Thursday, January 30, 2014

For What it is Worth:

The republican namesake stands for those who are for America's Founding Father's free enterprise Republic. The namesake of the liberal’s party, the democrats, is for those who are for a democracy, a fully enfranchised democracy

Here it must be noted, that the liberals, the immature and insane, have cheated, via immigration and enfranchising, over the course of scores of years, with intent to transmogrify our American demographics into a majority loser demographic precisely because losers will vote for those who offer a better life at someone else's expense and this is what liberals offer. 

Cheating is of course the prerogative of the immature; and now that America's demographics have been skewered into a majority of low IQ and immature, or loser voting population, the democrats cannot lose.

So the republicans therefore find themselves caring more for democracy than their rightful place of caring for our Founding Father’s free enterprise Republic.

The Republican Party has been snookered by the cheating, immature and insane liberals. But they refuse to fight fire with fire by seceding, and instead commit apostasy to their ideology and chase after the liberals cherished belief of democracy.

Democracy, a fully enfranchised democracy, is what has murdered our Republic, our white man’s higher culture of civilizations, free enterprise Republic.

From the Sanctuary, I’m PDK: Thank you.

Thought for the Day:

This is a comment I posted over at Paul Kersey's SBPDL Blog this morning:

The American Pacific Northwest seems like the most viable area for whites, especially non-liberal whites, to begin a migration to. Not just Washington and Oregon, but the entire NW quarter of America. From the Dakotas west to the pacific, From the Canadian border down to perhaps the 35th or 36th parallel. This area is mostly white now, if we do begin a slow but steady, and ultimately a massive white migration there, we would be wise to protect it from as early on as possible.

Liberalism, negros and all non-whites would have to be restricted as soon as the power of our numbers allow.

I have been thinking of this for some time now, nigh on a year or so. When and if my situation allows, I most likely will move up there, Washington or Oregon. America is about 3.6 million square miles if I remember correctly. If a non-liberal, white migration to the NW quarter of America took place, with Alaska thrown in, we might one day, not too far off in the distant future, secede with about 1.5 or more million square miles of territory to begin again, begin anew and begin fresh.

This makes sense because it is doable, viable and needed.

I believe we can do it.

The entire NW quarter of America, OF whites, BY whites and FOR whites seems to me to be the only genuinely "noble" cause I've heard of in my life.

This we can do.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thought for the Day

Now that white liberals are, ensconced, enfranchised and finally in charge and giving the orders, in their fellow white man's, "higher culture of civilization", all across planet Earth, and do choose to open their borders to welcome Islam into the heart of the aforementioned white man's higher culture of civilization, the time to recognize Islam for what it is, surely has come.


Islam, the misogynistic religion of hate and the bane of the white man's higher culture of civilization, is a dreadnaught, pursuing its superiority without achieving its maturity, destroying all in its path and leaving ruination and stagnation in its wake.


This is what white liberals are welcoming into our lands and our cultures.


If white liberals are not removed from their superiority, all whites are finished. We whites are in the early throes of extinction, brought on by our own who wish to achieve their superiority without achieving their maturity, the white liberals.


Most strange and unsettling it is, that both those of Islam and white liberals, prefer to pursue and achieve their superiority without ever having pursued nor further, ever achieving their maturity. 


Both Islam and white liberals have one other reality in common; when they achieve their superiority without maturity, they become the immature and insane, in charge and giving the orders.


What therefore, are we non-liberal whites to do?

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whatever Became of the American Dream? 

And what is Our True State of the Union Today

After the year 1848, many Europeans, especially Germans flocked to America intoxicated with socialism, as socialism was part of the "spring of nations" revolution of that year. In those few remaining years of America's ante-bellum era, they, the socialists, had no measurable impact on America or American capitalism.
Once both the civil war and reconstruction were finished, America entered her glided age, circa 1877-1900. The capitalists of this gilded age not only prospered mightily themselves, but built America into a world class, economic powerhouse.
The socialist became progressives by the time of TR, Theodore Roosevelt, who many of today misinterpret as a progressive in the modern sense, that would be a socialist, but he was not. He was somewhat of a reformist here, creating guide lines to maintain a healthy vibrant America. This as he, with the help of the capitalists, built America into a world class and first rate, economic-military power.
During America's red scare years, circa 1918-1960, socialist in America were working their vile ideology secretly and underground, but in organized camps. They were, and are known today, as card carrying members of the communist party USA.
Obama's maternal grandparents were among these, at least as socialist sympathizers. His mother, their child, was reared to be a socialist sympathizer as well, and she in turn did the same with her son Barac. Therefore Barac was mentored and indoctrinated into socialism and  socialist philosophy from birth.
Barac was conceived and reared for this purpose, to become the anti American Messiah. Further, as his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham's hate for America's, "social injustice", an illusion, spread across gene pool boundary's, she mated with an African negro, and reared Barac to believe in negro social injustice as well.
Both the House Un-American Activities Committee and Joe McCarthy of the 40s and 50s did try to nip in the bud this growing bane in America. However, in the long run they failed. Hollywood proved to be a great "Mecca" and spawning ground for socialism. They of course, the Hollywood elite, did not share their personal wealth with the poverty stricken, but hoarded it, keeping it for themselves.

It is here that they come across as those who did and do penitence, for their quilt of greed, elicited by having achieved great personal wealth, and then hoarding their said great personal wealth, by making others suffer for their quilt by espousing socialist ideology politically or collectively, but not personally. Somehow in their mind they configured having the wealth of a capitalist as being ok because they preach socialism for everyone else.

Do we all see the persona of the socialist, cloaking the ego personality of the capitalist. Do we all see the immature, thinking of himself at the expense of others. Do we all see the price of the immature's cowardice dumped on others of the collective. Do we all see that this is liberalism, and further that this is what liberal's do.
By the late 1960s, the new crop of socialist/progressives had arrived and did their part to transmogrify America into their socialist democracy. They are the hippies/yuppies of the baby boom generation; and they added their philosophy/ideology bent to the social injustices of socialism/progressivism. They are the Bill "all white babies should be killed" Ayers, and Susan, "the white race is the cancer of humanity", Sontag crowd. 
These are the ones who finally achieve victory here in America, and therefore their superiority in this, the new 21st century, with the election to POTUS of the one and only,  the anti-American Messiah himself, one Barac Hussein Obama. The socialist and progressives, as well as others not mentioned, such as the abolitionists and feminists, were and are, all liberals. They are different peas in the same pod of liberalism, all professing social injustices of one form or another.
Liberalism is the failure to mature or transcend insanity. We are therefore ruled by the immature and the insane.
This is our true State of the Union today, and today being the day the POTUS presents his State of the Union illusion, this seems apropos.
Separate, secede and declare independence from the liberals; disenfranchising or outlawing them from the start, that never again can they poison our well of prosperity for their selfish, unearned gain at our collectives expense.
This for both we of today and our posterity of tomorrow, and the preservation of our white gene pool/race.
From the Sanctuary: I'm PDK: Thank you.

Thought for the Day

Let us non-liberal whites take our half of the country, secede and declare independence. Then outlaw and/or disenfranchise all members of the Alliance; that would be the white liberals, negros, Hispanic white/browns Islamics and all other losers of planet Earth.

This that we may live in harmony with our nature, in a prosperous and happy life. Free of the burden we have been yoked to for so long now.

A simple, good bye, don't ever come near us again, farewell.

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


A contemporary liberal is he who fails to mature or fails to transcend insanity. Immaturity and insanity deny reality and substitute a preferred illusion in said reality's stead. There are two tiers of liberals.

The first tier, the tier that pursues the good shepherd persona, and thusly wishes to lead his flock, will pursue his superiority without pursuing, and therefore without achieving, his maturity. When he finally achieves his superiority, he becomes the immature one, in charge and giving the orders. His failings in the maturation process, among other realities, is a failure to transcend the insanity of megalomaniacism, narcissism and a God complex which combine to fulfill his persona of the good shepherd.

These are those who achieve the highlife of power, fame and fortune, at the expense of the collective.

Those of the second tier also pursue their superiority without pursuing, and therefore without achieving, their maturity. Here however, their destiny is in the flock tier. The insanity of megalomaniacism, narcissism and the God complex are not in play. Here the failure to mature above selfishness, cowardice, envy and other immature traits are what is in play. They become those who chose to follow the immature shepherds.

Just as the liberal, good shepherd leaders achieve their prosperity at the expense of the collective, so to do the liberal, flock followers achieve their prosperity at the collectives expense. This is a phenomenon with an imploding conclusion. The parasite can suck at the host's expense for only so long. Eventually the host dies, and the parasite's days are then numbered.

In our time, and the time of the recent past, a viable means for the liberal, of both shepherd and flock, has arisen to allow the liberal to achieve their superiority, without pursuing and therefore achieving their maturity, on the grand scale. Here a fully enfranchised democracy under the banner of liberty, will provide the means to achieve superiority, without maturity and at the collectives expense.

The other way of revolution and violent overthrowing becomes unnecessary.

Liberty, to be viable, needs to be wed to responsibility. Responsibility is a mature trait. Liberals are the immature. Liberty in the hands of the immature is one of the most dangerous and destructive realities.

This is our current state of affairs in the white man's higher culture of civilization today.

Because liberals have achieved their superiority without maturity, and therefore are in charge and giving the orders, we whites are doomed.

I see no other hope but for the matured whites, the non-liberal whites to separate out and away, to then secede and declare independence.

There is so much at stake, so much at great risk.

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thought for Today:


All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing. I do not know who said it, but I understand it. Should we, non-liberal whites, not recognize now, that without  our intervention on behalf of our gene pool/race and posterity, that they, and therefore we, will be transmogrified into extinction.


Let us try to slough our sloth, accept our challenge and save our sub-species from the onslaught of white liberalism and all those not a non-liberal white, who further, pursue a parasitizing of what is ours and ours alone.


Remember this friend, your posterity, near or far, may be a mulatto.


 Disgusting, isn't it.


I'm PDK: Thank you. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

 The Solutreans

From far away they came. From a remote past of ice, cold and snow. A time of great hunger and starvation, and only the more intelligent and animated would survive. It was the Paleolithic from whence they came, and it was 17,000 years, perhaps more, or so, ago.

These were the Kelto-Scandic people of northern Europe, which at the time was present days Mediterranean or southern European landscape. They were the blond and red haired, blue eyed and white skinned, people. They were our fellow European whites. 

They were the Solutreans.

These people, as unbelievable as it seems, while facing the prospects of starvation because the ice age cold had so lessened life, dared then venture out upon the open sea, hunting seal and fishing. They were pursuing a new life, in a new more prosperous way, whether they were aware or whether they were not aware.

It was/is so unbelievable because it was the Atlantic, an ice age, truncated Atlantic that they were crossing. Boundless ice sheets to their north, boundless cold to their south, westward they went in their primitive boats until one day 5 weeks or so later, they found land.

It was North America, this was 17,000 years, perhaps more, or so ago, and these were the first humans to set foot on the North American continent, the first humans to set foot anywhere in the new world.

Subsequently, our ancestor's relatives flourished. This new land was for the conquering and conquer they did. Carving out a new niche of life with only their Paleolithic tools, stone Age man tools. Tools that included stone spearhead spears, but not the bow and arrow. For the bow and arrow would only manifest in the coming Mesolithic era of the old world.

This reality is a much welcomed truth of reality to those non-liberal whites suffering under the great, crushing weight of liberal ideology. The liberal ideology that embraces the "white man's burden", in form of the white man being the scourge of humanity. As Susan Sontag said best for all liberals back in 1967, "The white race is the cancer of humanity".

For these non-liberal whites have been persecuted with the false reality of the white man having stolen the red man's lands. In reality, it was the other way around.

There is much evidence of this truth. In fact, in all the archeology findings from 9,000 years or more ago there is none from any source except white Europeans. There is no, absolutely no evidence from mongoloid peoples until after 9,000 years ago.

The Mongoloids, leaving the Neolithic "old world", armed with the technologies of the Mesolithic and Neolithic ages, in particular the bow and arrow, are the ones who then stole the white man's land. By their own reasoning then, both the white liberal the Mongoloid Amerindians, it is the Mongoloid, not the Caucasoid, that is the thief and therefore further, is the cancer of humanity.

I need not apologize for my white ancestors relatives coming here and conquering this untamed wilderness. But if white liberals and Mongoloid Amerindians wanted me to apologize for my ancestors stealing the mongoloid Amerindians land when in fact it was the other around, I am waiting for that apology owed me. 

I will of course be waiting for that apology in purpetude because being a liberal, among other realities, means never having to apologize for errors committed at another's expense.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

This North American Continent belongs to the white man. It is our inheritance, we should keep what is ours and not offer an unwarranted apology to satisfy our immature and/or insane fellow whites, the liberals, nor the Mongoloid Amerindian who first stole our land, then blamed us for stealing their land when we took our land back. 

Time to consider a new nation state of non-liberal whites.

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Non-Apostate

Here in America, where the negro is free to come and go where he pleases, and further leaves ruination and stagnation in his path, a white Southerner of birth and heritage would be the first to point out that the "Yankee", and "you Yankees", liberated the negro with your noble, righteous courage and noble, righteous courage's war of aggression.

They might even conclude, "You asked for, you got it, so why complain".

I would be the first to acknowledge this  truth but would add that Yankees and abolitionists were liberals garbed in the persona of the noble and righteous courage of their time frame, doing what liberals always do, furthering themselves at the expense of the collective, via superiority achieved without having pursued nor achieved their maturity first and foremost.

Liberals are those who fail to mature or transcend insanity. To liberate a negro, a human of a different sub-species, a sub-specious who's evolution has both tailor cut and stitched said negro for the lower culture of the primitive savage, in the white man's higher culture of civilization reflects both the liberal's immaturity and insanity.

One may as well liberate chimpanzees in the white man's higher culture of civilization.

The negro belongs in Africa, in a primitive culture, but he is here in the white mans world doing the only thing a negro can do successfully in the white man's world, parasitize. The negro parasitizes white culture and white genes.

This is both inexcusable and dangerous.

However, white liberals have now achieved their superiority in all the lands of the white man, but have done so without achieving their maturity, and superiority without maturity is a dangerous, volatile mix destine to explode and destroy all.

This is exactly what Islam, the misogynistic, religion of hate and the bane of humanity does, pursues their superiority without pursuing nor achieving their maturity.  White liberals are on the march for a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, Islam is on the march for a global caliphate of Sharia, both result in tyranny, poverty and misery.

It is these, who are those, whom wish to lead our collective.

Under the aegis of liberalism, a racist, and by extension a culturist, has acquired a foul name here in America, while the term apostate is never spoken. It should be clear, to any thinking person, that one is either a racist/culturist or an apostate because one cannot be both. Further, the racist/culturist, and apostate concepts are the two sides of a single coin, they are a psycho-social dichotomy.

A liberal may accuse me rightfully as a racist/culturist, but I also accuse him rightfully as an apostate.

Further as a white non-apostate, I would rather live in the white man's higher culture of civilization, comprised only of other non-apostate whites, than live in a culture conceived and made manifest by superiority achieved without maturity achieved, where the necessary and subsequent rule is by the immature, the insane and those of low IQ. 

I'm PDK, the non-apostate: Thank you.

Monday, January 20, 2014

All Men Are Created Equal

On this MLK day, I would like to point out a small but necessary truth I believe most people miss. I point it out as a commenter on other blogs when the appropriate topic materializes. It deals with what our Founding Fathers meant when they spoke of "All men are created equal".

This is important because MLK appropriated this line for his own negro cause, in his well known, Washington Monument, "I have a Dream" speech back in 1963.

Our Founding Fathers concept, "That all men are created equal" was in their day understood to intend all "White" men are created equal.

We all make the mistake of applying our time frames understanding of things upon the handed down to us from the past realities.

When the Europeans of yester centuries spoke of the black Irish, or any other Europeans as black, they were referring to whites with black hair. Negros were referred to as negros or negresses.

That the negro was counted as 3/5ths a white man by our Founding Fathers, should be a clue to this reality.

In the old Testament, one of God's commandments, the 6th commandment was "Thou shall not kill". Does anyone seriously think the Old Testament God had a problem with killing? Does the phrase, "Smite thyn enemies" ring a bell. The 6th commandment translates into our time frames parlance as "Thou shall not commit murder".

The Old Testament Biblical God had no problem killing his enemies.

It is this appropriation of a false understanding that allowed the plagiarizer, MLK, to pretend he thought our Founding Fathers were including the negro in their phrase, "All men are created equal".

"If you prick me, do I not bleed"? Shakespeare I think. It may be true that if one pricks a negro he bleeds just like a white, but so too does a chimpanzee.

Whites and negros hail from mutually exclusive gene pools, which further evolved different strategies for success in different environments.

We may both be human, but we are a different sub-specious of human.

Negros were not, are not meant for the White man's higher culture of civilization, only for his own lower culture of the primitive savage.

The negro sees, he wants in, but he does not fit in.

Let we, the matured Whites, the non-liberals understand and protect our white gene pool/race and our posterity, while we still have one, that is, before it is to late!

I'm PDK: Thank you.


Friday, January 17, 2014


Remember the Alamo: Remember the Maine: Remember, Trayvon Martin.

The Alamo, an old Spanish mission where in early 1836, 186 white men defended the mission as a then improvised fort, from 5,000 Mexican army regulars under the leadership of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, to give Sam Houston the time he so desperately needed to forge a small army to defend the newly declare Republic of Texas.

The white Americans living in Tejano were tired of the oppressive rule of the corrupt Mexican government and its tyranny. Believing in the white man's "manifest destiny" of the time, and wanting the liberty so needed to further the white man's higher culture of civilization, the whites of Texas were willing to fight to the death for their higher cause.

Fight they did, right down to the last, all 186 white Americans died in that battle. Counted amongst the 186 were Stephen F. Austin for whom the Texas state capital is now named; Jim Bowie, inventor of the famed Bowie knife; and one Mr. David Crockett, a Tennessean, and one of Americas two greatest frontier heroes; the other being Daniel Boone.

Remember the Alamo became Houston's rebel rousing call to duty. Every white child learned this slogan as part of American history, up to my time anyway.

Some 62 years further on down the American road, another war/skirmished materialized. This one became known here in America as the Spanish American War. This war involved the man himself, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt and his rough riders, who by the way became infantry as their horses did not make the journey in time.

At a desperate hour, but with the chance to seize victory, Col. Teddy shouted out to his men, "follow me", not charge, or go for it boys, but follow me, and follow Teddy they did, securing an American victory, and causing Spain to surrender.

All this started when, after things had come to a head, the American ship "Maine" exploded in a Cuban port. Naturally the Spanish were suspected, though they may not, and probably had not, any hand in the tragedy. But such was it at the time and America rallied for war around the slogan, "Remember the Maine".

In 2/2012, a young negro man of 17, was by the reality of his own negro nature, walking through a foreigners territory, a gated community in which he did not live. The young negro was on suspension from High School again, this time for drugs, as it turned out he was a drug dealing, drug abusing ant- white racist.

Further, he was by his own actions a punk thug, a B&E, (breaking and entering), burglar, who was clearly high on drugs and scoping out possible "opportunities" in the gated community to enrich himself via his B&E burglar enterprise.

It was at this moment when another entered the field, a community watchman. Quickly the situation deteriorated to a fight. The punk thug Trayvon sucker punched the watchman to the ground where he initiate a ground and pound, mixed martial arts style attack.

Clearly hoping to add murder 1 to his resume', Trayvon proceeded to attempt murder of the watchman. However, the watchman defended his life with a handgun, saving his life by taking Trayvon's.

Subsequently white liberals and negros turned this unfolding into an example of white persecution of a negro child. Nothing could be further from the truth of reality. However, it allowed the negro, to employ his favorite, most lucrative money making scam, the wrongful, "shakedown whitey" scam. Where whites ultimately would rather cough up the dough, that is money people, than face negro insurrection and rioting.

Trayvon's parents made millions off whitey. To the negro, Trayvon became the latest symbol of the white man's persecution of the negro. The truth is that the white man did not persecute the negro, that is just an illusion, in reality it was the negro persecuting the white, and the white race.

I for one, as an American and as a non-liberal white shall remember the Alamo and the Maine. But also as a non-liberal white, surrounded by both white liberals and negros, I shall never be allowed to forget Trayvon.

Somehow to me, those are two different realities. How about you?

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thomas Dixon

The movie “ The Birth of a Nation” by D.W. Griffith, a 1915 classic of the silent era, was a box office smash. It was a technical marvel achieved. Most of all it moved, deep inside, many American Whites of the time to appreciate the difference between the natures of the White and the negro. It fairly depicted the more animalish tendencies of the negro, and how the more animalish negro would perform when liberated or unleashed in the White man’s higher culture of civilization.

The negro is born of a gene pool that prefers the quantity of numbers reproduced over the quality of IQed cerebrum produced. This is a one or the other deal as nature cannot evolve on its own to have both.

The negro and his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum evolved in concert with a much different environment or biosphere than did the White. He is endowed by this nature with a makeup that readies him earlier for reproduction, reproduces in higher quantities and dies early in life than Whites do.

In modern scientific parlance, the negro is born of a more r selective gene pool than Whites, who in turn, are born of a more K selective gene pool. r/K selection theory can be gleaned online.
The movie by Griffith was taken from a book published in 1905, The Clansman, by one Thomas Dixon. The Clansman was the second installment in Dixon's Ku Klux Klan trilogy. Dixon was born in the Piedmont of North Carolina, a plateau east of the Appalachians, in 1/1864. North Carolina was a Southern state in the war between the states, 4/1861-4/1865. Thomas passed in 4/1946.
In his book The Clansman, Dixon made clear to his readers that the lowly negro once liberated or unleashed in the White man's higher culture of civilization he would subsequently commit, in a much higher proportion to his total numbers, the uglier more heinous crimes of murder, rape and robbery.
Further, it is clear to me that Thomas wanted the liberals of the north to understand this phenomenon because it was a reality liberals chose to avoid in favor of their preferred illusion. That illusion stated that the only difference between a White and a negro was the color of the skin, and moreover, not because of the truth of reality,  the difference of the mutually exclusive cerebrums of White and negro.
In the liberals illusion of then, and now as well, the negro, simply by donning the White man's clothes was capable of assimilation into the said White man's higher culture of civilization. This illusion went hand and hand with the liberal doctrine of ideology, that it is the White race's duty to embrace the White man's burden, for the other race's benefit, at the White race's expense. 
This illusion is born out of immaturity and insanity, which of course are where all liberals and their liberalism comes from.
It is clear to me that Thomas Dixon was a credit to his race via his veneration to the White gene pool. The phrase "White gene pool", was possibly a phrase Thomas never heard in his life, yet he clearly intuited it's reality.
Thomas has earned my respect as a fellow member of our gene pool/race. Clearly more Thomas Dixons are needed to halt the parasitizing of our white gene pool/race and culture by all the losers of planet Earth before our day as the White race sets because of miscegenation and by being out reproduced.
Woe and rueful will our posterity be, if we of today chose to care not for them, but rather, only for ourselves.
I'm PDK: Thank you.


Monday, January 13, 2014

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Islam Metastasizing

When the Dreadnaught of Islam passes through the waters of a white man's higher culture of civilization, the said Islamic Dreadnaught first destroys the healthy vibrancy of that higher culture, and then second, sows and cultivates the seed of ruination and stagnation and therefore leaves ruination and stagnation in its wake. Wherever Islam goes, ruination and stagnation become the norm, and, whatever prosperity there was, is never again, for evermore.

In AD 476 Rome fell, it was sacked for the last time by a barbarian hoard. It was sacked for the last time because at that time, Rome unlike the Phoenix, would not rise from his own ashes ever again. However the Roman civilization of the Mediterranean lived on for another sesquicentennial until Mohamed, near his death, sent his army of insane, loser followers to do his bidding in the name of Allah, the old moon god, now with Mohamed, elevated to a supreme deity.

As Islam marched in the name of Allah, and for the Prophet Mohammed from the time near Mohammed's death and on through the 7th and early 8th centuries, Islam, true to it's own nature,  first destroyed then sowed and reaped ruination and stagnation. All of the Roman civilization, the Mediterranean world fell to the conquest of Islamic destruction, ruination and stagnation except for central Europe.

From circa AD 732 onward, central Europe defended by Charles Martel, "the hammer", repulsed the Islamic invading hoard, and what was done to the rest of Roman civilization of the Mediterranean world was not done to Europe.

However, the damage done was great. The old order that created prosperity was gone and Europe, thusly denied trade with the rest of the old Roman civilization fell into the dark ages. The dark ages would last until the Crusades.

So great was the misery and poverty that necessarily flowed from Islamic tyranny that some modern liberal historians do prefer to deny its reality, and further, substitute the preferred illusion of making void the 3 centuries that were the dark ages.

Just wipe the history slate clean of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth and pretend it never was. This is the philosophy of liberalism. 

White liberals, be they the "good shepherd"  leaders, or "flock member" hoi polloi, will praise the insane, misogynistic religion of hate and the bane of the white man's higher culture of civilization as though it were the second coming of Jesus the Nazarene. They will and do invite Islam to our white cultural houses to break our family's bread with them. The Islamics are the Old Testament, Biblical wolves in sheep's clothing. They are just as disingenuous as a white liberal.

Further just as white liberals dream of the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism, democracy and huge government in control and giving the orders, so too does Islam dream of a new world, one world order of Islam, Sharia in control and giving the orders.

White liberals have now for more than 200 years imposed upon non-liberal whites the institution of the "White man's burden". This is where the white race must sacrifice itself for the benefit of the planet Earth's losers and their gene pools/races and cultures. Here we must motherhood these different sub-species and exotic cultures at the expense of our own gene pool/race/culture, and worse by far, our own posterity.

That we continue to allow white liberals to "beach the white whale" for others not related to us on the sub-species level is appalling. It is driving us into extinction.

We must once again embrace our own veneration, and make manifest the veneration of our gene pool/race/cultures and lands that our posterity will survive at our expense, and not the posterity of others, who are not of our kind, who are of a different sub-species or micro sub-species surviving at our  posterity's expense.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Islam is a cancer metastasizing virulently as made manifest by its invasion of all our white man's lands the planet Earth over.

If ever we needed our God, now, just might be the time.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Message From the Titanic

Forget about America, forget about any white nation-state upon planet Earth today. We are no more what we once were.

America the beautiful has been transmogrified into America the ugly. We are no more America the white dominated, white man's higher culture of civilization, a free enterprise Republic as our Founding Fathers both founded and subsequently bequeathed unto us.

We have been transmogrified into the white liberals socialist democracy. Whereby further, the losers of planet Earth are allowed to run amuck, parasitizing both our culture and gene pool.

Both our culture and gene pool should be treated with high veneration, devout religious veneration. However because the white liberals, those who fail to mature, have become apostates to their culture and gene pool and ultimately iconoclasts of all that is our white heritage, have successfully achieved their superiority and are in charge and giving the orders, we are finished. Plain, ugly and true, we are finished.

The lowly negro, and others of the loser ilk, such as Islamics, are on the prowl, improving their own kinds lot, both culturally and genetically, at our white races expense by pilfering and parasitizing our white culture and gene pool.

We are nose diving and tail spinning into extinction. To the immature, white liberals, this reality is regarded with the contemptuous so what!

Therefore to rid ourselves of the invading hoards, the negros and others, we must begin accepting the grim reality of leaving all those who wish our demise, or accept experiencing our demise in the not so distant future.

Negros, Hispanic white/browns, Islamics and the "enabler and chief" of this anti-white alliance, the white liberals, are the enemy of the white venerates, the non-liberal whites.

Let us think about a viable solution, something our posterity can believe in; a new white man's nation-state.

Think about the S&S solution; the separate out and away from the "alliance" and to then secede from the said "alliance" solution. For white liberals, the iceberg targeting the Titanic have found their mark, and they have hit a bulls eye.

SOS, this is the Titanic; we have been hit by a large iceberg portside; we are listing to stern; what shall we do? Hello, is there any one listening? Hello?

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Persona Deep

White liberals are the cancer of the white race, to borrow, via a paraphrasing from Susan Sontag's infamous quote, "The white race is the cancer of the humanity", circa 1967. By the way, Susan's adage certainly seems to me to be, the otherwise unspoken, both creed and mantra, of liberalism.

In academia, liberalism once meant the haves not, just as conservative meant the haves. However it should be manifest to all of today’s world, that those who are the liberals are the immature and the insane, they are those who pursue and many times achieve their superiority, but also are those who never pursue, and therefore never achieve, their maturity.

To the common eye a liberal seems all grown up. However, grown up and mature are two different realities with but some overlap. It is folly to assume that because one is physically mature, that they are also psychologically and or pysco-sociologically mature.

Chief among immature traits of liberals is cowardice. A coward would normally experience shame and a shunning should their cowardice become manifest. The liberal realizes this and rather than working to mature beyond their cowardice or at least accept their limitations they instead prefer to embrace “persona courage”.

For those not in the know, we all have a persona. It is a mask we wear to show the world something we are not, but hope the world will think it is what we are, in order to keep the world from seeing who or what we really are. Further, as with a firearm, so to with a persona. It is not the persona that is inherently bad, for many times it is good and proper. It is however, the person using the persona that makes the persona either good or bad.

Many times the liberal who failed to mature beyond his or her cowardice will forge a persona that displays “noble courage”. This is the shield that a liberal hides his real cowardice behind. It looks genuine to the unkeen eye. It is where the liberal feigns a courageous defense of those whom he is cowardly afraid of, whilst further feigns a righteous courage against his own kind whom he has no reason to fear.

This cheat of nature, this act of social chess guile, bears a price. It is a price that is then brought to bear upon the collective. For those who are the beneficiaries of the noble courageous act are usually in competition of one form or another with the collective from whence came the liberal with his feigned act of courage.

Though the liberal puts up a magnificent display of both noble courage and righteous courage with his “act”, the reality is, his act does only harm to the collective, never good. His act of courage is not a real, genuine display of true courage it is only a false courage, it is a courage that is only “persona deep”.

White liberals practicing the art of persona deep courage are, in reality, masquerading as a mature adult when in fact they are an immature adult. They are an illusion, not reality, and the selfishness of their immaturity will allow these cowardly liberals to beguile their own kind rather than bear their personal responsibility, per nature’s charge, to mature.

They sure look courageous don’t they? In their mind nobody can see through their illusion. Further the jackboot liberal headhunters will not target them, for ultimately they tote the liberal agenda, an agenda whose ideology is illusion to begin with.

Ultimately, our gene pool/race, culture, lands and posterity are the victims of liberal immaturity. All those we whites are in competition with now have an exploitable means of advantage in their attempt to out-compete whites for the availing but limited resources of planet Earth.

Our white numbers continue to drop, while the other sub-species of humans have their numbers increasing. We are in trouble, and further, are sinking deeper into the morass of extinction.

White liberals and their liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

The S&S solution, to separate out and away to subsequently secede free and clear of white liberals and their allies, is the only long term, viable solution I know off.

May God himself help guide us; for we seem to have lost our way.

I’m PDK: Thank you.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Friday, January 3, 2014

The S&S Solution


The American Negro is as disingenuous as a White liberal. There is no sense in arguing or hashing it out with either one as their arguments are not designed to reach a conclusion of truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth that a real and permanent solution can be achieved and made manifest.

Instead both white liberals and Negros cherry pick isolated truths, twist truths or just manufacture truths out of whole cloth, that in turn, then subsequently, naturally and or logically, deduce their intended and targeted, preconceived conclusion of illusion.

Make no mistake about the American Negros intention, it is to meld the loser Negro gene pool to the winner White gene pool at the White gene pools expense. Further, and in the meantime, the Negro intends fully to parasitize the White man's higher culture of civilization for all the comforts of the highest quality of life that only the White man's higher culture of civilization can produce.

The lowly Negro with his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum is the product of a more r selective or animalistic gene pool whose product, the Negro himself, is only capable of creating and maintaining the Negro man’s lower culture of the primitive savage; which in turn produces the lowest quality of life.

Therefore and unfortunately, once the Negro's eyes bared witness to the White man's higher culture of civilization and its product of the highest standard of living and the highest quality quality of life, and thusly compared to his, lowest standard of living and lowest quality of life, he wanted out of his Negro culture and into our White culture. However, though he wants in he just does not fit in. It is here, that he thusly becomes, the proverbial fish out of water.

If you have children, gently begin turning them away from miscegenation. I don't like to tell a parent "how to raise his kid", but I must point out that White liberals do that to all White children, without the parents permission, through every media venue there is, right up to and including their public education.

We whites are now the smallest in number of the big 3 sub-species of humans. We must, as a sacred, religious like effort, try to save our gene pool/race and posterity before White liberals, Negros and other losers of planet Earth, hijack and transmogrify us into extinction.

I happen to be of Kelto-Scandic genealogy; that would be the two white micro gene pools for red and blond hair. I realize it is only a matter of time before our particular gene phenomenon is diluted out of existence unless we begin now to prevent such a loss.

I dislike environmentalists. They are fanatics and as such are totally useless most times. However, I am a conservationist, and one area I believe extremely worthwhile in conserving is our European White genealogy.

Unfortunately if the world of White liberal ideology continues, and by the way, White liberal ideology is the enabler of the lowly Negro, our posterity will never know if blonds have more fun because quite simply, there will not be any more blonds left in the human race.

There was a great old song by Elvis Presley, "It’s Now or Never", and that title just might serve us well as the theme that could save our magnificent gene pool, the gene pool that the lowly Negro and other losers wish to pilfer from, by melding to it, via miscegenation.

Please, consider teaching your children, our posterity depends on this education.

Further and lastly here, try to embrace, as a long term policy, the S&S solution; whereby first we separate out and away, then subsequently, we secede. 

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Liberia and The American

Colonization Society

It was not until after I graduated HS in 1972, that I learned the story of Liberia and The American Colonization Society. Unbelievably by today's realities I saw the story on one of the first "60 Minutes" programs. I say unbelievably because over the course of my life mine eyes have witness the transmogrification of truth as reality to liberal ideology as reality, and this, it seems to me, would make the story of America's Colonization Society and its subsequent creation of Liberia a difficult area for liberal ideology.

As I recall now 40 years later, I was impressed by the story, and further every once in a while that story resurfaced in my life.

At first I thought that the repatriated American Negros took over and ruled the country because of the education they received simply by experiencing the "White man's higher culture of civilization". However later on I realized there was more to the story, that there were other truths to this manifestation.

Further, that another causal agent for the rising to the top and governing by repatriated Negros over the native Negros was in fact the increase in IQ experienced by the American Negro via miscegenation with the higher IQed whites.

Today my understanding of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the whole truth of reality is much more complete than when I was young. I am fully aware of the mutual exclusivity between the White and Negro gene pools, with, most importantly, an understanding of that difference in terms of r selective versus K selective strategies.

This is where the Negro's physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, and the White's physically larger, higher IQed cerebrum comes from. Further, and quite clearly, the mulatto American Negro had it up on his African Negro brother because of the White genes pilfered via miscegenation, rendering him a more intelligent cerebrum.

Our mutually exclusive gene pools produce mutually exclusive cerebrums, whereby the higher IQed cerebrum is predisposed to create the higher culture of civilization, which is very prosperous and produces a higher quality of life for its inhabitants. While the lower IQed cerebrum is predisposed to create the lower culture of the primitive savage, which in turn, is not very prosperous and produces a lower quality of life.  Moreover, Negros can no more escape the realities of their physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum than a leopard can wash away his spots in a tropical storm. Thusly, when a Negro bears witness to the White man's higher culture of civilization he wants in, but he does not fit in.

Only via miscegenation, the parasitic pilfering of White genes from the White gene pool can the Negro hope to eventually be "equal" to a White. This for me is exceptionally troubling. For both Negros and White liberals are all for this abrogation of nature at our white, and white gene pool's, expense, but I cannot and do not accept this said abrogation of nature.

If we non-liberal whites refuse to except the "new" White man's burden of defending and protecting our gene pool, genes and thusly our posterity, we will lose them and become the fool and his money soon departed. We have been pigeon holed into excepting the "old" White man's burden by fellow, liberal Whites, who in refusing to mature, have decided the best solution to the reality of the competitive exclusion principle is to merge our gene pools and become one.

This is very acceptable to one who is selfish and to one who is cowardly. These of course are traits of the immature and the immature are liberals. Unfortunately, the plight of we non-liberal Whites here in America is not unique. The plain fact of the matter is that Whites, wherever they may be on planet Earth, are experiencing this very phenomenon.

Nature intends the survival of the most competitive when mutually exclusive competitors compete, be these competitors different of a species or be these competitors of a different sub-species. White liberals, and here in America their ally, the Negros, in an abrogation of nature, intend for we mutually exclusive competitors to merge our gene pools and become one.

This is good for them, but bad for us.

If we Whites of today, keep giving away the family farm, our posterity will one day wake to find they have no family farm for themselves any more.

Liberals are truly the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Negros are the parasites that consume, of and from Whites, but do not contribute to Whites.

Woe will our White posterity be if we continue to slide down the easy, sleazy White liberal and Negro slope of miscegenation and cultural equality.

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Of Jews, Christians and

The Holy Bible


When Cecil B. DeMill portrayed the Old Testament, biblical story of Moses and the Exodus he did so with the type of panache and pomp the Biblical authors intended. This because, whatever the true objective reality was from whence this story came, the story itself  was more intended to dramatize the plight and abilities of the Jewish people. To inspire them with a sense of greatness beyond what an ordinary individual could believe of himself.  Undoubtedly more myth and less reality, Moses himself may have been an actual, or a non-actual living person whose character is certainly more the personification of spirit, much in the same venue as King Arthur of the Kelts from the 5th century AD of modern day England.

There is archeological proof of King David's existence, there is none of Moses, and Moses is at this time relegated to a place somewhere between pure myth and an actual person of much smaller stature than the Bible portrays him to be. Put simply, there may have been an actual man with Moses like qualities or there may not have been, we just don't know for sure.

As it is known David existed, not known if Moses existed, it is obvious that Cain and Able never existed as living, individual humans. However the story of Cain and Able is predicated in, or drawn from, real life. The two are personifications of an historical truth of reality.

If one looks a picture of Pharaoh, in full Pharaoh regalia, among other symbols of Pharaoh power are the crook and the flail. The crook is what we understand as the Shepherds staff and the flail an instrument for threshing grain from stock.

It is from the meaning of these symbols that the story of Cain and Able materializes.

About ten thousand years or so ago, in three separate places of similar latitude, two Caucasoid and one Mongoloid people made manifest the reality of agricultural husbandry, which further, shortly thereafter, then subsequently made manifest animal husbandry. One of the Caucasoid areas for this achievement was the Fertile Crescent, the land of the Jews, ancient Egypt and other Arab/Semite peoples.

I consider this reality, humanity's greatest twin achievements of all time, the twin achievements of agricultural and animal husbandry.

Further it is with the achievement of agriculture that our modern day concept of culture and civilization was born. As humans now needed to settle down in one area as opposed to migrating out and about to forage and hunt.

Progressing from agriculture came animal husbandry as certain herding animals such as goats and sheep gravitated to the newly developed fields of food. It was then found that the herding animals, docile and safe, were controllable. Flocks emerged, and a migratory people thusly ensued. By the way, and in my opinion, it is here that the domestication of the most servile wolves, into dogs, began. This because the wolves would have been attracted to the herding animals, who were attracted to the cultivating fields of grain.

This I believe is where the story of Cain and Able comes from. The story is not of an actual individual family but rather a story personified through an imaginary family. That further, the brothers personified the newly developed, mutually exclusive, cultures or ways of life. The evil brother Cain is the agriculturalist and the good brother Able is the shepherd because the Jews were shepherds practicing herding while the non Jews were the agriculturalist. Clearly the Biblical authors wanted their people to understand that they the Jews were the good people who were then subsequently wronged by the outside group of non-Jews.

Further, before the Jews monotheism emerged, people of the time were polytheists. It was, in my opinion, the human shepherd, constantly seeing himself as a superior being to his flock, giving guidance and protection, that the idea of a single, all powerful God emerged, the God of the animal husbandry people, the God of the Jews.

Moreover, it was with the agricultural husbandry people, the people who began the city-state cultures from which we of today descended to live in the larger nation-state, that the idea or concept of life after death emerged as with each spring, life would resurrect from the throes of winter's death, and life would begin anew.

In ancient, Pharaoh Egypt, this life after death phenomenon became a huge part of their overall culture. Mummification, pyramid building, and the God of the afterlife, Osiris, all came from this concept, born of agricultural husbandry.

Finally, the Christian name for the book of the two testaments, The Holy Bible literally translates as The Whole Book, or the complete book. In my opinion, it is the complete book because with  the life story of Jesus the Nazarene, or Jesus the Christ for believers, the whole story of the two mutually exclusive cultures runs full course, and once again the two people who were one become one again. 

At the point of Jesus's resurrection and eternal life, the belief in the concept of a single, all powerful God of the nomadic shepherd and flock people is merged with the concept of the life after death people of agriculture, and finally, that all who live in accordance with the will of God shall resurrect in the afterlife and live again, forevermore.

I'm PDK: Thank you.