Friday, June 28, 2013



The Deadliest Sin of All

We have all heard of the “Seven Deadly Sins”. Some of us know them all; some of us know of them, for those who know not of them, they are alphabetically: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth and Wrath.

Wrath is more currently referred to as rage. The American Negro best exemplifies the sin of wrath.

In the white man’s world, the Negro sees quite clearly his natural inferiority to the white race. His perception then elicits a self-hate which said Negro denies to himself by projecting his elicited self-hate onto whitey. The Negro, in furthering his denial of the reality of his self-hate, then concocts the illusion that whitey is “evil whitey”, the blue eyed devil, holding poor blackie down, and worse, illusions further that whitey wrongfully persecutes blackie.

Because the Negro experiences self-hate in the white man’s world, and then further denies himself from seeing this truth by projecting in onto whitey, he subsequently projects the wrath or rage he experiences onto whitey as well. To complete his “Negro illusion”, he then acts in accord with believing his illusion to be the truth of reality and initiates an aggressive, unprovoked attack on an innocent and unsuspecting white individual, or white establishment.

In today’s America, this reality will play itself out countless times every day. The vast majority of Negros will not face retribution as white liberals ally themselves with the Negro and offer protection to the Negros for their horrendous and immoral crimes.

White liberals certainly display their share of the seven deadly sins, for example sloth and envy. One can easily see this reality if one looks at the occupiers of 2011-2012, who refused to earn their own money but felt entitled to money earned by other individuals.

To further their illusion, and add self-encouragement to their demands for someone else’s’ money, they saw their occupying of public property, and their subsequent laying around doing nothing, as accomplishing something important. In their illusion, this was their work.

Cowardice and selfishness rears its ugly head in white liberals also. Some of the most powerful and famous American liberals of the last two score and ten years were undeniably cowards. Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, Jimmy “The Coward” Carter and head of today’s Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, were/are obvious cowards.

When liberals suffering from cowardice, seek and achieve a public office that among other realities calls for courage to do the job, they further are committing the sin of selfishness. For a coward, knowing they are a coward to take a position of responsibility that demands courage, and to do this with the intent of covering their cowardice via social chess and at the expense of those they serve, is as selfish as selfish gets.

These Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy type liberals feign noble courage to mask their cowardice leaving the price of their social chess act of guile to be paid by others, the collective.

Not many individuals have done as much damage to our Founding Fathers, free enterprise Republic as Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy.

Further, Ted lived a full life, unlike his brothers, Joe Jr., John and Robert who lead courageous lives and lost their lives early in service to their country, but Ted’s was a cowards life and further a life that did a great disservice to his country.

As Daniel Defoe said some three centuries or so ago; “The best of men cannot suspend their fate: The good die early and the bad die late.

The Good Die Early:

The Bad Die Late:

However, of all the deadly sins, the sin that is the deadliest is the sin of the failure to mature, immaturity is the deadliest sin of all. In fact, all of the other sins are but water drawn from the well of immaturity.

We as humans are charged by nature herself with the personal responsibility to mature. It is a Herculean act, but an act we must all undertake in order to become, psychologically, the adult form of human life.

It is not enough to physically mature and look the part, one must also psychologically mature, or others must pay the bill of the cheat of nature’s charge.

Liberalism is immaturity. Immaturity denies reality and substitutes a preferred illusion in said reality’s stead.

The liberal flock followers fail to mature up from a child’s reality, the liberal shepherd leaders fail to mature beyond a megalomaniacal, narcissistic and God-complexed insanity.

Without question, the deadliest sin of all is the failure to mature, immaturity is the deadliest sin.

 Liberalism is Immaturity; and here

the Two are Personified as One:

White liberals are all born from the unhealthy quality of immaturity. They are those who seek their superiority without having achieved their maturity. Most unfortunately, they have now, in my lifetime, and in the entire white world, actualized this state of affairs. They have achieved their superiority without having achieved their maturity, they are in control and giving the orders, and the white gene pool/race/cultures and lands are now headed for extinction.

Secession and the subsequent creation of a white nationalist state, is the answer for us non-liberal whites of today and our white posterity of tomorrow. Thank you.



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gene Pool Strategies of the White and the Negro:

Or, Negro violence Upon White Women

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey 2010, 320,082 whites were victims of black or Negro violence, while 62,593 blacks were victims of white violence.

Blacks committed about a 20 times higher rate of interracial violence as whites, including a 200 times higher aggravated assault. Blacks raped 13,000 whites.

For those not in the know, America’s demographics in 2012 were a population of 315,000,000 with 64% of said population being white and 13% being Negro.

I`m thinking about gene pools and gene pool strategies: I`m thinking about r selective versus K selective strategies and different sub-species of humans. I`m thinking about the nature of the gene pool`s product as necessarily being predetermined, in general, toward specific traits: I`m thinking about good seed versus bad seed.

R selective strategies input more reproductive energy into the quantity of numbers reproduced and less into the quality of the IQed cerebrum produced. K selective strategies put more energy into the quality of the IQed cerebrum produced and less into the quantity of numbers reproduced.

Facts and statistics say the Negro gene pool is more r selective than the white gene pool and the white gene pool is more K selective than the Negro gene pool. Therefore in comparison, Negros will produce in quantity first, and quality second, while whites will produce in quality first and quantity second.

Again, simply stated, the different gene pool strategies produce greater numbers of lower IQ for Negros versus lower numbers of higher IQ for whites.

For those who know their WW2 history, the Nazi`s put out a higher quality tank in fewer numbers, while the American`s put out a lower quality tank in greater numbers. This predisposed very particular, tank, battle field tactics between the two.

Therefore, the product of the more r selective Negro gene pool will produce Negros in accord with the strategy of higher numbers, lower quality. Negros will crave more sex, be built for higher sex success, in order to reproduce the greater numbers needed to compensate for the lower quality. Contrarily, the more K selective white gene pool will produce whites in accord with the strategy of higher quality, lower numbers. Whites therefore will crave less sex, be built for lower sex success, in order to accommodate the higher quality.

I`m thinking white males will have a larger head and a smaller penis, while Negro males will have a larger penis and a smaller head. I`m thinking facts gleaned from measurements would show a fairly strong, positive correlation between head size and penis size within the domain of each mutually exclusive gene pool, quite similar to foot size and body size.

I`m thinking white females will have a larger head and a smaller number of eggs, while Negro females will have a larger number of eggs and a smaller head. 

I`m thinking just as people in general have some desire to marry up, so to in general do people have a desire to mate up, to reproduce a better offspring. I`m thinking that Negro males with their higher need for sex in order to reproduce greater numbers, the natural desire to mate up, and their smaller head size, lower IQ, all combine to predispose Negro males to rape white women.

I`m thinking murdering a white woman keeps her from reproducing her white, higher quality seed, and that after the Negro male gratifies his sexual need through rape of a white woman, that murdering the white woman does not further the black seed, but, conversely, it lessens the furtherance of white seed and is therefore tantamount.

I`m thinking the lower IQ Negro male, after having gratified his sexual need and want for the white woman via rape, and knowing ending her seed is tantamount to furthering his own seed, he can therefore, quite easily silence the white woman via murder to presumably, prevent knowledge of his crime from coming out, and the subsequent retaliation by whites and or the law, and thereby calm his instinct for self-preservation, itself having been elicited by his immoral deed.

I`m thinking Negro seed in a white world is bad seed. I`m thinking race has very little to do with the color of the skin, and everything to do with r selective and K selective gene pool strategies.

Lastly, I`m thinking of all the Nicola Furlongs, Nicole Brown (Simpson) and Eve Carsons the world over, and why they must be sacrificed to Negro animals for the cause of both the loser, low IQ Negros, and the white, liberal ideology agenda of the white man’s burden.

The pulchritudinous, highly intelligent,

young white woman, Eve Carson;

Nicole Brown (Simpson), wearing an O J Simpson

beauty treatment: Both these young white women were 

murdered by an American Negro.

Is not secession from white liberals and their allies, the Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics, a worthy and just cause? Thank you.




Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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Thank you one and thank you all.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tyranny or Liberty

The white man’s burden; a concept that has been manifest for more than a sesquicentennial, and as a concept, has been in the fermentation process since cohabitation with the Negro, sub-species of human began some 4 plus centuries or so ago. The manifestation of this concept has already cost the white man, his gene pool/race and culture, more than any white could possibly have seen in the earlier days of said cohabitation.

The smell of liberal ideology and it’s socialistic, immature, and insane mother hen idealism emanates from this concept with all the magnitude of that smell from the old town dump. Not only does the burden reflect liberal ideology, it helps advance the cause of liberalism which ultimately is the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy. A two tier world with a few ruling elites, the insane liberal shepherds, enjoying the power, fame and fortune of elite leadership, and the great unwashed masses, both the immature liberal flock and everyone else, suffering under the great weight of tyranny, poverty and misery that a socialist democracy constantly gravitates towards. 

Negros occupy low man on the cultural totem pole everywhere in the world they exist. The reason for this is not exogenous, other people, but endogenous, themselves. Negros are such failures in the white man’s higher cultures of civilization because their gene pool produces a human fit for tribal life but not fit for higher civilization. Further, Negros prefer to “dump” the blame for their incapability in the “higher than tribal culture existence” upon whites, rather than mature, and admit to themselves it is not the white man’s fault, but rather, their own fault, and the fault of their own gene pool.

In general, tribal existence finds a harmony with nature when a tribal sub-species of human is of smaller intellect and of greater reproducing capacity than its counterpart, those sub-species of human whose gene pool generates a cerebrum equipped with the higher IQ so necessary for an existence above the tribal level. More specifically, quantity over quality is demanded in part by the greater numbers that fall to an early death, as by disease, starvation or spears, suffered quite commonly by tribal people.

Both white liberals and Negros embrace the black illusion that it is evil whitey, “the blue eyed devil”, persecuting the Negro, which in turn causes said Negros to become losers. This is the excuse that releases blackie from his responsibility to mature and be the best that his nature allows him to be in the white, higher culture of civilization, world, which as said, the black intellect is ill-equipped to handle.

However, the Negro incapability problem plays well for liberals in their pursuit of superiority, without maturing, over non-liberal whites, which unfortunately, comes at the expense of all whites and the white gene pool. For white liberals, nation states, free enterprise and Republics are evil. Only socialist democracies, and eventually a single socialist democracy, with themselves, the God complexed narcissistic liberals ruling everyone else is acceptable to them.

Civilization began 10,000 years or so ago with the twin achievements of agricultural and animal husbandry. From here city-states arose with a King ruling the land. It was the King, the man in power who had to decide between sacrificing the good of his people for his selfish gain, or sacrificing his selfish gain for the good of his people, and thusly, it is from here that comes the ideas of liberty and tyranny.

America's Liberty Bell: The Symbol of Liberty

America’s Founding Fathers gave birth to liberty and a free enterprise, nation-state Republic. This, and the white man’s rule, made America the richest, most powerful nation-state ever known on planet Earth.

Liberals, using their loser cohorts, Negros, Hispanics whites/browns and Islamics, have not only begun destroying our most powerful nation-state, but also transmogrifying said state into their loser socialist democracy. Allowing this process to continue will result in tyranny, poverty and misery for the masses.

However, the liberals and their allies have achieved power by larger numbers garnered in our fully enfranchised democracy. Therefore only secession by non-liberal whites, outlawing all others can save the white gene pool and it’s naturally arising culture of liberty, wealth and happiness.

Secession is something all non-liberal whites should both begin thinking, and talking, about, because ultimately, we and our posterity will either live in tyranny or in liberty. Thank you.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Secession and Divine Providence

Jesus talked about those who could see the twig in another’s eye, but not the branch in their own. Jesus was talking about the hypocrisy of immaturity, Jesus was talking about liberals. Further, there is a difference between illusion and allegory or metaphor.

White liberals look down upon their fellow whites who embrace the faiths of Judo-Christianity. For in the liberal philosophy/ideology, God and most of the Bible is just an illusion in an individual’s head. Peculiar it is that they can see the illusion of the Biblical God, but cannot see their own illusions born of their own immaturity; as further, liberal immaturity denies reality and substitutes a preferred illusion in said reality’s stead.

Moreover, white liberals do have a religion, though it is not Judo-Christianity, but rather, liberal ideology. The faith of liberal ideology is the white liberal’s religion. Likewise though liberals reject and repudiate the Biblical God they embrace their own God, “Big Government”, aka big daddy, aka the liberal’s God, (aka, also known as).

Liberals borrow, or more accurately, steal from Judo-Christian mythology. They, for example, hope for deliverance to their new “Promised Land” of a one world, new world order of globalism, socialism and democracy.

Stanley Ann Dunham, the white mother of one Barac Hussein Obama, after impregnation out of wed-lock, followed her husband to his far away land, gave birth to her son in the decadence of poverty, and then returned home. This of course was a re-enactment of the Nativity, the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus. This, quite obviously is the stealing of the story of the Virgin Mary and her tribulations in conceiving and birthing The Messiah.

Stanley stole from Judo-Christianity to make a statement, for herself and to the world. For to her, obviously, her son Barac, was to be, The Messiah, The Messiah of socialism.

One Barac Hussein Obama, the anti-American Messiah, now apotheosized at his second coronation last January, 2013, is a mulatto. With his supped up black brain by white genes, he has pursued black social justice philosophy, which, by the way is not justice by any stretch of the imagination, and further, with his dumbed down white brain by Negro genes pursues his mother’s illusion of socialism as the panacea for our American culture. The result of this mulatto’s action is nothing less than a wrecking ball smashing into the good edifice America. Unfortunately, he has just enough intelligence to make him an extremely dangerous and destructive man. His kind is dangerous for all humanity, but by far and away, seriously and especially dangerous, for whites.
The Passion and Strength of Jesus the Christ

The other Messiah; one of them must be wrong
As I see it, there are two levels of liberals, not necessarily dumb and dumber, but Sheppard and flock, the insane and the immature. Among other realities,  the Sheppard’s or the insane, are moving their flock’s mind set or weltanschauung to embrace miscegenation, explicitly to advance a new race of mulatto people, whom, it will turn out, are less intelligent than whites, but more intelligent than blacks. Obviously, this is good for the black race, and just as obviously bad for the white race. The Oriental race seems not to be inclined to such destructive behavior; therefore the white race is in trouble.

I do not patronize TV or movies; however it filters down here and there, of Hollywood leading our young white, soon to become women, teenage girls as young as 10 or 11, to perceive marriage with black men as both “ok” or “cool”, and even superior to marrying a fellow white man. This is tantamount to racial and cultural suicide.

If there were fairness afoot in this liberal tactic, it would also be pointed out to our young, white daughters that a white woman who marries a Negro is 12.5 times more likely to be murdered than the white woman who marries a white man. But liberals are immature and cheating is the immature’s prerogative.

Because our white race/culture has become polarized with those who fail to mature pursuing a death by anaconda to our white, gene pool/race/culture, trying to do to all of us what a beached whale does to himself on one side, and a healthy vibrant, matured white race/culture on the other side pursuing liberty, wealth and happiness, we must accept one of two alternatives. Either we remain one people and die collectively, or we separate out into two mutually exclusive countries and live our distinctively different cultural lives, whereby one dies out while the other thrives.

The window of opportunity for two mutually exclusive countries is limited. It should behoove all matured white people to begin thinking about secession.

Secession just might be the answer, perhaps it is Divine Providence. Thank you.




Friday, June 21, 2013

Prosperity for my Posterity: Please

White liberalism truly is the cancer of the white gene pool/race, and further, white liberals as a cancer are metastasizing globally, with an ideology that is transmogrifying our white gene pool via miscegenation.

Clearly as early as Mary Wollstonecraft’s 1792 publication of “A Vindication of the Rights of Women”, the modern concept of liberalism emerged. It, as a concept, is an ideology viewed as a religion which then is further religiously adhered to.
Left-looking half-length portrait of a possibly pregnant woman in a white dress

Mary Wollstonecraft: Liberal, feminist; circa, 1797
Strangely, shortly after the American Founding Fathers created a nation-state, free enterprise Republic via a successful revolutionary war against planet Earth’s only superpower of the time, England, modern liberalism would then emerge and ultimately represent an ideology that ultimately, and perhaps inherently, despises nation-states, free enterprise and Republics.

Further, and more unbelievable, is the reality that as America’s free enterprise Republic became more and more prosperous, the liberals and their ideology were drawn to America more and more, and drawn as if called by God himself.

White liberalism has its many forms, feminism and the suffragettes, Yankeeism, abolitionism, socialism, progressivism, however these many forms are but different branches of the same tree, or sibling peas in the same pod.

William Lloyd Garrison: Liberal, abolitionist
Coming to understand liberals in my own lifetime, I recognize them as the immature and the insane. The immature are those who become the flock followers filling the liberal and liberalisms void of need for the great unwashed, they are the children in adult bodies. The insane are the liberal shepherds of the flock leaders, who suffer from a megalomaniacal, narcissistic and a God-complex personality, which forces upon those so afflicted the incredible urge to shepherd or parent all.

Unfortunately for humanity, with liberalism in complete control, all humans are pigeon holed into a place where they may or may not belong. For those non-liberal, white humans, who have chosen to embrace their personal responsibility to mature, have matured and are pursuing their happiness, the liberal enforcement policies in the very least infringe upon that pursuit and may do so to the point of denying said matured, non-liberal white  the happiness he or she has earned. This should be unacceptable, period.

Liberal ideology, in its pursuit to control reality, embraces what is tantamount to an apostasy of nature via the creation of a mulatto race and gene pool through miscegenation. Here liberalism attempts to persuade young and non-young alike to mate with those of another race. 

Here in America, liberals push hard to meld the white and black gene pools to secure their long-term intentions and designs. This is good for the black, more r selective gene pool and its more animalistic, lower IQed product, the Negros, as it increases their IQ, however it is horrendous for whites as it dilutes the white, more K selective gene pool, itself the producer of a higher IQed cerebrum, and further a higher IQed cerebrum with a strong dose of animism the Oriental gene pool/cerebrum lacks.

Moreover, the long-term designs of liberals and liberalism are a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy. Socialism and democracies have a poor track record, and ultimately tend to gravitate towards tyranny, poverty and misery.

Unfortunately for humanity, liberalism is not the only false religion in pursuit of world conquest, for so too is Islam. Obviously, Islam also gravitates towards, and flounders about in the decadence of tyranny, poverty and misery as their entire 1400 year history makes clear with the single exception of the white man discovering and producing the now Arab-Islamic controlled OPEC oil.

In the white world, where democracy, especially a fully enfranchised democracy, is so cherished by white liberals, an alliance is forged between white liberals and the lower IQed non-whites, the blacks, Hispanic/browns and Islamics, whereby the non-liberal white man’s higher creation of civilization is pressed under assault in an attempt to usurp said higher, non-liberal white man’s civilization and further transmogrify it into a culture of tyranny, poverty and misery.

This atrocious state of affairs is transpiring now, the globe over, in every corner of the white man’s world; Europe, Great Britain, North America and Australia. It is here a non-liberal white can read the writing on the wall, we are being found wanting by both God and nature.

Secession offers an out to the lunacy of white liberals and their apostasy to our white gene pool/race. Let us now at least begin to embrace the logic and sanity of a coming secession.

If I were to return to life in my grandchildren’s grandchildrens time, I would be enthralled to see them as white as I, and happy and proud of their whiteselves, living in liberty, wealth and happiness.

I wish prosperity to my posterity, the way nature intends it to be. Thank you.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nature versus Nurture

The Three Stooges: The real Three Stooges

The other Three Stooges:

Pretenders to the Crown


Nature versus Nurture


Back in the day, there was much ado about this, nature versus nurture duality. The Three Stooges had two hilarious shorts dealing with this concept, as the shorts main theme, back in the late 30s early 40s.

Undoubtedly both are part of any individual’s makeup, however more so nature, the genes, than nurture. Further, the culture itself is ultimately, born out of the genes themselves, as the genes produce the cerebrum, which in turn creates the culture.

Both Negros and Arabs, though much more so the Negro, clearly demonstrate an inferior cerebrum, created by their genes, for the creating and maintaining of the white man’s higher culture of civilization. Where the Negro here in America for example displays superior genes for run fast, jump high athleticism, whites, Jews and Orientals display superior genes for higher culture creation and culture maintenance, as their own creations, culture or otherwise, clearly demonstrate.

In America the white-black ebb and flo displays itself through what is called "white flight". White flight is where whites build a beautiful city, prosperous, clean and comparatively crime free. Negros see it, want in, move in, and when their numbers are sufficiently large enough to feel their power, said Negros start their stuff.

The violent crimes of robbery, rape and murder by Negros escalates many fold, for those increduled check out the FBI web pages online, and whites abandon their once beautiful city and move to the suburbs where they build a beautiful suburbia. Naturally blacks see this, and following the whites, begin moving into the suburbs, where once again they breed poverty and violent crime, and again the whites move on.

As Julian Bond, the ex-Mayor of Atlanta once stated, “wherever you, (white people), go, we, (the Negros), will follow”.

Also for those still increduled by this truth may I suggest a visit to Detroit Mi., or Birmingham Alabama?

When I began looking into the difference between the Arabs and the Semites of millennia ago, I came to realize the two were probably of one gene pool at some distance back, but then had a separating out, and a parting of ways. The Semites took their higher culture creating and maintaining gene pool, and left the Arabs with their inferior gene pool for both brains and looks. No wonder the Arabs are so hateful.

Eventually the Arabs experience their inferiority as a complex and began to hate all others for being better. They misappropriated a part of the human psyche, or personality brain, the part that pursues his superiority, the “animal man” and then enslaved that part to serve their quest to beat those they see as superior rather than swallow their false pride and join the winning team.

Therefore their culture has become one predominated by thuggery, where a bullying of others buys them a false sense of superiority. This phenomenon is so engrained in their culture they as individuals have little chance of ever experiencing true humanity.

There will be no reasoning with the Islamics, for they have reduced themselves to animals in human form. Ultimately, they must be dealt with the same as were the Nazis, permanently, by complete extermination.

Islam will not go away. They will pursue we non-Islamics wherever we are and wherever we go that they might achieve their false superiority over us via conquering, submitting and enslaving us to Islam, and this just as the Negros here in America dog the whites wherever white flight leads, as it always leads to a better, more prosperous, more beautiful life and culture for said Negro.

Time for the matured among us to engage in a genuine dialog about the Islamic problem, and of course the only long term solution. Liberals are worse than worthless here, as their conversation is always disingenuous because liberal thinking and dialog always and only is designed to protect and support the liberal ideological illusion.

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “those who appease the crocodile, hope to be the last eaten”, and if liberals and non-liberals were to separate out from each other, liberals would eventually be eaten by the crocodile of Islam.

On the other hand, if liberals and non-liberals were to separate out, the liberals will, no matter what, end up living in tyranny, poverty and misery. It will simply be the difference between the enslavement of Islam or socialism.

In my humble opinion, there is no sense to all of us whites of European decent sinking down to Davy Jones` locker. Secession is the answer; so let us begin talking about this much needed savior, for and of, our white humanity, race and gene pool. Thank you.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969


Ethnocentrism, a big word for sure, it simply means however, the belief in the superiority of one’s own gene pool/race or culture. I would consider it only natural for anyone, of any sub-species, to favor and perceive themselves to be the superior of all other sub-species, realistically or unrealistically. The exception to this mindset would of course be white liberals who obviously pretend they believe that all sub-species are of equal ability if the evil white man would just stop wrongfully persecuting and holding down all other gene pool/races.

However, if one is to measure ethnocentrism for the three major gene pools and other, minor ones fairly, by what standard should said ethnocentrism be measured?

I would prefer to measure the superiority of one’s own gene pool/race by the standard of, “achievements in reality”.

Moreover, I would categorize achievement in both time and material phenomena; such as, from the last eighty years to the last one thousand years and from the first clock to the first man walking on the moon. Or stated somewhat differently, from the length of time of one individual lifespan to an entire millennium, and from the measuring of time to the transit of space, which gene pool/race has displayed superiority over the others and done so without question?

It surely is not, was not, the Negro. From all that I’ve gleaned and garnered in my life, the African Negro was still Stone Age when the first European maritime traders ported in West Africa’s Atlantic seaboard to initiate trade. In fact, the Negro went from the Stone Age to the Iron Age without ever experiencing the Bronze Age.

Further what the Negro offered in trade, as the best product said Negro had for trade, with and for the white man’s products of iron, was their own fellow Negros they themselves had enslaved. It does not take much reality to conclude that the modern scientific understanding of the more r selective Negro gene pool strategy, where quantity of numbers reproduced is valued over the quality of higher IQed cerebrum produced, simply does not nor did not, produce a human organism that could, by any stretch of the imagination, lay claim to superiority of gene pool/race.

Any Negro who chooses to embrace ethnocentrism is, simply and obviously, delusional.

The Oriental gene pool/race fairs much better than the Negro as the Oriental gene pool produces the highest IQed cerebrum of all humans, however the Oriental achievements in reality does not reflect what one would expect for having the largest cerebrum.

Though Orientals have achieved in reality, the Mongol recurve bow, corralling the silk worm and inventing gunpowder, they have been overly laxed in promoting achievement. Though the Orientals created sea worthy vessels, they never became the maritime traders the European whites became. It was the Europeans who went to the Orient, not the Orientals who went to the Occident.

Further, having invented gunpowder, they stopped, sat on their laurels and used gun powder as a fun toy.

While European whites on the other side of it, once introduced to gunpowder, began inventing ways to put the gunpowder to good use, first inventing cannons and then onto muskets and more.

The world’s first working mechanized clocks began to sprout in the great European Cathedrals of the 1300s.  Some 700 years or so later, on 7/20/69, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would leave Apollo 11 in the landing capsule and touch down in Tranquility Bay, on the moon. Neil would then step out and down, becoming the first human to set foot on the surface of the moon.

Between these two great achievements of time and space by the white gene pool/race, countless precious, practical and splendid achievements would materialize by this same white gene pool/race.

From medicines to mass food production, from TV and computers to submarines and airplanes, the totality of achievements in reality by the white gene pool/race is staggering. No other gene pool/race/culture comes close.

In fact, all the other gene pool/race people of planet Earth have not together achieved as much as the white gene pool/race has alone.

So ethnocentrism may be a big word, but there is one gene pool/race big enough to embrace that big word ethnocentrism righteously, and do so because they earned it by their massive achievements in reality, and that gene pool/race is the white gene pool/race.

In spite of white liberals and their immature, insane besmirching of the white race, we whites genuinely have something to be exceptionally proud of, and that something is our white gene pool and race. Let us resolve to keep both for ourselves and our posterity and further, only for ourselves and our posterity. Thank you. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Trayvon, showcasing his attitude toward whitey.


OJ Simpson and Trayvon Martin


I was perusing the online newspapers; whereupon I came across an article on Trayvon and George. I went right to the comments; I know the story only too well.

Most comments favored Trayvon, the “child” as blacks and liberals see it, or as I see it, the adulterated, drug dealing, drug abusing, burglar on the prowl, black punk, well-traveled on the common black path to prison time chump, and all this achieved by the tender age of 17. One commentator in Trayvon`s favor showed a picture of, presumably himself, a black man with a white, blond woman. Unbelievable to me it was, that a black man, while stealing, and/or having stolen a product of the white gene pool, would then call the only commentator, defending George, a racist. There the black man turns his back on his own race and fails to see his own racism, and this while he plunders the natural wealth of the white gene pool, by stealing a white woman via the power of liberalism in control and giving the orders, as it`s Gestapo tactics are on ever vigilant patrol.

It was one thing, and certainly a true, miscarriage of justice, to allow OJ to beat the rap and walk clean from his double murder of two truly pulchritudinous, young whites, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Unfortunately, Nicole learned the hard way and further unfortunately the “permanent” way, why white women have no business marrying a black man. White women who marry a black man are 12.5 times more likely to be murdered than the white woman who marries a white man. She, for her last minute or two, undoubtedly saw the light and the reason why, but sadly for her, too late.

It however, would be another thing altogether, to once again besmirch justice, with extreme prejudice, by having the law penalize the victim, George Zimmerman, while simultaneously exculpating the culprit, Trayvon Martin, in order to protect and support a common illusion of both the blacks and the white liberals; that illusion being that blacks are losers because whitey, the blue eyed devil, persecutes blackie.

Liberals fail to mature, they prefer to embrace an illusion and ultimately pursue their future mirage of Utopia, a socialist democracy, which, as with all socialist states, ultimates in a Dystopia of tyranny, poverty and misery.

Blacks, born of the black gene pool, are, by their gene pool`s nature, of a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, not my fault, not the white man’s fault and certainly not the white gene pool/race’s fault. Sharing white gene pool genes with blacks creates a more intelligent, but still of lower IQed, black population, and this, just as with gun powder and fire, is a very dangerous combination.

Take the combination of Stanley Ann Dunham and Obama Sr., and the little bundle of joy they produced, one Barac Hussein Obama; the anti-American, anti-capitalist, pro-socialist, pro-social justice, pro-Islamic, Messianic, now two term, liberal democrat POTUS. Of all the Presidents, with the possible exception of the staggeringly stupid LBJ, BHO is the most destructive POTUS to our Founding Fathers America of liberty, wealth and the pursuit of happiness.

If the mulatto POTUS Barac continues doing America for the next 3.5 plus years, America will collapse beyond resuscitation. Further, because he will, because he has no alternative but to continue destroying America, the only hopeful, viable solution becomes secession, and if there is to be secession, why bring the excess, destructive baggage of blacks to the new nation-state.

A call to separate out from liberal whites, blacks, Hispanics, Islamics and Amerindians needs to go out; a call to separate out, to gather together in the republican states, and finally, to declare independence. Forging a new Constitution, that among other things, foils the follies of our current, fully enfranchised democracy.

Whites liberated blacks from black slavery twice, the second time at the expense of 625,000 mostly young, white men. By a century later, blacks encouraged by liberal ideology and their own “civil rights” movement, now pretend they were let out of the cage and act like any animal let out of its cage.

Every Eve Carson, Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman and George Zimmerman knows this, I know it too.

“Give me liberty, or give me death”. Patrick Henry, Founding Father, American patriot. Thank you.


Friday, June 14, 2013

The Duty of non-liberal Whites


I finally got to see the 1915 movie classic, “The Birth of a Nation” at the turn of the century. It was clearly racist as it portrayed the realistic incompatibility of blacks liberated and set free in the white man’s higher culture of civilization. Clearly, experience has validated the movies message, and further proved out that racism, of and in itself, reflects the truth of reality and therefore is a good and positive concept.

Most unfortunately today however, non-liberal whites have a lot more to worry about than just the, incapable of assimilating blacks, as here in America and elsewhere in the white world we are being invaded by the Hispanics, browns, and Islamics, and obviously experience shows all those non-white races and sub-races as being incapable of functioning in the white man’s higher culture of civilization.  

It is of course because of white liberals that this insanity of welcoming in the harbinger of our white race and gene pools extinction is occurring. As white liberals are the immature flock followers of the megalomaniacal, narcissistic and God-complexed shepherd leaders who embrace the ideology of the white man’s burden as the best possible means for achieving the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy of which they are in pursuit.

Further, this ultimately intends that the white gene pool and race be diluted and lessened by the melding of all gene pools into one. This is good for the loser races of planet Earth, but atrocious for whites.

That white liberals ideologically hate their own gene pool and race is clear by their words and actions. Paul Ehrlich, author of “The Population Bomb”, prophesizing and eliciting a doom and gloom scenario pushing whites into reductive breeding. Susan Sontag, “whites are the cancer of humanity” and Bill Ayers, “all white babies should be killed” to name a few liberals who have openly besmirch their own race and or call or imply for the lessening of whites in the world populations.

White liberals and their ideology also embrace miscegenation, which clearly lessens the white gene pool.

In just the past half century, America has gone from 86.5% white to now just 63.7% white. As our white numbers have fallen, our national debt has increased.

Recently released statistics show that between 7/11 and 7/12, more white Americans died than were born, and further unfortunately, this is a global trend for whites.

The history of humanity for the past millennium makes manifest the white gene pool and race’s superiority for creating and achieving. It also makes manifest the inferiority of the other races for the same creating and achieving ability.

Understanding and knowing this, is it not insanity to herd our white gene pool/race towards and into extinction? Is this not insanity? Are white liberals ultimately our beached whale leaders?

The time has clearly come, and the need most assuredly has risen, for non-liberal whites to separate away from white liberals, and gather together in our own land and further, to never allow liberal ideology to sully and or besmirch our ideology of pursuing liberty, wealth and happiness.

On the North American continent, the large amount of both real estate and natural resources makes the endeavor of secession from white liberals, their ideology and their allies, the blacks, browns and Islamics, a most desirable possibility.

A secessionary movement begins with idea sharing via talking amongst ourselves. Without a movement toward secession, we whites do accept by default, white liberal ideology, and the ultimate extinction of our white gene pool/race.

I for one would like to believe that our magnificent white gene pool will remain pure and unsullied for our posterity as it was for us. However, it must be understood, that liberal ideology would sell our gene pool to achieve its malignant objective.

Woe will our posterity be, should we of today choose a dereliction of duty, and not take the necessary protective measures to preserve and protect our white gene pool, and by extension, our white created, higher culture of civilization, from the destructive and ruinous intentions of white liberals and their lower IQed allies, the blacks, browns and Islamics. Thank you.