Thursday, June 12, 2014

One From the Road

From the Countenance blog, a comment by PDK on the legitimacy of Ted Cruz’s right to run for the Presidency.

Barac Obama was born in Africa.

He was born of a white American mother and a full blooded Kenyan negro father.

Joe Arpio, the Maricopa county Sheriff of Arizona formed a cold case posse, to fathom the great depths of the Obama birther phenomenon; it was paid for by donations he receives from all over America. These donations however were not simply to go after Barac and his origin of birth, but were given by those donators because those donators like what Joe does and how he fulfills his duty as Sheriff.

In fact, long before Joe got involved in the birther problem, back about 2007 or so, Janet “do nothing” Napolitano, the then governor of Arizona withheld Joe's Sherriff department's allotted taxpayer money because she did not like Joe, nor the job he was doing.

Well Joe went on a TV brief, perhaps the news, he said, I don't care if she doesn't give me our money, I'm still going to do my job, people from all over the country send me money.

Joe had millions socked away in the bank, all gratuities from admirers of the man Joe Arpio.

I both loved and respected Joe.

Joe was approached by the good citizens of Surprise Arizona, circa 2011, which is part of his jurisdiction. They did not like Barac being on their voting ballots with so much smoke about his legal status for the Presidency.

Joe did his job, he went to work. He formed his cold case posse of lawyers, detectives and other professionals, all paid for by donations, not the taxpayer.

In spite of Joe's long arduous battle with Eric Holder, (see online), Joe was still able to fulfil his duty. The previous long arduous battle with Holder, who had gone after Joe with bogus counts long before Joe sought out Obama’s birth reality, was won out by Joe who stood up to Holder and the Obama administration which backed down when Joe finally called their bluff and said, bring it on, let’s go to court.

In May, 2012 Joe released his CCP’s findings. Conclusive proof Barac's online birth certificate was a forgery, his registration for military service was a forgery, Barac's birth sequence had been numbered incorrectly, a nurse still living remembered the fiasco, and finally that all incoming, international flight manifests for the week of Obama's birth had systematically and completely been removed, gone, disappeared, while all others before and after that one week were still intact.

So convincing is the case against Obama, that a female reporter at the press release, in mildly worried voice asked, "are you going to arrest the President if he comes to Phoenix”?

For those increduled, check out Joe Arpio’s “Cold Case Posse” online.

I already knew Barac was born in Africa, shortly after I came to computers in 2010 I wrote my first post, it was on this phenomenon.

I laid bare the case that Stanley Ann Dunham reconstructed the New Testament, Biblical story of the Nativity, thus heralding her child as the new Messiah.

For those not in the know check out the story of the Nativity online, and witness Mary, mother of Jesus, giving birth to Jesus in her husband's far away land.

Barac is the anti-America Messiah.

In 2007, I believe, maybe 08, liberals went hog crazy about John McCain’s foreign military birth. They tried to hound him out because he was born on a military base in Latin America before that was accepted as legit.

They howled like self-righteous wolves at the door until, a few months later, Barac's foreign birth story broke. Suddenly, liberals decided they could look the other way for John.

Liberals, nothing but high quality character.

Once the liberals broke the law for themselves, they simultaneously broke the ice for all.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Back in the day when both truthers and birthers were loud and proud, I could only think of that old Paul Simon song, I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.

To that old Simon tune I thought, I'd rather be a birther than a truther.

Ted should run, Ted will run.

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I’m PDK: Thank you.

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