Friday, June 13, 2014

Today's Manifesto

In the course of my lifetime, born July 1954, my blue eyes have bared witness to one particular sweeping social change that hurts the deep, inner part of  my white being. This change was initiated by white liberals pursuing and achieving their ideological superiority. The white liberal ideology was/is then forced upon all whites, by both transmogrifying and fixating our natural conscious state of perception, into their white liberal, white apostate, conscious state of perception, which states that ultimately, planet Earth would be a better place for humanity, if the white race went extinct.

Is that not correct Susan, "The white race is the cancer of human history", Sontag? Correct Bill, "All white babies should be killed" Ayers?  Correct or incorrect Mr. Paul, "The Population Bomb" Ehrlich? 

Among other doom and gloom prophecies, Ehrlich's 1968 publication predicted massive starvation in the 70s and 80s if something was not done immediately to deny that future reality. Like what Paul?, white people reducing their offspring numbers but not the negros or the orientals? By the way, this sounds a lot like the white liberal Al Gore's bloviating prophecies in the early new century about "Global warming", now climate change. 

I'm thinking that both Paul and Al made a lot of moolah, money, mammon or any other word conceptualizing wealth. They got rich, playing on the irrational fears of the young and the weak and worse by far, acquired a great wealth at the expense of our white collective and our white gene pool/race. This they did by toting and furthering the white liberal ideology/illusion now pressing whites into extinction.

The olfactory here senses out the snake oil salesman, selling the liberal illusion to all who are able, willing and wanting, to buy the liberal illusion to both support and further, the liberal ideology.

Have you seen the UN projected numbers for whites just decades down the road of time? Do you know in 2010 Texas, the great "Lone Star State" and former Republic, that the percentage of white births was down to 30% of the total births there? Do you realize whites are now a minority in London England? Is it clear in your mind, that of the big 3 sub-species of humans, the one group with the lowest numbers, and numbers falling the fastest, is our own white race?

What can we whites do? Is there a white knight in our near future on the march and coming to both save and rescue our white sub-species of human? Who could that white knight be?

I can tell you who that white knight is, it is you, me and many other whites, the ones who will embrace their personal responsibility to mature, becoming non-liberals and non-apostates in the process and seek out our own white nation-state where white liberals, both their ideology and allies,  the negros,  new world Hispanic white/browns, islamics and all other losers of planet Earth, are not, and never will be, welcome.

Here in America the most logical place to target is the continental, Pacific North West. The 5 state region of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, and this before white liberal ideology transmogrifies this region into yet another bastion for their white liberal's crocodile of diversity and anaconda of socialism. You can bet your great grand-dads solid gold pocket watch that this area will eventually be targeted by the liberal ideology juggernaut. Therefore we must take it and protect it.

We non-liberal, non-apostate whites must win this race.

Just above this American territory is the Western half of Canada. Their non-liberal, non-apostate whites just might be willing to take that territory and fuse it with ours. After all, we non-liberal, non-apostate whites of Canada and America are the same people, born of the same stock.

Further, we can open our borders to those non-liberal whites over in Europe, Asia and down in the Southern Hemisphere, who like us, wish to see our kind prosper and continue on, and further wish to live in harmony with our own nature, unburdened by the nature of other, not of our own, gene pool/race members.

We can do this. Faith must fill our minds as love of our magnificent white gene pool/race fills our hearts.

With the current superiority of white liberals these are bold statements. The Nazi Gestapo did not have much on our modern day white liberals and their totalitarian policies.

Blessed be the coming of a new White Homeland.

For our coming, much beloved, white posterity.

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I'm PDK: Thank you.

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