Thursday, September 22, 2011

Islam and Liberals, Two Briefs By PDK





I have long believed that the desert of Mohameds time was a big factor in creating Islam. The desert naturally begets poverty, conceptually speaks poverty, and this poverty sets the stage for an inferiority complex that I believe is the birth bed of Islam.

Mohamed was well aware of his Christian and Jewish neighbors as evidenced by his knowledge of Ishmael, which he used as his back door pass into monotheism. He would have been well aware of their superior cultures, greater wealth and better way. Here is where he would have suffered his inferiority complex, and it would have been here that he decided to steal monotheism and use it to further what would be his future agenda of conquer, submit and enslave as the means to placate his inferiority complex.

The inferiority complex of Islam is quintessential to their existence, it is the giver of hate, which serves as the "fire in the belly" motivant so necessary to an ideology of negativity.
Wherever Islam has gone they have trampled the people, robbed them of what liberty and wealth they had, and enslave them by the sword, they proselytized their conquered into Islam.
Now Islam begins its invasion of the West, including our country America. We see them for what they are, intolerant and disrespectful, yet, as unbelievable as unbelievable gets, we allow them into our culture of toleration and respect, and further, this while knowing their history of conquer, submit and enslave. This is insanity, this is stupidity.

Islam is currently "successfully" invading our cultures of toleration and respect, both of the West in general, and for we Americans in our much beloved America. They are succeeding as much as they are in large part because some of our own, who choosing to defend their personal agenda of a BS illusion, itself designed to protect them from their failure to mature, feign noblism and defend Islams right to invade. They feign courage and reproach their fellow countrymen trying to defend against said invasion. Some of our own choose to protect themselves from their own cowardice complex with a beguiling BS illusion, whereby their responsibility to mature through and beyond said cowardice, is first shirked, then sloughed off onto the culture, and this illusion begets a price tag that is our cultures liberty for their cultures tyranny, our wealth for their poverty, our happiness for their misery.
If one day, you finally hear the ringing of distant bells question not for whom those bell toll, for they toll for liberty. Their ringing is the harbinger of libertys death, killed off as much by the enemy from within, as by the enemy from without. Thank you.


In 1979, Jimmy "the coward" Carter, allowed the Shah of Iran and his reign to be abrogated by Islamic forces, lead by the Ayatollah Khomeini, cheating the people of Iran out of the wonderful country the Shah crafted, and in its stead handing them the rueful and morose condition Islam always, eventually, creates. It is obvious to all, the time to usurp is when America is ruled by the milk toast liberal/democrat party.

However, where old Jimmy was a coward liberal, Barac, the anti American Messiah liberal, is a false Christian and closet Islamic. There can be no doubt why the time was so right for Islamic fundamentalists to stir the pot of the populace in both NA and the ME. The milk toast closet Islamic liberal/democrat BHO is Commander in Chief of the worlds most powerful military, and the only country with enough clout to back it up. With the big cat docile and harmless, it was time for the big rat to come out and do the Islamic three step, conquer, submit and enslave.

The price to be paid, for Jimmy cowardice is large. As the Islamic fundamentalist give the modernized Iran death by anaconda, "political" criminals are hanged, elections are rigged, non Islamics are persecuted, nuclear weapons are pursued, and Israel is openly threatened and covertly attacked. Thanks Jimmy, as I recall you in part stole the Presidency by bad mouthing Nixon for Watergate, pointing out how the great man stumbled, calling him a crook. But Richard promised and delivered on his promise, to end the Vietnam war, Americas greatest 20th century nightmare, started by a liberal democrat, LBJ, and doing so while giving America "peace with honor." He left office with America in a better place than when he entered the Presidency. You Jimmy left the world and America in a far more dangerous place than when you entered the Presidency, you sir created Bin laden, Al-Qaeda, and are responsible for 9/11. Personally I wish you would do us all a favor and off yourself.

As we proceed into the future the price we must pay for abandoning our ally Mubarak will be high, Israels Egyptian embassy was sacked in early September, and this is only the beginning. The Muslim Brotherhood will now rule Egypt from behind the scene as the mullahs do in Iran. They too will go for the "bomb," they too will threaten the world. Thanks Barac, you anti American Messiah, socialists, false Christian closet Islamic, blackie possessed, milk toast Commander in Chief of what should be America the beautiful. For you single handily transformed us, we are now America the ugly, congratulations you lowlife.

This is not diatribe, this is truth. I suggest strongly, and urge all to consider, a genuine America, free from her two greatest threats, liberalism with its secular socialist tyranny and poverty, and Islam with its pseudo religious tyranny and poverty, together, the two sides of the "coin of misery," as they attempt to usurp our free, wealthy America pursuing our happiness.
Outlawing Islam, and disenfranchising liberals, or a gathering of the matured conservatives to republican states followed by a declaration of independence, does seem to me to be the only long term hope for the survival of what our founding fathers bequeathed unto us, liberty, wealth and happiness. Please consider. Thank you.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Usurpation of Personal Sovereignty By PDK

There is the spiritual quest, which deals with the inner world, the world of non ordinary reality. Though it has its link to other humans and can be played out in the outer world, it is primarily the inner world of personality development, the individuation unfurling, and not just consciousness and ego, but also archetypes, the collective unconscious and for some, beyond into the unus mundus. This is the life I have lived.
However, though this be true, it is not the only life I live, my spiritual quest is not the only quest I have undertaken.  Like so many others, I find with no preconceived intent, a secular quest befalls me. It is the need to understand the culture I was born into, the culture I am a part of, the culture that gives and takes.
I have always been thankful for the public education I received. Thankful because it was so good to me, brought me to a place I could not have achieved on my own, my education was a thing of great value. I further am thankful because my public education in the 60s was not the liberal insanity education that began to materialize in the 80s where feeling good, weather one passed or failed was more important than achieving a successful education, I can actually add and subtract, read and write, and know a fair amount of humanitys history.
It is with the history that I learned of my countrys founding fathers. I learned the things they did, what transpired as they pursued their cause, and I learned words, words that quite frankly back then were just words. I learned words such as liberty and tyranny, unalienable rights, and the pursuit of happiness, I could pronounce them, I could spell them, but I never experienced them, I really knew not what they meant, they were, in the end, just words.
Now I am 57 years old, I am in my 6th decade of life, and the need to satisfy that secular quest to understand my culture has reached fruition. Those words our founding fathers spoke and banded about were not just words dead and lifeless, they have life, they have meaning. The words, and their meanings, of our founding fathers has for me come out into the daylight where I see, they have entered into my being and now I am one with those words, I more than understand them now, I know them.
I have come to realize that my time frame is not much different from the founding fathers time frame as their liberty and tyranny is the same as my liberty and tyranny. They had their King George the 3rd and the British crown tyrannizing them, I have my fellow American liberal and their democrat party tyrannizing me. King George stole their liberty, he denied them their pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers realized that the King had misappropriated his power, cheated them out of their unalienable rights, and left them in a state of poverty.
My secular quest has now brought me to a far away island, and on this island I have found an old wood and iron chest, lifting the top I look inside and see precious jewels, gems, gold and silver, and as I touch them they transform themselves into all the words my founding fathers used those 235 years ago. I pull out a jewel and see that at the moment of my conception, as with all others, I have unalienable rights, I have personal sovereignty. I pull out some gold and see that liberty begets wealth, that wealth begets happiness. I take some silver and see that tyranny creates poverty, and poverty creates misery. I haul out a big jem and see that the usurpation of my personal sovereignty by the governing power not only cheats me out of my unalienable rights but also my liberty to pursue my happiness which in turn gives me the wealth that begets and becomes my happiness.
Weather dealing with the secular world of liberal socialism, or the religious world of Islam, the usurpation of personal sovereignty begets tyranny, poverty and misery. Good for the few at the top, bad for the many below. The usurpation of personal sovereignty ultimately gives the lowest quality of life to the greatest number of people, this is maximised misery, this is not the world I wish to live in. Take from me for the common defence, take from me for the common welfare, but take not from me my personal sovereignty for when you take from me my personal sovereignty you take my liberty and give me your tyranny, you take from me my wealth and give to me your poverty. When you usurp my personal sovereignty you take from me my happiness and give to me your misery.
My cultural quest ends here, for now I both know and understand George, John, Tom and the rest. Lastly, it ends here for I now understand Patrick Henry quite clearly when he exclaimed in a moment of higher consciousness "give me liberty, or give me death". Thank you

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Matured and the Immatured By PDK

In our country America, and in all the planets first world countries,there is only one real division between all the people, it is not race, it is not sex, it is not political, it is found somewhere along the developmental line of the maturation process. There are but two sides, one, the matured, two,the immature, and there are no others. This may seem ridiculous, surely it is black versus white, or at least majority versus minority, but no, surely it is the feminine versus the masculine, again no, but it must be liberal versus conservative, right, no. There is only maturity versus immaturity.
All humans are born 100% immature, the maturation process strives for 100% maturity, but this like perfection, is rarely, if ever,achieved. As a process however there is at least a line of demarcation, separating out those who are basically matured from those who, for their own peculiar and particular problem, cannot overcome a hurdle, a hurdle that may appear small to one already matured, but to them still stands mountain tall as it did in their childhood.
The matured among us have not mastered maturity. There will always arise, given enough time, something new the matured must mature through .However, what the matured have mastered is the maturation process, and given the short period of time needed to accomplish maturity on this new hurdle, the matured will. The same is not necessarily true for the immature. They may mature here and there, may mature over some new hurdle, but they have not mastered the maturation process as evidenced by their particular immaturity,something somewhere so big to them they are incapable of rising above via the only means for rising above and maturing beyond their mountainous problem, the maturation process.
Where the mature graduates beyond any given problem, as a track and field athlete clears hurdles and proceeds, the immature cannot, but he must proceed, just like the matured. Incapable of hurdling his obstacle, he chooses to go around. He passes go, collects his 200 dollars, but he does not mature, his immaturity has now become a permanent part of his psyche. This immaturity becomes a big chink in his armor, a canker in his flower, it demands of him a resolution and he resolves this problem via the construction of an illusion. It is an illusion design to hide his embarrassment, his failure, and offer up instead a perfectly and seemingly legitimate position, but of course it is a false position.
So important does the commitment to his immaturity become, so embarrassing is his failure that, he must defend the illusion, as the illusion defends him, at all costs, and unfortunately that cost, experienced as a price to be paid, as burden upon the back, is experienced by the entire populace of the given group, here the country.
Johnny liberal, a little boy, is so freighted by the big bad boogie man that he goes around in avoidance of him rather than find his St. George courage, face his fear and clear this obstacle of his maturation process. Years pass, he becomes a man in body, but there is a chink in his armor, a canker in  his flower, and an illusion in his personality, designed to cover this failing, his cowardice complex.
Unfortunately for his country, every time a challenge besets the country involving that which elicits his cowardice complex, his illusion must spring into action, ultimately protecting himself, at the expense of others, from his own failings in the maturation process, here his cowardice complex. For those who remember his Presidency, this was Jimmys problem, and why Iran is now controlledby the insanity of Islam.
One day matured and immatured fellow countrymen, come to grapple over Islam, as Islam advances aggressively to conquer and submit. Both think they are arguing objectively, but in reality, the matured argues objectively,while the immatured argues subjectively.
The matured wishes to protect and preserve his country and his countrys culture, the immatured wishes to protect and preserve his illusion, so necessary to his false pride and false appearance as an adult in mind. For the immature to fail here, the biblical disaster, the most feared of the feared would transpire, his illusion would be crushed and he would be forced to face his monster, his cowardice complex he has worked so hard to hide, even from himself.
Therefore, the immature, having shirked his responsibility to the maturation process, sloughs off upon his country and in particular the mature, the price of his irresponsibility, the price of his immaturity. If this price is the eventual conquering of country and culture by the insanity of Islam, that is inconsequential, that is not his problem. His problem is to protect and preserve his illusion at all expense.
This of course is why a liberal, the immatured, seem sick and stupid, seem insane, because they defend not their country, but their inner illusion at the exspense of their country, but they do so as if they were as objective as the matured, letting it not be seen that they are really arguing subjectively, to protect themselves.
Whatever particular failing any given liberal has in the maturation process, they all accept the others problem, as the others accept their problem, this is the comradery among the immature, the liberals, and for them it is the glue that bonds.
With this understanding it came to pass, quite clearly in my mind, that arguing with a liberal is the equivalent of arguing with a mental patient in the psyche ward, as meaningless as two people talking about two differen trealities, while both think they are talking about the same reality.
Frustration and anger, not resolution, is all that materializes. One wonders if it is worth soldiering on, or should a new alternative be sought out.
I shall try to keep the faith.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Divine Right of Kings By PDK

The Divine right of Kings expresses a concept we all immediately recognize, intuit or understand. Further, for most in our first world Western culture, it is a quality thought of as part of a by gone era. We remember that the Divine right of Kings belonged to, and was the purview of, the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and the Babylonian and Sumerian Kings of the Old Testament time frame. We think of Europe as still preserving this cultural belief, as the Kaiser Wilhelm 2, or Czar Nicholas2 so cherished, until the end of WW1, where finally absolute Monarchy and its Divine right of Kings went into permanent retirement. Most, if not all modern day Americans, think of the Divine right of Kings as dead.

Americas founding fathers chose not to partake of a government by Monarchy, so she neither benefited from nor suffered under, the rule of one person believed to have been chosen by the gods, or by God himself. Instead the founding fathers, benefiting from the European enlightenment, chose a check and balance, three branch style of government where no absolute could dominate. Here the founding fathers all agreed, things were well, but there surfaced a problem, state rights versus federal rights. Two camps emerged, they were at the time known as the Federalists and the anti Federalists.

Through the hall of time this one argument would echo back and forth, sometimes favoring one sometimes the other, but one of these times would stand out with all the greatness of something mythical, perhaps something Biblical. That would be the American Civil War, it was here that the federal governments power won out as greater than the states power, and this translated as victory for the Federalist, and defeat for the anti Federalists.

Life moved on, after the war and its subsequent reconstruction, America got back to business, and business in America was capitalism. The new era of capitalism took off with break neck speed, wild and unbridled, mega fortunes were made, and America became increasingly wealthier, things were good for all. However, greed did take hold. Battled erupted between owner and worker, which, in the long run was good for all, as between the hammer and anvil will be forged that which we can all live with, no outside interference needed. This was Americas gilded age.

However, the gilded age of unbridled capitalism did ultimately need outside guidance. It was here that the federal government stepped in to assist, ending the gilded age, and creating the short lived progressive era. Capitalism was bridled by trust buster Teddy Roosevelt and his successor Howard Taft. The wrong things were now righted, all was well. However, inadvertent to the two genuinely noble causes of freeing the slaves and bridling unbridled capitalism by Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Roosevelt, both republicans, was the unintended statement that the federal government was more powerful than the states and more powerful than capitalism.

1913, under Wilson, a democrat, a new movement begins, democrat socialism. Apropos to this movement Wilson in his first year in office uses the unintended inadvertencies to take money from capitalism, income tax, and power from the states, federal  senators no longer the purview of the state governments, but popular election. Two decades later FDR furthers the democrat socialism by initiating national socialism, through tax and spend work projects that rob the free market and prolong the depression. The 1960s bring LBJ, who through staggering stupidity, decides to stop the spread of socialism with the Vietnam War, ultimately claiming near 60,000 young American lives, while simultaneously spreading socialism here in America with his great society program.

The 21st century arrives and a new democrat socialist emerges and takes the Presidency. One who is socially bred from birth till adulthood to be the anti American Messiah, generations in the making, he gives Americas wealth to other nations, denies American capitalism the right to prosper, calls for ever greater tax and spend policies, and he, Barac Obama, exudes the air of King, and exercises the Divine right of Kings to destroy America.

What gives Obama his Divine right of Kings?  Williams Andrew Clark once said, “I never bought a man that was not for sale”, the democrat party buys every vote that is for sale, and they buy it with money they have appropriated from someone they cannot buy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Forty Fourth By PDK

He was born other worldly, a suspected African birth, he was born of a half black ancestry free from the blood line of those who suffered American slavery, Americas original sin. If this sounds like the mythological dressing of Christianity, and in particular Mathews nativity, that is because it was intended to, and without doubt, intended to by the mother of Barac Obama. The Christian mythic dressing itself smacks loudly of the unconscious mind, for as with our dreams, the unconscious mind uses concepts and symbols to both make a statement and impact the audience powerfully and impress significantly. Conceived out of wedlock, the story of the Virgin Mary and Joseph became complete with marriage six months before his birth, and then shortly after the birth, with the removal of the infant from the land of sorrows to the land of great power. He would be the Messiah, she the Virgin Mother, all was now well with the world.

We do not know much about the childhood of the historical Jesus, the one reference of his first visit to the temple at twelve is all, and we know from this that he had a scholars knowledge of Judaism, someone was teaching him, someone was prodding him on. We do know however, quite a bit about Baracs childhood. We know that his most important adult role models of his entire upbringing and therefore breeding, his mother, his maternal grandparents, and uncle Frank were all anti American, anti capitalists, pro socialist, pro global socialist personalities. We also know of his four years of pro Islamic breeding with step daddy Soetorro during his most impressionable years of six through ten. We know from his friends and alliances of his college days that he had become very knowledgeable, and very positive about socialism, someone had been teaching him, someone had been prodding him on.

We know from his church of twenty years that his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was but a buffoon dressed in Christian cloth because he railed and sermonized the antithesis of Christianity, hate and unforgiveness. What if not love and forgiveness did Jesus teach, forgiveness is the heart of the teachings of Jesus the Nazarene, forgiveness was his message. From this we can deduce, Barac may claim to be a Christian, but he is not a Christian. Further, that he and his false Christianity, being a politician in a predominately Christian and completely democratic culture, and therefor in need of their votes, draws the eye of suspicion, activates the olfactory to a bad smell, and alerts the higher cerebrum to the contradiction and its consequential conundrum.

Barac Obama may have been swathed in the Christian mythological dressing, but he is no Messiah, he is not the savior of humanity. In fact, undressed of said dressing he shows himself to be the secular anti Christ, no less so than Mohamed showed himself to be the religious anti Christ. Socialism and Islam, the two concepts Barac shows himself to champion, the two concepts of his childhood breeding, are the purveyors of tyranny and poverty, and these two render the lowest quality of life for the greatest number of people. Contrarily, the three pillars of America culture, liberty, capitalism, and a constitutional republic, give the highest quality of life to the greatest number of people, and to destroy this is not the action or purview of the Messiah, but the purview of the secular anti Christ, the anti American.

The battle between the tyranny and poverty of socialism and Islam, versus the liberty and wealth of America, is the biblical battle of Armageddon being fought right here in America today. The battle is of biblical proportions because to the victor go the spoils, and humanity lives in tyranny and poverty, or humanity lives in liberty and wealth.

Therefore it behooves all Americans, it behooves all conservatives, to awaken friend and foe alike, to the danger and consequences inherent in the Presidential administration of this the forty fourth, the anti American President. Let not the forty fourth serve two terms, let America vote a pro American into the Presidency, and let America be American again.