Saturday, June 21, 2014

For What it is Worth; Hillary and Elizabeth

On America's coming 2016 Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton is old hat, looking more haggard and worn out than an aspiring presidential hopeful/wannabe could possibly be and still entertain any reasonable hope of attaining the Presidency.

Moreover, as Secretary of State, Hillary employed the young woman, Huma Abedin, in difference to her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Clearly Hillary's masculine elements were in play, as she took the role of powerful old man with accompanying beautiful young consort, and did so knowing that American secrets could easily be stolen by the consort and passed on to our American enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood.

But to Hillary and Hillary's "brother within" masculine elements, such possible espionage was a small price to pay for Hillary achieving her masculine elements outward manifestations. This, and she wants to be President!

This much like her husband, President Bill Clinton and his friend associate, and National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, the American traitor and of course white liberal. Or Bill's constant womanizing and philandering as his macho side both his "animal man" within and persona needed the world to see that he was not homo, but rather a hetero buck, and this because Hillary needed her masculine side to be in the fore, outside the house and seen by all, which in turn made Bill look homoish.

Most Americans are tired of the Clintons as they are of the Bushs. Jeb Bush has no more right to the Presidency than does Hillary, though both probably think they are owed the job, and further, that only they can do the job right. They are one a democrat, Hillary, and one a republican, Jeb, but both are liberals.

In America it is the democrat party that is the party of liberals and their liberalism. But now that the liberals have achieve their superiority without having achieved their maturity, and are the immature in charge and giving the orders and doing so with a jackboot totalitarian policy of our way or socio-political death, many republicans have become democrats in republican clothing.

Today the only democrat banner falling faster than Hillary's is Barac Obama's. But Barac has achieved the Presidency. He has destroyed so much of our White, Founding Fathers Republic with liberty to pursue wealth and happiness, that his falling banner means nothing to him, he can always walk tall among his fellow liberal peers with head held high. Further, if nothing else, being the magical mulattoed negro, every cup of coffee with donut will be free for him, forevermore, and paid for by the white tax payer.

The Presidency should be about choosing the best among us for safeguarding our culture and our kind, instead it has become a mockery of our Founding Fathers America, and about who can best transmogrify America, the late great cornucopia of planet Earth, into a backwater rubbish heap of tyranny, poverty, misery and miscegenation with mulattoed offspring.

We Americans, we White Americans have lost our family farm.

White liberals, white liberal ideology/illusion and the liberal democrat party of the last one hundred years or more has stolen our White, Founding Father's America from us, only to transmogrify her into the lowest, cesspool dwelling hydra possible. 

Hillary should be passed over for a new hat, more modern democrat.

There is no liberal democrat more immature and insane than neophyte Elizabeth Warren, and since immaturity, especially selfishness, cowardice and envy, and insanity are the cherished character traits of liberals and therefore as well the democrats, Liz baby should be the democrat choice.

America is doomed for she has been transmogrified.

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  1. You and I art mortal sinners.
    Dat d'fak, brudda.
    Better to pray for o'er-the-Hillary
    than 2 dissent against her, kapiche?