Saturday, June 21, 2014

For What it is Worth; Hillary and Elizabeth

On America's coming 2016 Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton is old hat, looking more haggard and worn out than an aspiring presidential hopeful/wannabe could possibly be and still entertain any reasonable hope of attaining the Presidency.

Moreover, as Secretary of State, Hillary employed the young woman, Huma Abedin, in difference to her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Clearly Hillary's masculine elements were in play, as she took the role of powerful old man with accompanying beautiful young consort, and did so knowing that American secrets could easily be stolen by the consort and passed on to our American enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood.

But to Hillary and Hillary's "brother within" masculine elements, such possible espionage was a small price to pay for Hillary achieving her masculine elements outward manifestations. This, and she wants to be President!

This much like her husband, President Bill Clinton and his friend associate, and National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, the American traitor and of course white liberal. Or Bill's constant womanizing and philandering as his macho side both his "animal man" within and persona needed the world to see that he was not homo, but rather a hetero buck, and this because Hillary needed her masculine side to be in the fore, outside the house and seen by all, which in turn made Bill look homoish.

Most Americans are tired of the Clintons as they are of the Bushs. Jeb Bush has no more right to the Presidency than does Hillary, though both probably think they are owed the job, and further, that only they can do the job right. They are one a democrat, Hillary, and one a republican, Jeb, but both are liberals.

In America it is the democrat party that is the party of liberals and their liberalism. But now that the liberals have achieve their superiority without having achieved their maturity, and are the immature in charge and giving the orders and doing so with a jackboot totalitarian policy of our way or socio-political death, many republicans have become democrats in republican clothing.

Today the only democrat banner falling faster than Hillary's is Barac Obama's. But Barac has achieved the Presidency. He has destroyed so much of our White, Founding Fathers Republic with liberty to pursue wealth and happiness, that his falling banner means nothing to him, he can always walk tall among his fellow liberal peers with head held high. Further, if nothing else, being the magical mulattoed negro, every cup of coffee with donut will be free for him, forevermore, and paid for by the white tax payer.

The Presidency should be about choosing the best among us for safeguarding our culture and our kind, instead it has become a mockery of our Founding Fathers America, and about who can best transmogrify America, the late great cornucopia of planet Earth, into a backwater rubbish heap of tyranny, poverty, misery and miscegenation with mulattoed offspring.

We Americans, we White Americans have lost our family farm.

White liberals, white liberal ideology/illusion and the liberal democrat party of the last one hundred years or more has stolen our White, Founding Father's America from us, only to transmogrify her into the lowest, cesspool dwelling hydra possible. 

Hillary should be passed over for a new hat, more modern democrat.

There is no liberal democrat more immature and insane than neophyte Elizabeth Warren, and since immaturity, especially selfishness, cowardice and envy, and insanity are the cherished character traits of liberals and therefore as well the democrats, Liz baby should be the democrat choice.

America is doomed for she has been transmogrified.

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Two from the Road


Paul Kersey points out the false injection of a superior negro mentor in the stead of the real mentor, a white man by the name of Bill Bolt in the inspiring true story, then made Hollywood movie, October Sky.

Headline Said:

About that Black Character in "October Sky"...

PDK Said:

This story is an important one Paul.

If this story does not burn the ass right off a non-liberal, non-apostate white man, nothing will.

Totally and 100% in character for the white liberal/apostate, liberal ideology/illusion, of the anti-white, elitist, Hollywood script writers.

Not only does the reality of the good, decent white man get cheated, not only does the negro illusion get promoted as reality, but also, and worst of all, tens of millions of young whites, some only children are cheated out of reality and duped into the white liberal ideology/illusion of negros being equal to, and here superior to, whites.

This is liberal ideology/illusion indoctrination.

Many, many whites will now be burdened with this lie, especially our reproducing young whites. This manufactured lie could cause thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of white babies to be born mulattoed instead.

Unfortunately, our white daughters, because of the influence of their biology onto their weltanschauung,(a personal, comprehensive world view or philosophy), are the most susceptible to liberal indoctrination and therefore are targeted the most for miscegenation and mulattoism.

We have chosen to dismiss our God and faith as illusion.

The white liberals threw their old God and faith away. but then embraced the faith of liberalism.

They have a God, huge government, and a faith, liberalism, we do not, and they have won. They can steal our white children as easy as the Pied Piper of Hamlin did in that children's story of yore.

We as a gene pool/race are going down the road of extinction.

We non-liberal non-apostate whites must now congregate, find our God and faith or continue to summit to our white liberal masters and their God and faith.

The time has come and the need has risen!

Find the faith in our own gene pool/race, and in our own God and let us move heaven and Earth to save our kind, our posterity.

White liberals are the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Negros are parasites, transmogrifying our gene pool.

The end could be near.

However a new beginning could dawn soon.

It is up to us, on this, our watch and turn at the helm.

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From Countenance:

Headline Said:

Meeks Inherits the Earth

Stockton, California
Black women on Facebook are gushing over a black felon facing another felony rap who is the product of a white mother and black father, who is himself married to a white woman.

PDK Said:

Take a good look at the mulattoed white/negro male, so coveted by many females of America.
Negresses want him because he is better looking and more intelligent than the pure negro buck
White women want him because they have been indoctrinated into white liberal ideology, where white men are falsely portrayed as inept losers, while the negro buck is falsely portrayed as a superior quality athlete.

Where further, both the white liberal, and negro ideology/illusion portray the poor, innocent negro as a loser only because evil whitey, the blue eyed devil headhunted, with a jackboot arm and fist, persecute to crucify policy against the negro, and both did and now do so, simply because he is of a different skin color.

Our white daughters, especially of reproductive age or younger, are being stolen from we whites, right under our noses, no less so than was done by the Pied Piper of Hamlin back in the day.

Our white females, because of the impact of their biology upon their weltanschauung,(a comprehensive world view or personal philosophy), are more susceptible to white liberal ideology/illusion than are our sons.

Therefore they are targeted more.

Our white sons, in anger and possibly hate for the current reality of rejection by our white daughters, who prefer a non-white by their choice of the negro buck, wrongly but understandably, angrily blame our white daughters and seek out Oriental women.

This rift in our son/daughters mating is caused by liberal ideology/illusion and the totalitarian, indoctrination of these, our most precious resource, our children, into their lunacy of the white man's burdened.

For it is with the white man's burden that we whites must sacrifice ourselves and our gene pool/race, in a total abrogation of nature, to further the other sub-species of humans.

This all manifest because the white liberal fails to mature. Chief among his immaturities are selfishness and cowardice. Rather than mature, or wear his opprobrium as he should, the white liberal forces our white collective to pay the bill for his failure to mature.

The eventuality of this, our current reality, is extinction of our white gene pool/race.

Time to consider our predicament, chart a new heading and sail through new waters, waters that will eventually lead we non-liberal, non-apostate whites and our children, to a new Promised Land, a new, White Homeland.

We must find our new faith and our God, that we may pull together in congregational form, and achieve what we must to prevent our own extinction.

Liberals are the iceberg targeting the Titanic because they are of the Devil's brood.

The question for we non-liberal, non-apostate whites is, are we also of the Devil's brood by our failure to act, or are we the other children, the children of God?

Only our posterity knows for sure.

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The Numbers

Here are the numbers for the four week month ending 6/20/2014.

Our American visitors and patrons were down but our Russian visitors and patrons were up.

Germany is fairly consistent, a few each week, and China always has some, I suspect whites living there, perhaps in Hong Kong.

I am sure the United Kingdom had more than five visitors but blogger did not show that.

So, here are the numbers:

Pageviews by Countries:

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers


United States


And so once again it is that time for me say, to all the good, non-liberal, non-apostate white patrons and visitors of FTS that if the good Lord is willing, the creek don't rise and if all goes well, I'll see you all again this coming next month, right here at FTS.
If you have a non-liberal, non-apostate white friend, do him right and steer him here, it doesn't cost anything, and it just may help our white, gene pool/race and posterity cause.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

The American Redoubt

A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet. The Bard, William Shakespeare, circa 1591.

A movement has quite apparently begun here in the United States of America. It is a movement with layers.

First, and currently viable is, "The American Redoubt" movement. This movement is one of a strategic relocation to the mountainous hinterland of the tri-state Montana, Idaho and Wyoming areas. This movement was postulated by a former army Intel-officer and survivalist, one James Wesley Rawles, (see online). 

This movement seems clearly, about and for, those born of the white gene pool, and in particular, the non-liberal, non-apostate whites.  Also, Christian fundamentalist are strongly attracted to this movement.

However, James was not the first to postulate the American North West as the most viable area for whites to immigrate to, with intent of avoiding and surviving, the coming catastrophic consequences of white liberal ideology/illusion. 

Richard G. Butler, circa 2/1918-9/2004, (see online), back in the 1970's founded the Aryan Nations in Northern Idaho. Dubbed, right or wrong, a white supremacist group, and Christian Separatist organization, he was headhunted by the jackboot arm and fist of liberal ideology's totalitarian nature, and eventually was sued by Morris Dees of the SPLC. Dees won in court.

In the 1980s a Mr. Robert Jay Mathews, circa 1/53-12/84, the founder and leader of The Order, an American white nationalist and militant group, chose to pursued his white separatist understanding, his way. Mathews clearly saw the white race was in great jeopardy, so he attempted to initiate a movement to the American Northwest, or, as he called it, the "White American Bastion". However he chose to fund his movement via armed robbery which ultimately forced the showdown that took his life. Robert was one tough sob, but was wrong in his preferred means to a genuinely noble end. Read his story online.

Randy Weaver, circa 1/48, and his wife Vickie, for religious reasons, fearing, as I see it, the consequential coming apocalypse of white liberal ideology/illusion, retreated with their children to Northern Idaho and began living the white separatist life. Falsely accused as a threat to America by an angry at Randy neighbor, the American government wrongly pursued the Weaver family, and ultimately, in my opinion, murdered his wife Vicki and son Sammy in 1992.

This incident became known as Ruby Ridge, (see online).

These white men had in common the understanding that our white race was, as it still is, in jeopardy and ultimate peril, to the point where something must be done sooner, but not much later, or the consequences would be, will be, grave and possibly even, the eventual extinction of our kind, our white sub-species of human. 

Redoubt, a complete enclosure of any form, used to defend a prominent point; a refuge; French circa 1600.

Here the words American Redoubt, White American Bastion, Refuge or even The Sanctuary, have imbued within them, the common idea and understanding that, white liberal ideology/illusion will one day cause the extinction of both our white gene pool/race and our white culture, and therefore the necessary response, to be made manifest by non-liberal, non-apostate whites, is to separate out and away from white liberals and their allies, the negros, new world Hispanics, Islamics and all other losers of planet Earth, into our own, protected, White Homeland, and this, before their ideology ferments into this most horrific eventuality.  

I believe, the entire North West quarter of continental America, eventually joined by both Alaska and the western half of Canada, should and could, one day be, our new non-liberal,  non-apostate, White Homeland.

Any words that reflect this understanding would, like the rose, still smell as sweet.

For our coming and beloved, white posterity.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Islam Metastasizing

When the Dreadnaught of Islam passes through the waters of a white man's higher culture of civilization, the said Islamic Dreadnaught first destroys the healthy vibrancy of that higher culture, and then second, sows and cultivates the seed of ruination and stagnation and therefore leaves ruination and stagnation in its wake. Wherever Islam goes, ruination and stagnation become the norm, and, whatever prosperity there was, is never again, for evermore.

In AD 476 Rome fell, it was sacked for the last time by a barbarian hoard. It was sacked for the last time because at that time, Rome unlike the Phoenix, would not rise from his own ashes ever again. However the Roman civilization of the Mediterranean lived on for another sesquicentennial until Mohamed, near his death, sent his army of insane, loser followers to do his bidding in the name of Allah, the old moon god, but now with Mohamed, elevated to a supreme deity.

As Islam marched in the name of Allah, and for the Prophet Mohammed from the time near Mohammed's death and on through the 7th and early 8th centuries, Islam, true to its own nature, first destroyed then sowed and reaped ruination and stagnation. All of the Roman civilization, the Mediterranean world fell to the conquest of Islamic destruction, ruination and stagnation except for central Europe.

From circa AD 732 onward, central Europe defended by Charles Martel “the hammer”, repulsed the Islamic invading hoard, and what was done to the rest of Roman civilization of the Mediterranean world was not done to Europe.

However, the damage done was great. The old order of free trade that created prosperity was gone and Europe, thusly denied trade with the rest of the old Roman civilization fell into the dark ages. The dark ages would last until the Crusades.

So great was the misery and poverty that necessarily flowed from Islamic tyranny that some modern liberal historians do prefer to deny its reality, and further, substitute the preferred illusion of making void the 3 centuries that were the dark ages.

Just wipe the history slate clean of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth and pretend it never was. This is the philosophy of liberalism. 

White liberals, be they the "good shepherd"  leaders, or "flock member" hoi polloi, will praise the insane, misogynistic religion of hate and the bane of the white man's higher culture of civilization as though it were the second coming of Jesus the Nazarene. They will and do invite Islam to our white cultural houses to break our family's bread with them. The Islamics are the Old Testament, Biblical wolves in sheep's clothing. They are just as disingenuous as a white liberal.

Further just as white liberals dream of the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism, democracy and huge government in control and giving the orders, so too does Islam dream of a new world, one world order of Islam and its Sharia, in control and giving the orders.

White liberals have now for more than 200 years imposed upon non-liberal whites the institution of the "White man's burden". This is where the white race must sacrifice itself for the benefit of the planet Earth's losers and their gene pools/races and cultures. Here we must motherhood these different sub-species and exotic cultures at the expense of our own gene pool/race/culture, and worse by far, our own posterity.

That we continue to allow white liberals to "beach the white whale" for others not related to us on the sub-species and micro sub-species level is appalling. It is driving us into extinction.

We must once again accept our own veneration, and make manifest that veneration, of our gene pool/race/cultures and lands that our posterity will survive at our expense, and not the posterity of others, who are not of our kind, who are of a different sub-species or micro sub-species surviving at our  posterity's expense and in our posterity's stead.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Islam is a cancer metastasizing virulently as made manifest by massive Islamic immigration into all the free, white man's higher cultures of civilization the planet Earth over.

In a new white Homeland, Islam could be outlawed from the beginning.

If ever we needed our God, now just might be the time.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Michael and Eamon

"It is not the critic who points out where the great man stumbled", Teddy Roosevelt, circa 1910.

Michael Collins, aka the big fellow, was born in county Cork, Ireland, 10/1890, and died 8/1922. Eamon de Valera was born in New York City of an Irish mother and a Cuban father, 10/1882 and died 8/1975.

These two were, Irish Nationalist heavyweights, in Ireland's great struggle for independence and the creation of an Irish Free State during the early 20th century.

For modern day Ireland, the big day came on the 6th of December, 1921. It was here that the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed by both Great Briton and Ireland, ending the Irish War of Independence, and ultimately creating the Irish Free State for all of Ireland except the 6 counties of Northern Ireland.

Michael Collins was one of the Irish delegates to, and signer of, the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

By any measure a great achievement by the Irish.

However, there were Irish detractors, those not satisfied with the outcome, among them was Eamon de Valera.

Eamon had chosen not to be part of the Irish delegation, he was not there for the Anglo-Irish negotiations; and this, though others begged and prompted him to attend, as he was the most able negotiator among them all.

This was important because some of the Irish accepted the treaty as the best possible achievement of the time, while others wanted nothing less than complete independence. Therefore Michael and Eamon represented these two distinct factions.

"It is the man who is actually in the arena, the man who sweats and toils greatly", Teddy Roosevelt circa 1910.

Michael Collins was the man actually in the Arena, up against the great and powerful, John Bull, sweating and toiling greatly.

At the signing, Lord Birkenhead, a Brit, said to Michael Collins, "in signing this treaty, I am signing my political death warrant", to which Michael replied, "Lord Birkenhead, I'm signing my actual death warrant".

Michael Collins was subsequently killed, or assassinated, by anti-Treaty Irish in an ambush in southern Ireland some 9.5 months later, two moths short of his 32nd birthday.

"For his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat", Teddy Roosevelt circa 1910.

Between 12/21 and his death in 8/22 Michael put forth the proposition that the Anglo-Irish Treaty gave Ireland the "freedom to achieve freedom".

Eamon de Valera, the critic who points out where the great man stumbled, but not the man actually in the arena, stirred the pot by charging the delegates as traitors for failing to achieve complete freedom. Turmoil and bloodshed resulted.

Michael Collins's place in history shall never be with those "cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat", but Eamon de Valera's place in history is with those cold and timid souls.

In 1966, the 50th year anniversary of the Irish, Easter Rising, Eamon stated "It is my considered opinion, that in the fullness of time, history will record the greatness of Michael Collins, and it will be at my expense".

That just might be because one was the Great Man who actually got in the arena, the other chose to be the critic, who not only would not enter the arena, but further pointed out where the Great Man in the arena failed, rather than where he, the Great Man, achieved.

If I could see in my lifetime, an achievement for a new, non-liberal, non-apostate white, nation-state, a White Homeland, on par with the achievement of Michael Collins for The Irish Free State, I would be most moved.

Michael Collins; the Great Man who actually got in the arena and achieved greatly.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Numbers

We are late this week on the numbers, so we lost a day and two dozen or so in our numbers, visitors who would otherwise have been counted.

Big news of the week is clearly that our Russian patrons and friends are back online and with us here at FTS once again. Welcome back Russian friends.

Welcome back as well to our Ukrainian friends, and we all hope all is again well over there.

We had some Belgians visitors last week and this, hello people of Belgium.  Germany has been here off and on for a few months now and we also say hello to our German friends.

Here are this weeks numbers, minus a day.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom

If you have a friend, if he or she is a non-liberal, non-apostate white, do them right and send them here.

The good Lord willing, the creek don't rise and if all goes well, we will see all of you here next time at FTS.

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