thereby said Negro continues acting out his more animalistic tendencies, and does so while also acting out upon his illusion.
For non-liberal whites to get off this merry-go-round of transmogrifying the white gene pool and ultimately pushing the white gene pool/race into extinction, we non-liberal whites need to disassociate from white liberals and all their allies the Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics.
Secession is truly the only answer.
When did Noah build the arc? Before the Flood.
Woe will be our posterity, if we non-liberal whites embrace the sloth of being good men who do nothing when evil this way comes.
Secession. Thank you.



Saturday, July 6, 2013

Islam or Liberty

The Islamic rise of the twentieth century clearly caught a ride on the wave of easily exploited, ME oil, which by the way, was discovered, liberated and processed by whites of European decent . It was/is a big wave, but it is also, ultimately, a limited wave. Their time of feeling their power, born of said ME oil, sufficiently enough to pursue their Islamic superiority, is limited.

However, the Islamic movements quest for world domination and it’s imposed upon all, Sharia law, has mobilized with great haste, and has among other things, exploited the weakness of our western cultures, our fully enfranchised democracies, and the white liberals, who, failing to mature, or remaining insane, but wielding a certain puissant, political and social clout, have chosen to embrace these, would be, will be, Islamic usurpers of liberty.

One good solid look at our white brothers and sisters across the mighty Atlantic, in the big cities and small towns, on the hills and plains and all across their lands of Great Britain and Western Europe, our fellow whites are being hostilely aggressed by the invading conquerors of Islam. Moreover, Islam means business, they intend to conquer, submit and enslave all to their misogynistic, insanity of Islam.

For those non-liberal whites who would care to look, we whites of North America are being targeted as well. In fact here in America, as many as 10 million Islamics have achieved citizenship by immigrating or converting. Negros, via 75%, are those Americans who covert the most. As of 2010, America had 2106 known Mosques.

Islamic Mosque of Dearborn Michigan

The Islamics are following the mushroom plan. Mushrooms have a very short time to do their thing, and they exploit their few opportunities with great haste and further, do so quite successfully. It is the duty and responsibility of the matured of liberty, we non-liberal whites, to prevent Islam from becoming, "mushroom" successful.

Hassan Al Banna: 1906-1949, Hassan

 founded the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood in 1928

In America, the passage of the Immigration and Reform Act of 1965, at the behest of the incessantly harping, “the Act will not change America’s demographics”, Ted "Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, liberal, democrat, has changed America’s demographics. Without such change the liberal dolt constituencies would clearly be second numerically to the non-liberal constituency. However, the new waves of immigrants, legal and illegal, especially Hispanics of the new world, ally themselves with the white liberals and the American Negro to vote for liberal ideology and the transmogrification of America by voting for the white liberal’s, democrat party.

The anti-American, Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy

America’s window of opportunity, to deny Islam its intended "mushroom" success, appears to be closing as the liberal candidates, those of democrat party affiliation, now have a larger voter base.

Meanwhile, Islams "conquered" territory is increasing. The game is now afoot in our own lands. If we can defeat them in our own land, send them back to where they came from, the eradication of Islam, could be, will be, at hand when their singular source of revenue, ME oil, evaporates.

If, on the other hand, we fail our duty and responsibility, to purge our land of their hostile, aggressive, invasion, Islam will continue to pursue its superiority, with our wealth at their disposal. We could, and we will be, conquered.

It seems, without a doubt, we the matured of liberty, must make the stand against the enemy from within, liberalism, and the enemy from without, Islam, soon or sooner, for if we continue to kick this God awful can further down the road, our posterity will surely live, floundering in the tyranny, poverty and misery that liberal socialism, and Islamic Sharia impose.

May all we non-liberal whites, the world over, begin talking about a new land, carved out of our own territories, a new land where we can be in charge and give the orders.

Secession and a calling out to our fellow non-liberal whites, from every land on planet Earth, to gather together as a new people of common intent, void of the liberal ideology, and pursuing our, “harmony with our own nature” happiness, shall then make manifest, our own Utopia.

"Live free or die". General John Stark, American patriot.

“Give me liberty or give me death”, Patrick Henry, American Founding Father and patriot.

Woe will be humanity, when all are enslaved to Islamic insanity. Thank you.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

America's Fourth of July

As dawn breaks and the new days sun doth shine upon this 237th anniversary of July 4th 1776, the day America’s Founding Fathers Promulgated to England, King George the 3rd and the entire civilized world that England’s 13 American Colonies were not England’s anymore, but rather were now an independent country, and did so promulgate by their formal Declaration of Independence, we should, as Americans, be celebrating.

We Americans should be celebrating because these fine, non-liberal white men of primarily Nordic European stock risked life and limb, braved beyond where the brave dare not go and in achievement of their pursuit did both give themselves and their posterity a most desirable, free enterprise Republic.

The names of the Founding Fathers who gave the most should be known to all Americans, names such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Patrick Henry and John Jay, but sadly, most Americans who vote for the liberal democrat party would not know who most of these men were, and worse could care less.

George, Tom, Benjamin and John:

 Clockwise from upper left

A trip to Detroit or Los Angeles would help confirm this reality. In Detroit, 85% Negro, the names of LeBron James or Michael Jordan are much better known than America’s Founding Fathers. Further, with the exceptions of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington most of Detroit would not know any Founding Fathers and further know of those two only because they grace the 100 and 1 dollar bills respectively.

Modern Day Detroit

It was after April the 19th, 1775, where in Concord and Lexington the shot heard round the world was fired, that the Second Continental Congress met in May 1775 to begin the work which would fruit into the Declaration of Independence.

But expect not a white liberal or their allies, the Negros, Hispanic white/browns or Islamics to know this. However the white liberals know, as they are so fond of pointing out, that the Founding Fathers were “just” capitalist, as if there was/is something wrong with capitalist. Further white liberals never point out that the wealthiest of Colonist in that day, also capitalist, remained loyal to the Crown, they were the loyalists.

Some of Americas Founding Fathers had solid educations; some such as George and Benjamin were mostly self-taught. In today’s America, there is a tremendous opportunity for free education for both legal and illegal children at the tax-payers, mostly white tax-payer dollars, expense. Further, there are both free breakfast and lunch meals for the poor, mostly those children other than the child of a taxpaying, non-liberal white, citizen.

The last Founding Father alive, James Madison died in 1836, the same year as David Crockett, one of Americas two greatest Frontier Heroes, who died at the Alamo fighting for Texas independence.

A young James Madison

Further he died in Andrew Jackson’s last Presidential year. Andrew was a child during America’s Revolutionary war. His parents’ house was occupied by the British, and one day, Andrew, ordered by a British lieutenant to clean said lieutenant’s boots, refused and was saber slapped across the face. Andrew was the last President with any tie to the Revolutionary War.

Shortly after America’s Founding Fathers made a free enterprise Republic a reality by standing up to, and defeating, the world’s greatest authority figure, the world’s only super power of the time, the British Crown, one Mary Wollstonecraft published, in 1792, “A Vindication of the Rights of Women”, and thus began modern day liberalism.

All throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, those of liberal persuasion, first and foremost the immature and the insane white liberal, and of course also the Low IQed and immature Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics, worked to established a fully enfranchised democracy, and once achieved did then begin transmogrifying America’s Founding Fathers Republic into their coveted socialist democracy.

The Founding Fathers incorporated a limited democracy and that limited democracy, among other realities, allowed America to become the richest, most powerful nation-state planet Earth has ever known.

However, for those who would prefer their freedom to do what they please, as they please, and at other people’s expense, those who clamor about their rights but have no regard for other people’s rights, and lastly those who refuse their personal responsibility to mature, those people of course being the white liberals and most of their low IQed allies, targeted America’s Founding Father’s culture in large part because it created and possessed great wealth, of which they desired to partake of, via the redistribution of socialism.  Their mission was to transmogrify, selfishly, this wealth and happiness culture of liberty into a socialist democracy, for their selfish want to achieve their wealth and happiness without earning their wealth and happiness.

Today America has spent all of our capitalist grandfather’s and unborn grandchildren’s money.  This is what happens when those not fit for enfranchisement, the immature and the low IQed, are given enfranchisement.

There is no sense to arguing with white liberals, the immature and insane, or their allies, the Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics, the low IQed, immature and insane. The only hope for a future life for non-liberal whites to live in harmony with their nature is to separate out and away from said white liberals and their allies via secession, and begin again, outlawing them and their ideology from the start.

It was/is they who need us, and further us who cannot afford them.

I believe in my white gene pool/race and culture. I intend that my white posterity receive from me what I received from my white Founding Fathers.

On this July 4th celebration of America’s independence, it is time for non-liberal whites to begin thinking about a new independence, one with prosperity and happiness for our own kind. Thank you.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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Thank you one and all: Perhaps secession, first and foremost to protect and defend our white gene pool/race/cultures and lands, will one day materialize, and we and our posterity shall prosper in happiness. Thank you. 

Jun 25, 2013 8:00 AM – Jul 2, 2013 7:00 AM



Monday, July 1, 2013

The Fate of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, some love/loved him, some hate/hated him. Some once loved him then decided to hate him, while still others once hated him then found they loved him later on; most of the time that’s how it rolls with humans.

Many refer to Abe as the great emancipator, the one individual most responsible for having freed the slaves. That of course would be the Negros here in America at that time.


Abraham Lincoln

The African Negro had been liberated by the white Colonist of America as soon as they arrived from Africa. It was there, in Africa, were one tribe would capture and enslave members of another tribe, for the profit therein realized.

When the European maritime traders arrived on Africa’s west-northwest coast to do business, trading their iron and other goods for the indigenous Negro peoples goods, the best goods the African traders had was slaves.

Once these enslaved Negros arrived in the American Colonies however, the white Colonist elevated the Negro slave up out of his Negro imposed upon Negro bondage giving said Negro indentured servitude status. This was the same position as the poor white man, and in fact, the Negro was treated and paid the same as the lower class white, even to the point of being elevated up still further to a paid, totally free man, upon completion of his servitude.

However Negros being Negros, they just had to impose their more animalistic behavior upon themselves here in America, just as they did back on their home continent of Africa, by initiating institutionalized slavery of their own people. For those increduled, check out one Anthony Johnson, online.

From 1656 until the emancipation proclamation on 1/1/1863, the American Negro remained in bondage. The Negro, at least of the Confederate south were set free by Abraham Lincoln and the federal government.

The American Negro, subsequently given his citizenship, displayed his appreciation and love for Abe Lincoln by voting for Abe’s party, republican, for the next 60 plus years. The Negro remained loyal until the socialist, FDR, liberal democrat, some say Joe Stalin’s best friend, offered all poor and loser people something for nothing at someone else’s expense.

At that of course, the American Negro dropped Negro loyalty to the Republican Party like the proverbial hot potato.

Today’s American Negro generally looks down upon the great emancipator with disrespect and even hate. In just a sesquicentennial, the American Negro went from loving Abe to hating Abe.

The American, southern white hated Abe back then, and still does to this day. They do not refer to Abe as the great emancipator, but rather, as the tyrant.

The white liberal of today loves Abe, though they are somewhat consternated over his political party affiliation, as white liberals are for a socialist democracy, and therefore are politically, democrats while Abe was a republican.

There is much argumentation by the common white man upon Abe’s status, some think his intention always was to liberate the Negro, setting said Negro free in the white man’s higher culture of civilization, and therefore of course, was evil.

Other common whites, including myself, see Abe as a matured, race realist and not an immature white racist pursuing his unearned superiority over other races. Moreover, Abe preferred whites and Negros to live separately and as separately in culture and land as we are separate in the nature of our mutually exclusive, quite different, gene pools, that ultimately demark us as different sub-species of humans. 

It is here with this last conceptualization of Abraham that a realization of great significance materializes and makes itself manifest. If Abe truly was a matured race realist all of his life, how could he have ended up being the one who, “freed the slaves”, and further allowed them to live among us as equal citizens. What transpired? Was it the in general, manifest destiny of white liberal ideology, and more specifically the imposed upon all, liberal ideology of white man’s burden? I believe it was.

Unfortunately as I see it, what transpired then upon Abe, just may be transpiring upon we non-liberal whites of today. We recognize ourselves to be matured race realist, not pursuing our superiority over others of different, gene pool sub-species of humans but, we further find our own sloth, the type of sloth least seen, the sloth of failing to act as good men must when evil this way comes.

Moreover, the worst of the evil that this way comes is created by miscegenation and the subsequent mulatto offspring diluting our precious white gene pool and giving away our precious genes to a different form of sub-species of human, so on the cheap, it surpasses the Biblical Esau’s fools trade with his younger brother Jacob, his birth rights for some of Jacob’s stew.


Esau sells his First Born Birthrights

for and to, a Bowl of Jacobs Stew


Tragically, the fate of Abraham Lincoln may be the fate of all non-liberal whites, and that further translates into the fate of our white gene pool/race/cultures and lands.

Abraham Lincoln’s life was cut short by the assassin John Wilkes Booth, who was himself a victim of fate no less than Abe.

John Wilkes Booth

Will we non-liberal whites allow white liberals, their ideology and allies, the Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics and time itself to befall us with the fate of Abraham Lincoln?

For my white posterity, I hope, pray and work for their tomorrow’s salvation from Abe’s fate today. Thank you.