Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Islam Metastasizing

When the Dreadnaught of Islam passes through the waters of a white man's higher culture of civilization, the said Islamic Dreadnaught first destroys the healthy vibrancy of that higher culture, and then second, sows and cultivates the seed of ruination and stagnation and therefore leaves ruination and stagnation in its wake. Wherever Islam goes, ruination and stagnation become the norm, and, whatever prosperity there was, is never again, for evermore.

In AD 476 Rome fell, it was sacked for the last time by a barbarian hoard. It was sacked for the last time because at that time, Rome unlike the Phoenix, would not rise from his own ashes ever again. However the Roman civilization of the Mediterranean lived on for another sesquicentennial until Mohamed, near his death, sent his army of insane, loser followers to do his bidding in the name of Allah, the old moon god, but now with Mohamed, elevated to a supreme deity.

As Islam marched in the name of Allah, and for the Prophet Mohammed from the time near Mohammed's death and on through the 7th and early 8th centuries, Islam, true to its own nature, first destroyed then sowed and reaped ruination and stagnation. All of the Roman civilization, the Mediterranean world fell to the conquest of Islamic destruction, ruination and stagnation except for central Europe.

From circa AD 732 onward, central Europe defended by Charles Martel “the hammer”, repulsed the Islamic invading hoard, and what was done to the rest of Roman civilization of the Mediterranean world was not done to Europe.

However, the damage done was great. The old order of free trade that created prosperity was gone and Europe, thusly denied trade with the rest of the old Roman civilization fell into the dark ages. The dark ages would last until the Crusades.

So great was the misery and poverty that necessarily flowed from Islamic tyranny that some modern liberal historians do prefer to deny its reality, and further, substitute the preferred illusion of making void the 3 centuries that were the dark ages.

Just wipe the history slate clean of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth and pretend it never was. This is the philosophy of liberalism. 

White liberals, be they the "good shepherd"  leaders, or "flock member" hoi polloi, will praise the insane, misogynistic religion of hate and the bane of the white man's higher culture of civilization as though it were the second coming of Jesus the Nazarene. They will and do invite Islam to our white cultural houses to break our family's bread with them. The Islamics are the Old Testament, Biblical wolves in sheep's clothing. They are just as disingenuous as a white liberal.

Further just as white liberals dream of the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism, democracy and huge government in control and giving the orders, so too does Islam dream of a new world, one world order of Islam and its Sharia, in control and giving the orders.

White liberals have now for more than 200 years imposed upon non-liberal whites the institution of the "White man's burden". This is where the white race must sacrifice itself for the benefit of the planet Earth's losers and their gene pools/races and cultures. Here we must motherhood these different sub-species and exotic cultures at the expense of our own gene pool/race/culture, and worse by far, our own posterity.

That we continue to allow white liberals to "beach the white whale" for others not related to us on the sub-species and micro sub-species level is appalling. It is driving us into extinction.

We must once again accept our own veneration, and make manifest that veneration, of our gene pool/race/cultures and lands that our posterity will survive at our expense, and not the posterity of others, who are not of our kind, who are of a different sub-species or micro sub-species surviving at our  posterity's expense and in our posterity's stead.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Islam is a cancer metastasizing virulently as made manifest by massive Islamic immigration into all the free, white man's higher cultures of civilization the planet Earth over.

In a new white Homeland, Islam could be outlawed from the beginning.

If ever we needed our God, now just might be the time.

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