Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two From the Road

From Nick Stix, headline read:

By Nicholas Stix


PDK said:

I went over to VDare this morning, a lot of good, worthy posts to read, however I chose to read Pat Buchanan's.

As a paperboy back in the day, 63-69, I would read the paper when I had to walk. Eventually, at age 13 or so, I stumbled onto the op-ed pages, the opinion-editorials.

Most were either too much or too little for my emerging adolescent cerebrum, but I got Pat, I remember thinking, "Who is this guy".

I liked Pat because I liked what he had to say.

Since then, and added on as the years rolled by, Pat earned my respect. He was/is a great American.

However, America is no more our white, Founding Father's free enterprise Republic with liberty to pursue wealth and happiness. We have been transmogrified by our own, the white liberals, into their socialist democracy with huge government.

Moreover, between the lines Pat writes, one sees that Pat still believes in his most beloved America. I cannot help but think that Pat, getting up there now, wishes not to recognize America as dead by transmogrification, because he would still like to believe in that America of yore upon his own passing.

As we approach the 2016 contest for the next POTUS, I can see no better a "heavy weight title bout" than Ted Cruz for the Republicans, versus Elizabeth Warren for the democrats.

This would be something out of a Hollywood script.

Ted has shown himself to be the lone-wolf republican for our Founding Fathers America, which is what republicans are supposed to stand for, while Liz clearly stands for a socialist democracy with huge government, brought about by a fully enfranchised democracy, which is exactly what the democrat party stands for.

Ted, a white man with perhaps or perhaps not a small dose of Amerindian blood of which he never talks, Liz a pure white woman, blond and blue eyed, who claims 1/32 Cherokee, Amerindian blood.

1/32 Amerindian, are you kidding me? No she stands by that when it serves her well. That was how Liz got her professorship at Harvard, not so much on her credentials.

Also here, there are rumors that one of her somewhat recent ancestors, a white, served on the trail of tears, circa 1832. I wonder if the family turned the story inside out when it became expedient to so. (See the trail of tears online).

Ted defends our Constitution's 1st and 2nd Amendment, Liz takes credit for teaching the occupiers to be that way.

Liz denounces the high cost students must pay for their higher education, apparently thinking the white taxpayer ought to pay the bill, and this while she has amassed 15 million dollars with a large percent of that coming from her Harvard salary. Further as a Harvard professor, just before winning the Massachusetts Senators seat, she taught but one class, twice a week.

A weightless job with a heavy paycheck, something only a liberal democrat could corral.

Should this American show down manifest, the result could please Pat, renewing his faith in the America he loves, or unfortunately cause Pat, perhaps the last true American patriot left standing, to throw in the towel.

Personally I accept that my America, the one I was born into, back in July, 1954, is dead via transmogrification. But I still would like to see a Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann ticket, run and win, the new American sweepstakes, the Presidency of America.

From the Sanctuary, @ http://the-pdk.blogspot.com/

I'm PDK: Thank you.


From The New English Review:

Headline Read:

'Is it because I'm black?'

PDK said:

I was born here in America in July 1954, I have lived here in America all my life. My eyes have bared witness to the negro phenomenon, the negro ideology/illusion and the white liberal ideology/illusion as well.

Both negro and white liberal ideology/illusion embrace and espouse the false reality of evil whites, the blue eyed devil, headhunting to hold down and persecuting to crucify in social and monetary venues the innocent, poor and lowly negro. This is neither the truth nor the whole truth.

For example, the negros who came to the American Colonies in 1619 and on, came here as slaves enslaved by their fellow negros back in Africa. Upon arrival here in America, the whites elevated the lowly negro up out of his negro upon negro enslavement and into indenture servitude status, just as with the poor whites. Further, after the negro served his time he was paid his due and given his freedom, the same as the white indenture servant.

However the African negro with his mean IQed cerebrum at 70, was incapable of functioning in the white man's higher culture of civilization and chose to sell himself back into indenture servitude status.

This continued on for 37 years until an intelligent negro, who received his freedom and pay, sued in a British court to enslave his negro for life. Thus began the institute of negro slavery in America.

The intelligent negro was the Angolan, Anthony Johnson, read Anthony's story online.

Both white liberal ideology/illusion and negro illusion pretend that the negro is persecuted by whites because the color of his skin is different from we whites. Not so, in fact the color of the skin has nothing at all to do with our differences.

The negro's gene pool evolved to be a more r selective gene pool, where quantities of numbers produced is more valued over quality of IQed cerebrum produced. The white gene pool evolved to be a more K selective gene pool where quality of IQed cerebrum is more valued than quantity of numbers produced.

African negros have a mean IQ of 70, American negros have a mean IQ of 85 and whites have a mean IQ of 103.

You can glean more on r/K selection theory online.

The negro never advanced beyond the low culture of the primitive savage because that is his natural state of culture by his evolution and gene pool, not because the evil white man held the poor lowly negro down.

The white man's higher culture of civilization offers a much higher quality of life so the negro wants in but he does not fit in, he is, incapable.

Witness the American city of Detroit, once hailed as the Paris of the west when it was white dominated, but now it is 84% negro and has become bankrupt and lawless and now resembles more the town dump of the American Mid-West.

Negros in America commit a disproportionately high amount of crime for their numbers, especially in the mugging, rapping and murder categories. All this reality however, is constantly covered up by the white liberal ideology and its Liberal Main Stream Media, LMSM.

If you are unaware of this reality of which I here speak, and further, if you would like an epiphany or rather a rude awakening, may I suggest a weekend vacation in Detroit.

Reality is, the white and the negro are two separate sub-species of humans.

As white liberal ideology has achieved its superiority, is in charge and giving the orders, and further then runs our white sub-species of human towards extinction, by both promoting low white reproductive numbers and high miscegenation and its product of mulattoed offspring, we as a gene pool/race might be wise to reconsider our present path which clearly ultimates in our own extinction.

For our posterity.

From the Sanctuary, @ http://the-pdk.blogspot.com/

I'm PDK: Thank you.

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