Saturday, June 21, 2014

Two from the Road


Paul Kersey points out the false injection of a superior negro mentor in the stead of the real mentor, a white man by the name of Bill Bolt in the inspiring true story, then made Hollywood movie, October Sky.

Headline Said:

About that Black Character in "October Sky"...

PDK Said:

This story is an important one Paul.

If this story does not burn the ass right off a non-liberal, non-apostate white man, nothing will.

Totally and 100% in character for the white liberal/apostate, liberal ideology/illusion, of the anti-white, elitist, Hollywood script writers.

Not only does the reality of the good, decent white man get cheated, not only does the negro illusion get promoted as reality, but also, and worst of all, tens of millions of young whites, some only children are cheated out of reality and duped into the white liberal ideology/illusion of negros being equal to, and here superior to, whites.

This is liberal ideology/illusion indoctrination.

Many, many whites will now be burdened with this lie, especially our reproducing young whites. This manufactured lie could cause thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of white babies to be born mulattoed instead.

Unfortunately, our white daughters, because of the influence of their biology onto their weltanschauung,(a personal, comprehensive world view or philosophy), are the most susceptible to liberal indoctrination and therefore are targeted the most for miscegenation and mulattoism.

We have chosen to dismiss our God and faith as illusion.

The white liberals threw their old God and faith away. but then embraced the faith of liberalism.

They have a God, huge government, and a faith, liberalism, we do not, and they have won. They can steal our white children as easy as the Pied Piper of Hamlin did in that children's story of yore.

We as a gene pool/race are going down the road of extinction.

We non-liberal non-apostate whites must now congregate, find our God and faith or continue to summit to our white liberal masters and their God and faith.

The time has come and the need has risen!

Find the faith in our own gene pool/race, and in our own God and let us move heaven and Earth to save our kind, our posterity.

White liberals are the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Negros are parasites, transmogrifying our gene pool.

The end could be near.

However a new beginning could dawn soon.

It is up to us, on this, our watch and turn at the helm.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

From Countenance:

Headline Said:

Meeks Inherits the Earth

Stockton, California
Black women on Facebook are gushing over a black felon facing another felony rap who is the product of a white mother and black father, who is himself married to a white woman.

PDK Said:

Take a good look at the mulattoed white/negro male, so coveted by many females of America.
Negresses want him because he is better looking and more intelligent than the pure negro buck
White women want him because they have been indoctrinated into white liberal ideology, where white men are falsely portrayed as inept losers, while the negro buck is falsely portrayed as a superior quality athlete.

Where further, both the white liberal, and negro ideology/illusion portray the poor, innocent negro as a loser only because evil whitey, the blue eyed devil headhunted, with a jackboot arm and fist, persecute to crucify policy against the negro, and both did and now do so, simply because he is of a different skin color.

Our white daughters, especially of reproductive age or younger, are being stolen from we whites, right under our noses, no less so than was done by the Pied Piper of Hamlin back in the day.

Our white females, because of the impact of their biology upon their weltanschauung,(a comprehensive world view or personal philosophy), are more susceptible to white liberal ideology/illusion than are our sons.

Therefore they are targeted more.

Our white sons, in anger and possibly hate for the current reality of rejection by our white daughters, who prefer a non-white by their choice of the negro buck, wrongly but understandably, angrily blame our white daughters and seek out Oriental women.

This rift in our son/daughters mating is caused by liberal ideology/illusion and the totalitarian, indoctrination of these, our most precious resource, our children, into their lunacy of the white man's burdened.

For it is with the white man's burden that we whites must sacrifice ourselves and our gene pool/race, in a total abrogation of nature, to further the other sub-species of humans.

This all manifest because the white liberal fails to mature. Chief among his immaturities are selfishness and cowardice. Rather than mature, or wear his opprobrium as he should, the white liberal forces our white collective to pay the bill for his failure to mature.

The eventuality of this, our current reality, is extinction of our white gene pool/race.

Time to consider our predicament, chart a new heading and sail through new waters, waters that will eventually lead we non-liberal, non-apostate whites and our children, to a new Promised Land, a new, White Homeland.

We must find our new faith and our God, that we may pull together in congregational form, and achieve what we must to prevent our own extinction.

Liberals are the iceberg targeting the Titanic because they are of the Devil's brood.

The question for we non-liberal, non-apostate whites is, are we also of the Devil's brood by our failure to act, or are we the other children, the children of God?

Only our posterity knows for sure.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

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