Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Lion and the Lamb

I do not hate the poor, lowly negro for his transgressions and parasitation of  both the white man's higher culture of civilization and the white gene pool. This because I recognize the poor, lowly negro as a different sub-species of human doing what I would probably do if I were one of them.

However, neither do I let the negro off for his actions of any transgression of my white sub-species of human, from beating, raping and murdering our white people, to pilfering from our white gene pool. I simply recognize the problem between we two different sub-species and seek out the best solution to protect my own sub-species, while letting the negro sub-species run his natural course without intervention from we whites.

Nature has a competitive exclusion principle which states; when two, not of the same species or sub-species, compete for nature's same, availing, but limited resources, one will ultimately go extinct.

Because I am white, my natural proclivity is for the negro sub-species of human to go extinct, and equally that my own white sub-species of human will remain extant.

Is this not the same position of mind all the other sub-species of humans, including the negro take? Does the Mongoloid sub-species not favor it's own, do not the Mexican micro sub-species embrace the ideology of their kind inheriting the Earth?

However, the whites have a counter natural force operating within its own kind. It is a force that favors the other sub-species and micro sub-species of humans at the white sub-species expense. These are those known as white liberals and they are white apostates.

White liberal apostates embrace the ideology of the white man's burden. This ideology forces whites to deny themselves much of their own, honestly earned, gleaned and garnered, prosperity and gene pool DNA, and further, to then give it freely, with no fair compensation or return of payment, to competitor sub-species of humans. This transgresses, and is an abrogation of, nature.

This is where I see white liberals as the lower than the belly of a snake, and scum of the Earth kind of white individuals. Because of this, white liberals should be forced to bear the burden of a natural opprobrium and shame, but they do not. They should be shunned as a pariah, but they are not.

Instead they achieve their superiority, without achieving their maturity, and then hold themselves up high as the virtue of all humanity, the exemplar of Godly goodness, but in reality are none other than the Devil's brood, cheating nature and their own collective kind, for a selfish unearned gain, which itself nets them the positive of power, fame and fortune and avoids them their deserved negative of opprobrium and shame for failing in their duty and personal responsibility to mature.

The resulting phenomenon of white liberal ideology/illusion, with superiority achieved, is manifest in all the free, white man's higher cultures of civilizations the planet Earth over. The resulting long term prognosis for whites is bleak.

In Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler and his troop, once ensconced in superiority achieved, and therefore in charge and giving the orders, initiated what they termed, "The final solution to the Jewish problem". Adolph and Heinriech Himmler did not invent the illusion of Jews pursuing world conquest, nor the illusion of an Aryan/Jew competition for world supremacy, but they fell victim to that poison, which was, in the German air from before their own births.

Strange it is, that then and there, a formal government would embrace a policy, born out of an illusion turned ideology, to exterminate the competition for nature's availing, but limited natural resources between two different, micro sub-species of humans, the Aryans and the Jews, while today the opposite reality of extermination manifests where white liberals, with superiority achieved, embrace the illusion turned ideology, that whites are evil for pursuing and achieving their prosperity, and therefore embrace a policy to exterminate their own white kind. 

This is all very strange, however it is also very true.

White liberals the apostates are the problem here. We non-liberal, non-apostate whites must separate ourselves from these white liberals and their allies, the other sub-species and micro sub-species of humans, who are genuinely sending our white gene pool/race into extinction.

We must separate out and away from them and begin anew, outlawing their ideology/illusion from the start.

The lamb may lay with the lion in peace, but the lion will not lay with the lamb in peace. What therefore is the character of the shepherd who delivers his herd of sheep to lay with the lion for his selfish and cowardly, personal gain?

Nature is what it is.

Illusion is not reality.

Our new White Homeland, for ourselves and for our coming and beloved, white posterity.

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