Friday, June 20, 2014

The American Redoubt

A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet. The Bard, William Shakespeare, circa 1591.

A movement has quite apparently begun here in the United States of America. It is a movement with layers.

First, and currently viable is, "The American Redoubt" movement. This movement is one of a strategic relocation to the mountainous hinterland of the tri-state Montana, Idaho and Wyoming areas. This movement was postulated by a former army Intel-officer and survivalist, one James Wesley Rawles, (see online). 

This movement seems clearly, about and for, those born of the white gene pool, and in particular, the non-liberal, non-apostate whites.  Also, Christian fundamentalist are strongly attracted to this movement.

However, James was not the first to postulate the American North West as the most viable area for whites to immigrate to, with intent of avoiding and surviving, the coming catastrophic consequences of white liberal ideology/illusion. 

Richard G. Butler, circa 2/1918-9/2004, (see online), back in the 1970's founded the Aryan Nations in Northern Idaho. Dubbed, right or wrong, a white supremacist group, and Christian Separatist organization, he was headhunted by the jackboot arm and fist of liberal ideology's totalitarian nature, and eventually was sued by Morris Dees of the SPLC. Dees won in court.

In the 1980s a Mr. Robert Jay Mathews, circa 1/53-12/84, the founder and leader of The Order, an American white nationalist and militant group, chose to pursued his white separatist understanding, his way. Mathews clearly saw the white race was in great jeopardy, so he attempted to initiate a movement to the American Northwest, or, as he called it, the "White American Bastion". However he chose to fund his movement via armed robbery which ultimately forced the showdown that took his life. Robert was one tough sob, but was wrong in his preferred means to a genuinely noble end. Read his story online.

Randy Weaver, circa 1/48, and his wife Vickie, for religious reasons, fearing, as I see it, the consequential coming apocalypse of white liberal ideology/illusion, retreated with their children to Northern Idaho and began living the white separatist life. Falsely accused as a threat to America by an angry at Randy neighbor, the American government wrongly pursued the Weaver family, and ultimately, in my opinion, murdered his wife Vicki and son Sammy in 1992.

This incident became known as Ruby Ridge, (see online).

These white men had in common the understanding that our white race was, as it still is, in jeopardy and ultimate peril, to the point where something must be done sooner, but not much later, or the consequences would be, will be, grave and possibly even, the eventual extinction of our kind, our white sub-species of human. 

Redoubt, a complete enclosure of any form, used to defend a prominent point; a refuge; French circa 1600.

Here the words American Redoubt, White American Bastion, Refuge or even The Sanctuary, have imbued within them, the common idea and understanding that, white liberal ideology/illusion will one day cause the extinction of both our white gene pool/race and our white culture, and therefore the necessary response, to be made manifest by non-liberal, non-apostate whites, is to separate out and away from white liberals and their allies, the negros, new world Hispanics, Islamics and all other losers of planet Earth, into our own, protected, White Homeland, and this, before their ideology ferments into this most horrific eventuality.  

I believe, the entire North West quarter of continental America, eventually joined by both Alaska and the western half of Canada, should and could, one day be, our new non-liberal,  non-apostate, White Homeland.

Any words that reflect this understanding would, like the rose, still smell as sweet.

For our coming and beloved, white posterity.

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I'm PDK: Thank you.

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