Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Coming New Age

James Henry Breasted, circa, 8/1865-12/1935, is the genius who came up with the concept of the Fertile Crescent. The Fertile Crescent is known as the cradle of civilization.
This was one of only three places on planet Earth known to have gleaned the secret of agriculture, and from there the secret of animal husbandry. All this transpired about ten thousand or so years ago by a Caucasoid people of solid Caucasoid IQ, in an area made ready for such an awakening by the global warming of about 12,000 to 13,000 years ago, causing the end of the mini ice age and the release of fresh water.

The full panorama of the Fertile Crescent would include the Nile River civilization of Ancient Egypt, the Levant, and modern day Iraq to the Zagros mountain range. An area bent like a boomerang or crescent, this area was ripe to produce the magnificent twin achievements of agro-pastoral civilizations, and the consequential growth in human numbers and the birth of modern civilization.

With civilization necessarily comes culture. Because culture is the belief system of the people of a particular civilization, and further, because belief and faith are metaphysical, religion manifests.

The Judo-Christian religion of today has deep roots. It is embedded into this very particular history. A history that not only deals with a rising of duel lifestyles, the city agriculturalist and the nomadic animal herdsmen, but also gave those of Judaism and later on Christianity the allegorical story of Cain and Abel, whereby Cain, the bad guy, is the city agriculturalists and Abel, the good guy, is the nomadic herdsmen, the Jews.

But much more, the Astro-Theological phenomenon of Judo-Christianity is rooted in this time, place, historcity and Caucasoid people as well. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians rebuilt heaven on Earth with the pyramids of Giza, laid in proper proportion of the constellation of Orion, the constellation of their God of rebirth in the afterlife, Osiris. Osiris and Orion, two morphologically similar names for the same constellation, one Egyptian the other Greek and undoubtedly from the same source, probably the older Egyption. 

Osiris was their God of the afterlife. This religious aspect of ancient Egyptian culture was the glue bonding the people together by a common and desired belief. The Nile River Valley, agriculture and astrology all contributed to the illusion of life after death. Moreover, the belief of a life after death helped the people live a better, more moral life, which in turn helped the culture and ultimately it is culture that raises the level of the quality of life for the human. All this made the illusion very desirable and exceptionally valuable. 

The Jews being from the nomadic herdsmen half of this time and place agro-pastoral duality, found their belief in a single God, more likely than not, from  the concept of the shepherd and flock, with the shepherd and his role conceptualizing a superior being alone possessing the grand design and fulfilling the great protector and all knowing watchman that became God. The Jews did not believe in an afterlife, that belonged to the brother Cain or agricultural belief system. 

Among other realities Jesus brought the life after death conceptual phenomenon to his people, his fellow Jews, though those same Jews rejected the belief. Further, the life after death was not alone the Province of the agriculturalist, but also of the Zodiac.

It is known that the Jews of the time of Jesus did believe a Messiah was coming. Further since the Romans occupied the Jews, the Jews were anticipating a military type Messiah liberating them from the Roman rule. Simon of Perea, a generation or two before Jesus filled this bill, and further, set the stage for a persecuted to be crucified Messiah.
Further, both Simon and Jesus were to rise from the dead after three days. This reflects the agro-natural phenomenon of the winter solace, where the sun dies metaphorically on that winter soltice day, December 22nd, stays in that position, the dead state, until on the third day, December 25th,  when it then rises by one degree; "and on the third day he rose again from the dead".
Jesus of course was not military but peace loving. Moreover he undoubtedly realized beating Rome was impossible militarily, and that turning the other cheek was the more sensible response. That by turning the other cheek a Roman aggressor did not get superiority achieved satisfaction and instead got a bit of humble pie. Much like the Gandhi tactic in the 20th century India, British Empire, showdown.
Further, this turn the other check, persecuted to be crucified play, would be embraced by all people of the Roman sphere, who lived under the heavy foot of Roman tyranny and felt persecuted themselves. Christianity would become like a virus, invading a system and eventually, achieve superiority over that system from within: "And the meek shall inherit the Earth", Jesus, the Nazarene.

So why were the people of the time expecting a Messiah? What mystical phenomenon heralded the coming of a Messiah?

The Astro-Theologic aspect of religion, and here in particular the Earths Precession, and its 12 Zodiac constellation signs, on the precession calendar year, was about to leave the age of Aires and enter the age of Pisces. Undoubtedly, at least for me anyway, this phenomenon was the heralding of the coming of a Messiah for those of that place and time.

For the scholarly of the time and Fertile Crescent place, this understanding would have had a potent religio-mystical meaning, one that also would filter down to the common people.

For those increduled about astrology's influence on religion, there is a some strong evidence, as evidenced for example by the sun and the twelve constellation of the Zodiac, and the number twelve with a central object, such as the twelve sons of Jacob or the twelve tribes of Israel or even the twelve disciples of Christ. The sun itself is a potent Zodiacal symbol, as God the father or the son, "I am the light of the world", Jesus the Nazarene, here translates as, I am the sun in the sky, the paternal sun-god, life giving and all powerful.

For me, the more I come to understand this phenomenon, the greater my appreciation for all of it becomes. Further, this understanding does not lessen my thinking of Jesus but rather increases it.
Moreover, understanding that Jesus was the Great Man who entered the arena and put all this together, including sacrificing his life for the cause, impresses me immensely.

All this however, now flows into our own time frame. The Age of Pisces ends and the Age of Aquarius begins about 2150. Not that the cosmos has a mystical grip on me as it did with our ancestors of that place and time, but it fits the bill nicely because our own time is facing a challenge of cultural ideologies just as we now, coincidentally, approach this changing Zodiac Age.

Culture is what transforms the quality of human life from a lower natural level to a higher more satisfying level, by bonding a common people to a common set of ideals and beliefs.

On this reality sits our white liberals and their ideology and non-liberal, non-apostate whites and our ideology. The question is, whose ideology shall rule over our culture for the next "Age"?

I believe in our white gene pool/race, culture, lands and posterity, so I reject the white liberal ideology of a one world gene pool achieved via miscegenation. I believe in nation-state Republics, but have no faith in a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism, democracy and huge government.

I believe that whites can live in harmony with their nature in a free enterprise Republic of liberty, pursuing their wealth and happiness.

I want no part of a socialist democracy where the great unwashed tier lives in tyranny, poverty and misery.

With white liberals having now achieved their superiority in all the white man's "free" lands on planet Earth, the time has come to seek out our own new, non-liberal, non-apostate, white nation-states.

A new White Homeland.

For the continuation of our gene pool/race.

And most of all, for our beloved and coming, white posterity.

From the Sanctuary, blogging @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Numbers

Well good people and patrons of FTS, another week is just about a wrap.

FTS has grown a bit in the last 2-3 months from just over 800 a month, to just under 1100 a month. This is good for the good cause of saving the white gene pool/race.

Our friends from the Ukraine still come only periodically, all at once for a day or so and then nothing for a while, and this  since troubles began over there in March. Further our Russian friends have not been back but once since the March troubles ignited, and then only 2 visitors. Naturally we here at FTS hope the best for the people of both countries.

Also, I see that we might have made a few new Polish friends, welcome people of Poland.

So, without further delay, here are this months numbers for the 4 week period ending 5/30/2014.

Pageviews by Country:

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States
United Kingdom

The good lord willing, the creek don't rise and if all goes well, we'll see all you good white people here for the good cause of our magnificent white gene pool/race at, From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you and God bless you and yours.











Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Poor, Innocent and Lowly Negro

The poor, innocent and lowly negro, with no one outside himself to rightfully blame for his own negro upon negro enslavement, whether back in mother Africa or right here in America were one Anthony Johnson reinstated the negro enslaving negro policy via a victory in the British courts, circa 1656, and this just 37 years after the evil white man had lifted the lowly negro up out of his negro upon negro enslavement, immediately upon their arrival in the new American colonies.
Check out the Angolan African negro, Mr. Anthony Johnson's story online.
The poor, innocent and lowly negro, with no one outside himself to rightfully blame for his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum that his gene pool endows him with. No one to rightfully blame for his incapability to create or maintain the white man's higher culture of civilization.
What can the poor, innocent and lowly negro do? He is so frustrated that his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum fails him in the white man's higher culture of civilization because he desires and covets, with every want in his cerebrum, what that white man's higher culture of civilization offers, and further, repudiates what his own low culture of the primitive savage offers.
The only viable option for the poor, innocent and lowly negro is to steal, via a parasitation of the white man's higher culture of civilization, for the enrichment of himself in his own lifetime, and  to steal via a parasitation of the white gene pool, for the enrichment of his posterity that survives him.
What is the poor, innocent and lowly negro to do?
Admit that he is just a common parasite!
Better to blame whitey, the blue eyed devil, than admit that. Better to release the pent up frustration in the form of a rage of hate via rape and murder of whites than admit honestly to himself he has no one but himself and his gene pool to blame.
The poor, innocent and lowly negro wants not to return to his proper place in the low culture of the primitive savage, wants not to bear his own burden, but instead prefers that whitey, the blue eyed devil, carry his negro parasitic load for him, while further allowing him the negro, the right to pretend he believes it is whitey's fault, via a white policy of headhunting to hold down and persecute to crucify the poor, innocent and lowly negro for no other reason than that the negro has a different color of skin.
Fortunately for the poor, innocent and lowly negro, a white knight has come to his aid. White liberals, those who fail to mature or transcend their insanity, who further wish to achieve their superiority without achieving their maturity, who therefore do embrace their ideology/illusion of the white man’s burden and force it upon all whites.
White liberals and negros, for mutually exclusive wants, come together in an alliance, an alliance joined by every loser on planet Earth, to force upon the white, the totality of, the white man’s burden.
A burden where the white man must sacrifice himself and his own kind for the betterment of all losers, and to do so entirely at the white man’s expense without compensation.
This phenomenon is manifesting, not just here in America, but upon the entire planet Earth wherever there is a white man’s higher culture of civilization.
Should the white liberal's ideology/illusion continue on ruling the roost, there will be smaller and smaller amounts of natural and white man made resources for the whites, fewer and fewer whites being produced and white liberal ideology/illusion along with the losers of planet Earth continuing to parasitize white’s, will send our white gene pool/race into extinction.
Our white posterirty cries out to us from our future.
This is our time, therefore this is our watch.
Shall we simultaneously fail our watch and our posterity?
Do we non-liberal, non-apostate whites not have an inner voice? Must we follow the dictates of white liberal ideology/illusion over the precipice and into the abyss of extinction?
Do we non-liberal, non-apostate whites not have our own God?
Let we, all non-liberal, non-apostate whites find our inner voice and find our God that we may do what we must to save nature’s greatest achievement, the magnificence that is, the white gene pool/race.
Our White Homeland will come, and the more helping hands the sooner it will come.
America's Pacific North West and neighboring lands call out to us, "come to me white man, come to your new White Homeland".
From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you..

Monday, May 26, 2014

Two From the Road

From Countenance:

Headline Read:


On Memorial Day:

PDK said:

It is hard to honor the memory of those who served and died for a country that no longer exists.

I know this because I was born in July, 1954, a time when America was still the most magnificent achievement of the white man's higher culture of civilization, it was still our white, Founding Father's free enterprise Republic of liberty to pursue wealth and happiness. Most of all, it was still, the white man's land.

All that is gone now. Today, if you are a non-liberal, non-apostate white you are evil incarnate, guilty of persecuting to crucify every parasitic sub-species of human aboard planet Earth. America has been transmogrified.

Thank God almighty those young men and women, who died serving the cause of America, cannot see what they died for now.

If Jesus the Nazarene, was at the end of his ministry, if his hour of great tribulation of persecuted to be crucified approached, and he could see the lowly negro would inherit the Earth, would he still see it through?

It is not enough to give it all you've got, it is even more important to know the cause, for and to which you give all you've got.

On this Memorial Monday, I shall remember the America past, of which, those who gave their all, gave their all for, and not the new, transmogrified white liberal dystopia we have become. The America which truly became the achieved pinnacle of the white man's higher culture of civilization, the America that was, the envy of planet Earth.

May we non-liberal, non-apostate whites, as with the Phoenix, rise from the ashes of our death to be reborn, and reborn better than ever.

Our coming new White Homeland beckons us, our white posterity has faith in us.

Let us not fail on our watch.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK, Thank you.


From Paul Kersey’s SBPDL:

Headline Read:

On Bill Deblasio, new Mayor of New York City:

PDK said:

Bill Deblasio a white liberal, white apostate who, as with all white liberals, is/has achieved his superiority without achieving his maturity and therefore enjoys the highlife of power, fame and fortune at the white collective's expense, both our white cultural wealth and our greatest treasure of all, the genes of our white gene pool's wealth.

Bill could genuinely define the concept of ugliness. A usurper of nature and an iconoclast of the white man's higher culture of civilization. A loser who failed to embrace his personal responsibility to mature.

Thanks only to the white liberal ideology's sacrosanct tenant of fully enfranchised democracy, he, as with all white liberals pursuing their superiority in the arena of politics, was able to make manifest that pursuit and has become the immature and the insane, in charge and giving the orders.

I do not hate the lowly negro. I am also fine with letting nature take its course, which here under nature's competitive exclusion principle, would with time, send the lowly negro to his extinction.

However I do have hate for white liberal apostates, these are those who are both lower than the belly of a snake and the scum of the Earth.

How dare they give away our white genes and our white wealth for a superiority achieved without a maturity achieved. Biblically speaking, the master they serve is Lucifer, the Devil himself.

The sands of time flow through the hour glass, the planet Earth turns and white numbers fall. We are being herded toward extinction.

How many Newtons were not born here in America over the past two score because of miscegenation and mulattoism?

Religion is important, most of we non-liberal, non-apostate whites either do not believe in religion or have left the faith.

However all white liberals have embraced their own new religion of white liberal ideology/illusion and they have achieved their superiority over we non-liberal whites.

Both the Mormons and the Amish have achieved their superiority and religion was there to guide them.

I am aware that most here at Paul's SBPDL despise religion, but religion's real purpose is to pull all of one kind together and hold them together through times of great trouble and tribulation.

As the extinction plight of our white gene pool/race continues forward everywhere upon planet Earth, the time is coming and the need is rising, for a new White Homeland, OF, BY and FOR non-liberal, non-apostate whites.

We must pull together on this.

Our new White Homeland will eventually come.

Our white posterity is pulling for our side.

On our side we too have a God, let us find him.

From the Sanctuary, @

 I'm PDK: Thank you.

This Months Numbers

With this Memorial Day weekend now all but a wrap, here are our FTS numbers for the past month.

We've had a slow two weeks with Mothers Day weekend followed by Memorial Day weekend, but all in all, a good month.

We here at FTS do well with white countries so China is a bit of an enigma. Perhaps whites living there, perhaps something else.

Our Ukrainian friends are back, and we hope all is well with them. We did notice they held elections recently, and I'll trust the best man won.

Here are the numbers:

Pageviews by Countries:

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States
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The good Lord willing, the creek don't rise and if all goes well, we will see
you all here again over the following month. In the meanwhile, this is From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you and God bless you and yours.



Friday, May 23, 2014

Gavrilo Princip

Drop the name Gavrilo Princip into the ear of a modern day American and the likely response would be what? However, Gavrilo Princip was not a what, but rather, a who.

Gavrilo Princip was born in July 1894 and died in April 1918, and where the Keizer Wilhelm the 2nd of Germany may be seen as the man who most set the stage for The Great War, Gavrilo lit the match to ignite that Great War conflagration known here in America as WW1.

The lead up to WW1 is a most fascinating story. There were a few dominating concepts in the air since the mid 19th century, such as nation-states, and many big names. Otto Von Bismarck and his protégé the Keizer Wilhelm 2nd who in turn was the first born grandchild of Queen Victoria herself. Wilhelm and Nicholas, the Tsar of Russia were cousins.  Emperor Franz Joseph of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his nephew, Archduke Franz Ferdinand were right there at the top of the list of the big name personalities causally connected to WW1.

Another important but little known name is that of one Dragutin Dimitrijevic, born August 1876, died June 1917, a Serbian colonel, aka Apis, code-named apparently after the ancient Egyptian deity of Apis the bull. Among other credentials he was a founding member of the Black Hand, aka, Unification or Death, a clandestine military order, and just as with Gavrilo, the Black Hand and Dragutin's dream was targeting a unification of southern Slavs into a single nation-state.

In 1911 Dragutin engineered an assassination attempt on the elderly Emperor Franz Joseph but the attempt failed. So Dragutin set his sights on Archduke Franz Ferdinand, first in line to succeed Franz Joseph and therefore heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. 

Dragutin had another problem with Ferdinand, Ferdinand was not the hard liner that the Emperor was, and when in the not so distant future Ferdinand became Emperor of Austro-Hungary his much more soft hearted approach to the Serbians would have made great difficulty for a revolution to manifest and bring to reality Dragutin's dream of a south Slavic nation-state.

So when Dragutin was made aware of a planned visit to Sarajevo by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, he put his plot to assassinate the Archduke in motion by sending his hit squad of 6 young men, including Gavrilo Princip to do the deed. 

Though the authorities, including the Prime Minister of Serbia, had been tipped off, the young men slipped into the neighboring Bosnia and on into Sarajevo.

On the morning of June 28th 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his beloved wife, Duchess Sophie arrived in Sarajevo. This would be the first time she was allowed to ride in public with her husband because of her low level of Royalty,  unfortunately, and tragically, it would also be her last ride ever.

The assassins lined up with the public who were there to view their Archduke. As the motorcade passed, the first two assassins failed to act, but the third assassin, Cabrinovic threw his bomb. However he did not wait on the 10 second fuse and the bomb missed its mark. Though others were injured and taken to the hospital, the Archduke and Sophie were unharmed.

At this point the rest of the hit squad stopped and experienced a delaying shock. Gavrilo, went to a near by café for a sandwich hoping to sort things out and puzzle it on through to what he should do next.

In the meanwhile and after a brief stop for official protocol, the Archduke and Sophie decided to go to the hospital to check on those wounded. It is here where the unbelievable then transpires, perhaps a manifestation of Divine Providence.

The driver turns in error and must reverse, his attempt stalls out the car, and this right in front of Gavrilo Princip, who draws his 380 semi automatic pistol and fires two shots. The first hits Ferdinand in the jugular, the second hits Sophie in the stomach, and the two are dead in twenty minutes or so.

Gavrilo is immediately seized, was tried, found guilty and given 20 years as he was not 20 years of age and could not be tried as an adult.

On July 28th, 1914, just one month later, Austro-Hungary declares war on Serbia, then on August 1st, Germany declares war on Russia and from there it all dominos very quickly into the guns of August and WW1 manifests.

Gavrilo died of tuberculosis and malnutrition in April 1918 before WW1 ended

Eventually a southern Slavic state emerged, Yugoslavia.

It is not for me to judge Gavrilo Princip.

But it is clear to me, that a people, living in tyranny by others not seen as one of us, who wish to live in liberty with their own kind only, and under their own laws and governing body, will eventually go to extremes to make manifest what should be clear to all common sensibly, our own people, in our own homeland, governed by we, our own people. 

That is the concept behind a new White Homeland, a land of, by and for white people, non-liberal, non-apostate, white people. The Pacific North West of America calls out.

I believe Gavrilo Princip is still regarded as a hero by the southern Slavic people.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two From the Road

From Nick Styx; Headline Read:

PDK said:

I remember Gary Gilmore from circa 1976. He made it clear he wanted his comeuppance for murder by firing squad. Nobody squawked about him being an innocent man wrongly accused, and wrongly convicted.

Gary was a white man.

No white man wants an innocent executed wrongly nor the real culprit walking free.

It is therefore crucially important to do the entire process with high levels of sagacity, acumen and investigatory protocol.

Liberalism is the failure to mature or transcend insanity.

Liberalism substitutes a preferred illusion in said reality's stead.

Liberal ideology/illusion, among other realities, needs to see the white man as evil whitey persecuting to crucify the innocent, lowly negro. It also needs to see the negro as victim of the white man's headhunting innocent negros to wrongly persecute to crucify.

How many of those convicted murderers on death row, that are being proclaimed as innocent by liberals and their LMSM, are negro?

Is there one white convicted murderer being lauded by white liberal ideology via the LMSM as a falsely accused and wrongly convicted, innocent man?

Were heinous white men such as, Richard Speck, Son of Sam, the Boston Strangler, a mafia hit man, or a Gary Gilmore ever lauded by white liberals and their LMSM as wrongly accused, wrongly convicted and in reality innocent of all charges against them?

No I don't recall any.

Would those liberals so sure that a convicted negro murderer, is in reality innocent, welcome the newly released negro into their home as a perpetual guest?

No I tend to doubt that.

I doubt it because it is one thing for a liberal to put the collective's money or life at risk to support his illusion, but it is a totally different thing for a liberal to put his own money or life at risk to support his illusion.

It is so easy to be a liberal, just shirk one's personal responsibility to mature, remain immature and let the great weight of the expense for that failure to mature befall the collective.

It is so hard to be a non-liberal, where one must embrace one's personal responsibility to mature. Where further, the non-liberal can and is wrongly maligned by the liberal.

Ann never mentions whether the convicted in question is negro or white.

But I will take the educated guess that the accused/convicted is negro.

Both white liberal ideology/illusion and negro ideology/illusion, are defended, supported and protected at any and all expense, especially when that expense is paid for by the white collective, and even more in particular by a non-liberal white.

Cheating is the prerogative of the immature and the low IQed, therefore cheating is the prerogative of the white liberal and the negro.

From the Sanctuary, where little things such as maturity, sagacity and justice still matter, I'm PDK, I blog @

: Thank you.

From Countenance; Headline Read:

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome


PDK said:

Take a good look at that negro in the mug shot. Notice how the shape of the entire head tappers to smaller and smaller at the area of the cranium, which in turn houses the cerebrum.

Both logic and biophysics dictate clearly, the smaller the cranium, the smaller the cerebrum. That's only natural.

A physically smaller cerebrum correlates in a strong positive way to IQ, much the same as shoe size does with body size.

It is near a given, when accounting for body size, that a physically smaller cerebrum equates out with a lower IQ.

A lower IQed cerebrum makes for a difficult life in the white man's higher culture of civilization. We whites take care of our own if they are retarded.

However with negros, it is in their nature to be retarded by the white man's standard. They are only normal when they flounder in their own low culture of the primitive savage.

There are only two solutions to the conundrum of negros ensconced in the white man's higher culture of civilization.

First is the liberal solution embraced by the negro, interbreeding via miscegenation and mulattoism. A giving away of our precious white gene pool, denying our own kind, to solve their negro problem, that one day, when the negro has a white cerebrum, he will start the war of annihilation against our surviving posterity.

The other, embraced by matured whites, non-liberal, non-apostate whites is to secede by separating out and away from white liberals, negros and all losers of planet Earth, and declaring independence via abrogation, never allowing white liberals or their associate losers to enter our Holy of Holies, White Homeland.

This is our time, our problem and therefore it is our cross to bear.

Our beloved white posterity's tomorrow, hangs in our balance of today.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Long Spoon

They say when served the devil's stew, it is best eaten with long spoon.

No leader or would be leader has ever done much, if anything at all, to help the people of his flock, be they of a nation-state or of a city-state, by claiming to do the noble cause leadership for the people. He always, once claiming to do it for the people, does it for himself and his cronies.

Does the name Vladimir Ilyich Lenin or Barac Hussein Obama come to mind?

Noble cause leadership is a con game, baiting the lower flock members of immaturity or low IQ, with a something for nothing; you are owed some of someone else's wealth because you are you, temptation.

Today this phenomenon is called "Black social justice" by the negros and is one of the pillars upon which the white liberal ideology of the "White man's burden" is built. It is called socialism, which like Islam, first destroys a prosperous white man's higher culture of free enterprise and the wealth it makes as whites pursue their happiness, only to then sow, cultivate and harvest ruination and stagnation.

It is the birth bed of tyranny, poverty and misery for the hoi polloi masses, the flock, and simultaneously the birth bed of the highlife of power, fame and fortune for the liberal leaders, the shepherds.

As the planet Earth turns, and white liberal ideology/illusion continues on with it's superiority achieved and therefore remains in power, our white gene pool/race fate is pushed ever closer to extinction.

The only leader to do something for his people is the one who does it for his culture and in particular for his white man’s higher culture of civilization.

Does JFK's "when the high tide comes in, all the boats rise, the big ones and the small ones", come to mind? 

Our white people's culture was for non-liberal, non-apostate whites, the matured and the sane whites. Not for anyone, or for anything else.

We non-liberal, non-apostate whites must get back to a land, our own land, where our white culture is of us, by us and for us, without regard to white liberal apostates, lower IQed sub-species of humans, or any other loser of planet Earth.

Our new White Homeland is coming.
Our beloved posterity is depending on us, let us not fail them.

In our own land, we non-liberal, non-apostate whites will never again have to eat the Devil’s stew with long spoon, or without long spoon.

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Two From the Road


PDK said:

"We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard", JFK, circa 6/61, from his put a man on the moon speech.

The negro has sunk his parasitic proboscis deep into both the white gene pool and our particular American version of the white man's higher culture of civilization.

The expense of both has been and still is, astronomical!

However, it is not enough to realize the damage the negro has done to our white gene pool/race and culture, but to fully realize that this is a process the negro intends to continue pursuing until one day the negro becomes a negro with a white cerebrum.

White liberals are selling our daughters to those negros as they, those white liberals, pursue the manifestation of their white liberal ideology/illusion achieved.

Liberalism is the failure to mature or transcend insanity.

To avoid the opprobrium of the stigma of both cowardice and selfishness, both immature traits, they choose to sell our white gene pool/race, our white posterity and our white culture and lands to non-whites, especially to the negro.

To do this they choose the arena of social chess and use noble courage and self-righteousness as their tactics.

One must come to understand that the purpose of the pursuit of death to the religion of Judo-Christianity by white liberals is to plow the field afresh that they then may sow the seed of their new religion, the religion of white liberal ideology/illusion.

I do not wish to fight the negro or any other loser of planet Earth including white liberals; but if they choose to deny me and mine my personal sovereignty, parasitize my genes or my culture, then fight I will.

I choose not to do these things because they are easy, but because they are hard and because I intend that me and mine will keep what is ours.

I will not pursue the lowly negro to hold him down, to persecute to crucify him, but neither will I let him do such to me.

The time is coming and the need is rising for a new White Homeland.

By the right of the first humans to ever set foot on the soil of the new world, the Solutreans our ancient white relatives, let us non-liberal, non-apostate whites claim our share of this new world real estate.

The North West quarter of America, Western Canada and Alaska would make for a very fine restart of our white gene pool/race and culture.

Let us choose these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

For our coming and beloved, white posterity.

From the Sanctuary, @

I'm PDK: Thank you.

From nick Styx, on Ken Burns:

PDK said:

Ken is very typical of a talented white liberal.

Instead of using his great white gift to benefit his own kind, and therefore via extension, benefiting all of humanity, he chooses to favor all non-whites and in particular the negro, at his own white kindred's expense.

Liberalism is the failure to mature or transcend insanity. Immaturity and insanity substitute a preferred illusion in said reality's stead.

All religion has a strong tincture of illusion. It is a positive for it's people, such as for the Israelites.

Liberalism is presently and for the last sesquicentennial or more in effort to kill off the Judo-Christian religion in order that it might take over.

The central tenant to liberal illusion and therefore it's ideology is that the white man is evil and must endure in totality, the white man's burden.

A burden that ultimately calls for whites to give all non-whites everything the white man has, and everything the white man's higher culture of civilization has wrought.

This eventuates in death of the white gene pool/race by low birth rates for white couples and a policy of miscegenation and it's product of mulattoism.

The white liberal benefits by never having to embrace his personal responsibility to mature.

He can remain selfish and cowardly his whole life and never be forced to bear the burden of the opprobrium of his cowardly selfish stigma.

This is a transgression of nature and as such has a particular price of debt to be paid.

Our posterity and future gene pool/race will pay that price of white liberal debt, but today every Ken Burns out there will look good and be applauded by his fellow believers in the faith of liberalism, the faith of the immature and the insane.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Sometimes resolutions to an appropriate understanding take time, and sometimes that time may be half a lifetime.

When I was young I went along with the liberal ideology of abortion. Constantly we the white collective here in America were bombarded with the over population of planet Earth by humans, such as with Paul Ehrlich's book “The Population Bomb”, circa 1968, liberal ideology and agitproping. Back in those days, the 60s and 70s, I had no problem with abortion.

Decades later I saw Norma McCorvey tell her story and was moved by that story to change my mind on abortion. Most of you readers probably know Norma better as Jane Row of Row vs Wade.

Norma is in my opinion, a very beautiful person, not the liberal beautiful people such as those Hollywood liberals, but rather a genuinely beautiful person. Norma, aka Jane Roe, a white woman, never did have an abortion, and she gave birth to 3 children in her life.

Tim Tibow’s mother, for those not in the know, Tim is a white football player, was told by her Drs., while pregnant with Tim, that she needed an abortion to save her own life. She chose not to have the abortion and both she and Tim are alive and well today.

Therefore I accepted an updated position that abortion of the innocent human fetal life was wrong, except where the mother's life is truly at high risk. This position was universal for me, that all fetus's, no matter the origin of sub-species, was wrong.

However, though at first I accepted my new position that abortion was the murdering of innocent life, and therefore concluded that all abortion was wrong, again I would update my thinking on this matter and concluded that abortion of white fetuses is murder but not necessarily so for other fetuses of different sub-species of humans.

I came to realize still further, that abortion for different sub-species of humans, for a plethora of reasons, is good.

Take the negro sub-species of human, being of a more r selective gene pool, where quantity of numbers produced is more important than the quality of IQ produced, life is necessarily shorter. However the white man's higher culture of civilization produces life prolonging products, such as food and medicine, that when embraced by the negro, allows the negro to cheat his nature, live longer and over populate in numbers. 

The higher incidents of early Negro death are addressed by their more r selective gene pool strategy, and we whites have interfered with their own nature by embracing the liberal’s ideology of "The white man's burden".

So sick is the white liberal ideology, we whites have been condition to hate our own kind, right Susan, “The white race is the cancer of human history”, Sontag, right Bill, “All white babies should be killed”, Ayers.

As our white race, clearly the superior race when judged by our collective accomplishments, slowly recedes in population percentages, our posterity is being put at great risk and peril. In reality we are headed for extinction, and worst of all, we are headed toward extinction because of our fellow white liberals and their ideology chasing the achievement of a new world, one world order, which among other realities embraces the melding of all gene pools into one.

Miscegenation and it's product mulattoism is good for non-whites but it is clearly both bad and therefore wrong for whites, it is an abrogation of nature.

It is what we non-liberal whites of today choose to do now that determines our posterity’s fate. Can we honestly allow our children’s children, and their children to inherit a world where the only good white is a dead white?

To save our posterity of tomorrow, we must today begin agitproping for secession from the cancer of the white race, the white liberals, and their allies, the loser peoples of planet Earth, in this abrogation of nature via white gene pool/race apostasy.

Not to do so would be a clear dereliction of duty.

I believe in the SS&DI solution; the separate out and away, secede and declare independence solution. To further subsequently disenfranchise or outlaw outright white liberals, white liberal ideology and the allies of white liberals the losers of planet Earth such as the negros and Islamics.

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I'm PDK: Thank You.