Thursday, May 30, 2013

How America’s Death Bell was Sounded

It should be clear to all matured Americans, that America’s first five Presidents were all Founding Fathers and American Revolutionary, personalities. The greatest reality to this phenomenon, in spite of the manifestation of two, mutually exclusive, different ideology camps emerging, one for Federal power, the other for State power, itself a continuation of their revolutionary argumentations, was that neither a foreign individual nor foreign power was going to be allowed to hijack nor usurp their new Republic.

The two, political, ideological camps became known as “The Federalist”, and the “Democrat-Republicans”.

The Federalists held sway until 1801, and then the Democrat-Republicans held sway until 1824. On July 4th, 1826, within hours of each other, Tom Jefferson, Democrat-Republican, and John Adams, Federalist died, fifty years to the day of posting America’s "Declaration of Independence”. The old founding guard, was now, passed on.

The next two Presidents were children of, and during, the Revolution, both old enough to remember, their entire adult lives, that wartime period of their young lives. These two were John Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson.

John Q. Adams, circa 7/1767 - 2/1848, the son of Founding Father and President John Adams, was more the insider. As 6th President, elected in 1824, he favored America’s Republican values, and reduced America’s debt from 16million to 5 million dollars.

Unfortunately he was part of the “corrupt bargain” as it was called as he became POTUS only after Henry Clay threw his votes to John, and John then subsequently became the 6th POTUS, while Clay was given, in return for his votes, the position of Secretary of State.

This cheated Andrew Jackson who had the most popular votes but not enough electoral votes to garner the Presidency.

Andrew Jackson, 3/1767 – 6/1845, did become the next, 7th President however, in 1828. Andrew, more the outsider, was for small government, and today is remembered for his Indian Removal Act, which in 1832 forced the entire Cherokee Nation to walk the now infamous “Trail of Tears”. This showed toughness, never again achieved by a white American President and most surely would have been the elixir of salvation for America at the close of the civil war, by forcing all American Negros to be removed from US territory.

As John Q Adams had reduced America’s debt from 16 million to 5 million, so too now, did Andrew Jackson finish paying off America’s debt of 5 million, this was the only time America was ever debt free.

The object of great importance here, is that the 1824, disputed Presidential election, ended up splitting the Democrat-Republican party into 2 separate parties, the democrats and the National Republicans.

Andrew quite popular among the enfranchised population began the democrat party, the party for democracy. The National Republican party evolved into the Whig Party by the early 1830s, which itself then in turn evolved into the modern Republican Part in 1854, the Republican Party being for the Republic.

All this might not have mattered in the long run of American elections had and if, the enfranchised population remained only as the property owning, white males. However change was on the horizon as liberalism had emerged, and was, juggernauting slowly.

Liberalism, an ideological movement, of and in, the white world began to emerge noticeably in the last quarter of the 18th century, ironically at the completion of America’s Founding Father’s Revolution. Liberalism is the ideology of the immature; who further then subsequently choose to pursue their superiority without having achieved their maturity.

Perhaps, and apparently, America’s Founding Fathers success in fighting off the Crown’s tyranny was falsely conceptualized and translated by the immature mind of the liberals, as the plausibility of usurping proper authority to achieve their coveted, superiority without maturity.

The particular movements of liberalism, such as Mary Wollstonecraft’s birth of feminism in 1792 with her publication of "A Vindication of the Rights of Women", and the subsequent feminist/suffragette movement for enfranchisement, and the larger more important liberal ideology manifest movement of the proverbial “the white man’s burden”, whereby, among other realities, Negro enfranchisement would materialize, have all consolidated in alliance to forge a new, totally enfranchised democracy. Here democracy usurps The Republic, the very essence of what America’s Founding Fathers created.

To frame this in a Biblical perspective, this would be akin to the arch-angle Lucifer usurping God after God went out of his Kingdom to create all that is the universe, this would be Adam and Eve throwing God out of the Garden of Eden and taking charge in God’s stead.

Liberalism, an ideology, has seized its opportunity to garner control of power, both in America and the entire white world, by first making manifest a fully enfranchised democracy, and then using the weapon of a fully enfranchised democracy to transmogrify the higher white culture of a free enterprise Republic and its subsequent liberty, wealth and happiness civilization, into the white, immature, lower culture of a socialist democracy and its subsequent tyranny, poverty and misery civilization.

Liberalism, in its pursuit of superiority, without having achieved maturity, accrues a debt, which further is then heaped upon the collective, expecting the collective it has destroyed to pay their said debt, and all this while liberals fiddle away in an unabashed, adulterated life in immaturity.

America is now a walking dead man; we have been transmogrified into a loser socialist democracy. Our white posterity cries from our future, but we care not. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Payback for Black Liberation

Whites never enslaved blacks, black’s enslaved blacks, though neither white liberals, nor blacks wish to admit that truth, as it offends the beauty of their self-serving illusion; the illusion that blacks are losers, simply, and only, because the evil white man persecutes the innocent black man.

When the African Negro first came to America as slaves from their homeland, our white ancestors set those said, enslaved Negros free, elevated them up to indentured servitude status and paid them for their effort equally the same as the white indenture servant.

The original African Negro in Colonial America would have had an IQ of 70, the same as black Africans today.

For a black from the Negro gene pool, whose mean IQ is 70, to be equal to an average white, mean IQ of 100, said Negro would have to be 2 standard deviations above the Negro, mean IQ.

To put this in perspective, Albert Einstein was 2 standard deviations above the white mean IQ. Therefore a black Albert Einstein would be your typical normal, or average white guy. Those Negros were retarded by white standards.

After the Negro re-enslaved himself, here, please peruse one Anthony Johnson online, whites would again liberate the lowly Negro in 1865, after witnessing the manifestation of extreme white carnage and the usurpation of state rights by Federal power and authority.

Whites are not experiencing payback for enslaving the Negro; whites are experiencing a cost for liberating the Negro, from Negro on Negro bondage, in the white man's higher culture of civilization.

The lowly Negro sees the beauty of the white man's world and wants in, but the same, lowly Negro which wants in to the higher, more beautiful, white man's civilization, does not fit in.

The Negro sub-species of human, has evolved to be a more animalistic, tribal human, whereby higher reproduction of numbers of lower IQ, is more important than lower reproduction of numbers with higher IQ, as is the reality for the white gene pool.

In science, these two mutually exclusive realities are both understood and referred to as r and K selection theory; this theory was born from the genius of E. O. Wilson, during the 1970s.

Therefore the Negro payback for slavery is in reality, the payback for Negro liberation by whites, in the white man's world.

In life’s evolutionary game of natural selection, the winner is always the one who continues on, the one who remains extant, while the loser is always the one who enters into extinction. Unfortunately for matured whites, the non-liberal whites, and the white gene pool, both white liberals, the immature, and blacks, want nature’s process of struggle in competition for limited, availing resources to be usurped by an unnatural, manmade evolutionary process whereby blacks and the black gene pool becomes a winner via a parasitation of the white gene pool.

This transforms the Negro, and his gene pool, from what would be nature’s path into extinction, into a manmade path to extantion.

Further this favors the white liberal ideology of the white man’s burden which first and foremost preserves the white liberal’s skirt of their own maturation process, allowing them to remain, among other immature realities, a coward, and further garners for said white liberals an ally in the world of fully enfranchised democracy.

In the world of fully enfranchised democracies, the salt and pepper duo of white liberals, the immature, and blacks, the low IQed, has proven itself effective as measured by our white, 20th century nation-states transmogrification into loser, socialist democracies.

Hallelujah white liberals and your ill-conceived, born of immaturity, white man's burden, as your said white man’s burden is the opprobrium of the white race, made, both materialized and manifest.

Woe and rueful will be, our white posterity. Thank you.

Monday, May 27, 2013

America the Beautiful

America’s Memorial Day, the day we citizens remember those who made the supreme sacrifice as they served the uniform and the country said uniform represented.

A radio station, in compliance with its civil duty, played the song “America the Beautiful”. I was taught that song as a five year old child in kindergarten, for me kindergarten was the school year of 1959-1960. America back then was truly America the beautiful as our population demographics were 86% white, 13% black, and 1% others. By the way, our white females were reproducing at the healthy rate of 3.77 children per couple, during the 1955-1960 years. Unfortunately, our white females have been unhealthily reproducing with consistently fewer than 2.0 children, per couple, for the past 30 years or more.

In any event, under those demographics, America achieved its superiority as the greatest, richest and most powerful nation-state ever to materialize on planet Earth. The reality was, things were good, very good.

Now, some 54 years since that fine year of 1959, America has tripped and stumbled, today there is the air and smell of the rubbish heap pervading our entire land.

White liberals, whilst running away from their personal responsibility to mature as nature herself charges all humans, have simultaneously pursued their superiority for their own cause, the cause of liberal ideology.

White liberals and their ideology, liberalism, have been around for some 200 or more years, cloaked in different suits but armed with the same long term goal of their achievement. They have variously exposed themselves as feminist/suffragettes, abolitionist, Yankees, Marxists, socialists and progressives, and all have worked tirelessly to make manifest and therefore the new reality, the achievement of liberal ideology.

The banner year for liberalism in my lifetime and perhaps for all time of liberals was 1965, the year Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy championed the Hart-Cellar act and managed to realize passage into law of what is now called “The Immigration and Reform Act” of 1965. This was also the time of LBJs “Great Society” programs, which in reality was simply socialism.

In my opinion, both Chappy and LBJ, were anti-Americans.

Unbelievable though it seems, one, LBJ, ushers in socialism, while the other, Ted, opens America’s doors to all the lower IQed people of the world, those prone to socialism, who in turn, via our fully enfranchised democracy, will vote for the socialist party, the democrats, and their socialism, and thusly help white liberals transmogrify America from our superiority, as a free enterprise Republic into our inferiority, as a socialist democracy.

Socialist democracy is for the immature and especially for, the low IQed people of the world, aka, the losers of the world, and therefore represents the transference of white earned, white wealth, to undeserving, unearning different sub-species of humans such as the black, and the browns.

It was bad enough for the lower IQed black Africans to steal into America back in our Colonial days before whites could realize just how retarded those 70 IQed black Africans were. Further, once they saw the white man’s superior culture of civilization, they wanted in, but however, they do not fit in. This understanding can be gleaned by knowing just how much the Negro sub-species have cost white America.

But for Ted to allow the browns, or Hispanics the right to invade our land with their lower IQed cerebrum, is both lunacy and anti-white racism.

Blacks parasitize both white culture and the white gene pool. The Hispanics, parasitize white culture while pursuing their superiority via the Reconquista, and organizations such as La Raza, (the race), indoctrinating young Mexicans, here in America, with their Hispanic ideology to eventually make manifest the Hispanic mythic state of Aztlan, which today encompasses a near third of continental America.

As it is Memorial Day, the day white Americans remember the supreme sacrifice made by so many young white men, in the prime, or flowering, of their young lives, to preserve the American way, it is unsettling to see the America they served transmogrified into a loser socialist democracy by white liberals and their allies, the blacks, browns, Islamics and the other, losers of the world, people.

Though I sang along with the playing of the song “America the Beautiful”, I realized that America today is a walking dead man, rapidly approaching the fulfillment of liberal ideology achieved, the achievement of superiority without maturity.

Woe and morose will be our white posterity.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Current State of Affairs

The confederated Republic of Solutrean states; as a secessionist I sometimes think about a new Republic and a proper name for said new Republic. The term Solutrean refers to the fair haired, faired skinned, light eyed Europeans who were, by many 1,000s of years, the first humans on the North American continent. They were semi-ancient relatives of today’s European whites, emigrating from today’s southern France and Iberia during the last ice age, and this was their land, long before the Mongoloid Amerindians, who, perhaps armed with a superior technology from the old world, the bow and arrow, stole the land via wars that were perpetrated in perpertude over perhaps as many as 7,000 to 9,000 years or so ago.

Today we whites are locked in a new struggle for this, our land, a land rightfully claimed as ours because of our ancient forebears who conquered and tamed the inhospitable land long before other non-white usurpers arrived. Our struggle today however, clearly begins with our own kind, those of our own gene pool, who fail to mature, and the alliance they forge with other, different sub-species of humans, who for one reason or another, have failed miserably at achieving, via creating and maintaining, a similar to our own, higher culture of white civilization, which by the way, is so envied by all non-whites.

These, our fellow whites who fail to mature, the sick and the stupid, are known as liberals; and as liberals they successfully skirt their personal responsibility of nature’s charge to mature, via a social chess tactic, which in turn, forces the collective to pay the debt incurred by this act of guile. Further and therefore, liberals are the immature; immaturity denies reality and substitutes a preferred illusion in said reality’s stead. Lastly, it is their illusion embraced, that is the seed of ruination all liberals sow culturally as a defense against the perilous complications arising within themselves, those who defy and deny nature’s charge to mature.

This I believe is the well from which white liberals draw their water of the phenomenon known as the “white man’s burden”, a weltanschauung, whereby whites must care for all other sub-species of humans, and worse, do so at the expense of our own kind.

This particular self-flagellation recently exposed its ugly head when Chelsea Clinton and husband announced, that after failing as a white couple to have their own children, they would adopt a black African baby, not a white baby of European decent. By the way black Africans have an average IQ of 70 compared to whites IQ of 100. The young Clintons are in for a future shock when their adopted, “little bundle of joy” achieves adolescence and begins sociopathic behavior because he or she is incapable of proper functioning in the white man’s culture of civilization.

The recent Boston bombings really exposes just how sick liberal dementia is and further just how much it is costing all whites. I could care less if liberal whites alone paid their own bill, but liberals make all whites share the responsibility and do so by forcing non-liberal whites to pay the larger share, incredulous!

The first liberal horse out of the gate on the Boston bombing was blame whitey, that probably some conservative, non-liberal, right wing, white guy did this. This bombing had the smell of Islamic all over it, but white liberals needed to pretend they smelled whitey. Worst of all, the amount of white tax dollars spent on the humungous DHS, as staggering as it is, not only left HS incapable of preventing this atrocity, but clueless in the aftermath as well. Why are we spending and enduring so much, when the DHS does nothing before and is incapable after. Has DHS been transmogrified into a tool of liberal ideology?

I am thankful for Paul Kersey’s blog and others, who ring the bell of alarm when it comes to blacks, the lowest IQed sub species of humans. Also however, I am alarmed at all those, non-white sub-species of human and some of our own, who have chosen to transmogrify our white gene pool and culture into some mulattoed, loser, phenomenon.

Whites are now entering the halls of perdition.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.  



Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our White Struggle

Somewhere on along my long schooling of life, from both a public and non-public education, I garnered a story from some Amerindian tribe, I've forgotten the tribes name now.

In any event, so the story goes, when this particular tribe came upon their first, ever seen black man, they hung him upside down and tried to wash and scrub the black off his skin. They failed in their attempt.

In elementary school I learned the adage "The rain may beat upon the leopards back, but it will never wash away his spots”.

Most liberals see themselves as non-religious or as Atheists; however they know not themselves, for their religion is the faith of liberal ideology.

Part and parcel of their said liberal ideology is the stated or implied illusion that the only difference between the white race and the black race is the color of their skin. If that illusion were true, the problems that exist between the two races would be greatly lessened.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth be told our mutually exclusive, sub-species gene pools have embraced different strategies, via evolution, for success in the world of life, and life’s struggle for success as measured by continued existence.

The black gene pool is of a more r selective strategy where quantity of numbers reproduced is favored over quality of intelligence when compared to the white, more K selective strategy which favors higher quality of intelligence over quantity of numbers reproduced. The mean IQ for African blacks is 70, for American blacks 85 for whites the mean IQ is 100.

The difference for the two black IQs is understood to represent white genes from American whites, pilfered by the blacks, from interbreeding and miscegenation. Obviously this reality has favored the blacks, but equally has disfavored the whites.

In my opinion, our white gene pool should be understood, and perceived to be, a sacred temple, which further, should be protected and defended from all parasites, regardless of the color of the skin; a parasite being any and all who take something positive from a host, and which further, then gives nothing positive in return.

Liberal ideology, in pursuit of a new world, one world order, finds the melding of the gene pools a desired necessity. In fact, in my lifetime, I have witness the promotion of miscegenation upon our white race’s females in many venues, most notably in advertisements and Hollywood releases. If all this were in Old Testament, Biblical times, the prophets would be both outraged, and on the rampage, against such an atrocity. But we are not in Old Testament, Biblical times, but rather we are in the times of liberal ideology.

The Cardinal Law of evolution is to win the competitive struggle, for limited, availing resources, and via outcompeting one’s competitors in said struggle, pan out to be the one that continues on.

The black more r selective gene pool has produced an organism tailor cut, and suited for a culture of tribalism. The white more K selective gene pool has produced an organism tailor cut, and suited for the white man’s higher culture of civilization. Quite obviously, the white man’s higher culture of civilization produces a more human friendly and more enjoyable lifestyle. Therefore the blacks want in.

However being the product of their more tribal culture gene pool, they find assimilation into the white culture impossible. They may truly want in, but they just as truly do not fit in.

The total cost of the Negro upon the white is of a ludicrously insane proportion, a cost which in the end is unsustainable. However, both blacks and liberals persist to insist this unsustainable cost be accepted. This is insanity, but however, and regrettably, it is our current reality.

Therefore, as both blacks and white liberals promote the parasitizing of our white culture and gene pool by blacks, we non-liberal whites find our existence threated, and ultimately threatened with extinction.

A separating out and away from both white liberals and blacks is the only viable recourse for the continuation of our higher, white man’s culture of civilization and most importantly our white gene pool.

For our white selves and our posterity, secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.




Friday, May 24, 2013

Maturity, Immaturity and the Pursuit of Superiority

Many times in life one without the other, just does not make muster, for example a boy without his girl.

Two extremely important, albeit, mutually exclusive personality traits, emanating from two mutually exclusive parts of the personality brain, are, in this sort of way, a necessary team; these two personality traits are maturity and superiority.

For the people of the white race, liberals are those who pursue not their maturity, but pursue only their superiority, while non-liberals pursue both their maturity and their superiority. Further, while the two live amongst one another, a conflict ensues, whereby one group becomes accomplished but not responsible, these be liberals, while the other becomes both accomplished and responsible, these be non-liberals.

This is I believe, the true state of our white affairs, that further, the “war” that ensues between these two mutually exclusive groups and their naturally arising, mutually exclusive ideologies, plays itself out on a world stage of sorts.

At this point it needs pointing out, that the antagonism which here develops betwixt the two mutually exclusive groups, becomes the antagonism of parent and child with the singular exception that all in both parties are, of and in, their adult years. Therefore there is the illusion of maturity to both groups, but in reality, only one group is matured.

By the way, it is here that the disingenuous nature of liberals begins, because their ideology and targeted conclusion are not in sync with maturity, though physically they are adults, which therefore disingenuously implies their position to be in sync with maturity. This is of course an illusion.

For a culture of civilization, that would be the white man’s culture, to survive, those who have physically achieved adulthood, but who also have not achieved maturity, in difference to having achieved superiority elsewhere, must never be enfranchised. For once enfranchised they will pursue their immature, superiority quest; they will pursue superiority for all the wrong reasons, the reasons of the immature, the seven deadly sins kind of reasons.

Strangely, the two biggest groups on planet Earth which represent the phenomenon of immaturity and the pursuit of superiority are white liberals of European decent and Islamics of both Arab and Aryan decent. White liberals are secular, while Islamics are religious, and both are pursuing world domination as the achievement of their superiority.

Where historically the Arab-Aryan Islamics have chosen war and terror tactics to achieve their superiority, European white liberals have chosen a fully enfranchised democracy to achieve their superiority.

Because the white liberals of European decent are the minority of their own people, and further because a fully enfranchised democracy is their only hope to achieve their superiority the enfranchisement of outsiders becomes their treasured ticket.

On this reality it should be clear that the outsiders best suited for the liberal cause would be losers, who are losers because of immaturity or low IQ, and an entire sub-species of low IQed humans is just the solution white liberal’s need. Here obviously the Negro makes a great bed partner for said white liberal.

So too do others, who are similar to white liberals in their immaturity and pursuit of superiority position, make good bed partners in a fully enfranchised democracy, such as the Islamics, but it should be clear, only for the present, not however at some future point.

For humans to live their lives in achievement of both maturity and superiority is for humans to live in harmony with their nature.

For humans to live their lives of failed maturity but achieved superiority is for humans to live in disharmony with their own nature.

Only those humans who live in harmony with their own nature, as a collective, can both create and experience a culture of liberty, wealth and happiness. While for those who live in disharmony with their own nature as a collective, the only culture they can create and experience is one of tyranny, poverty and misery.

Secession by non-liberal whites, for non-liberal whites only, is the ticket to a culture of liberty, wealth and happiness. For such an achievement, our white posterity shall be, eternally grateful. Thank you.



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daniels Book Today

From the end of the Babylonian captivity, the captivity holding the last two extant tribes of the Jews, circa 536 BC, is the story from the book of Daniel, involving the Babylonian King Belshazzar, Daniel and the writing on the wall. Here a decadent King Belshazzar summons Daniel to interpret a mysterious handwriting that is suddenly written on the wall by disembodied hand.

Daniel interprets the written words, “Mene, Mene, Tekal, u-Pharsin” to state; “Your days are numbered-you have been weighed and art found wanting-your Kingdom shall be divided between your two enemies”.

Now, 2500 years later, here in the white man’s land of both Europe and the new continent, we whites find ourselves ruled by white liberals, white liberal ideology and here in America by a mulatto black, liberal President, B.H.Obama.

Unfortunately for us whites, liberalism for the great masses of the unwashed and hoi polloi is, for and about, immaturity, the 7 deadly sins kind of immaturity. Further, and perhaps worse for both our white culture and gene pool longevity, liberalism, of and for liberal leaders, involves the personality disorders created by the mental illness complexes of megalomania, narcissism and the God-complex.

White liberalism as an ideology is the pod containing numerous, “sibling peas” realities, feminism, abolitionism, Yankeeism, Marxism, socialism and progressivism to name the most potent of these “sibling peas”.

The crux of liberal ideology is clearly for non-liberal whites, the matured, to both embrace and bear the cross, of the “White man’s burden”, an ideology that implies or states that it is the purpose of the matured white, the non-liberal, to solve all the problems of all others, no matter their particular sub-species, and further to do so at their own, white, non-liberal, matured expense, and even further, at the expense of the white gene pool and race, and therefore, quite necessarily, at the expense of our own white posterity.

Liberalism is immaturity; therefore one of its character traits is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a double standard and liberalism wields that double standard to its favor, and to non-liberal, mature white’s detriment, and further, does so with unabashed, power of a potentate, great relish. In the mind of a liberal, cheating, the purview and prerogative of liberals only, is the most important tactic in the liberal book of social chess. Further, the liberal right to cheat is jealously guarded and protected; no non-liberal, matured white may embrace or utilize this liberal “only” tactic.

This double standard is why Richard Nixon, the man who ended America’s 20th century’s greatest nightmare, the Vietnam War, as he promised, by giving America peace with honor, was forced to resign his Presidency over Watergate, but however, why also, Barac Obama skates his administrations greater misuse of power that has come out of his office and administration since its early weeks.

By the way, LBJ, the liberal democrat started America’s 20th century greatest nightmare, and did so to prevent the spread of socialism in S E Asia, while advancing the spread of socialism here in America with his great society programs. LBJ, the staggeringly stupid, liberal democrat, was certifiable. His favorite quote of himself was, “I’m a liberal and a conservative", others augmented LBJ’s incomplete statement with, “conservative with his own money, liberal with everyone else’s money”. LBJ, a true liberal had those telltale spots of liberalism, immaturity, of which no amount of soap and water could ever wash away.

The portent of the “Writing on the Wall” story is quite simply, a state of affairs, so decadent and corrupt, so immature, that only imminent doom can now transpire. We white people have our own writing on the wall beginning to appear, and our King Belshazzar is liberalism.

Secession, a long harrowing railroad tract, is not easy to embrace as our two mutually exclusive halves, liberal and non-liberal, live together amongst ourselves. A separating out and away from liberals and liberal states is the ticket to the first whistle stop along that railroad tract to secession, and secession’s promised consequence of liberty, wealth and happiness for all non-liberal whites and said, non-liberal white’s posterity. Thank you.

Secession is the answer, the only answer.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Liberal ideology and B.H.Obama

One need only cursorily read the news online these days of late to sense where we are, and further, perhaps even more importantly, to sense where we are headed as a collective. Here in America, the land of Euro-whites, from our distant relatives the Solutreans, the original founders and inhabitants of the new continent, to our more contemporary relatives of Christopher Columbus and of course, our Founding Fathers, we non-liberal whites find ourselves at war with our own fellow white liberals and their allies, the losers of the world, for ideological supremacy.

Liberals are the immature. Immaturity denies reality and substitutes a preferred illusion in said reality’s stead. Further, immaturity accepts unconditionally, that those who are immature have the right to practice guile, to cheat, and equally embrace the counterpoint, that maturity is denied access to this same, very particular tool of social chess.

Non-liberal whites must fight clean, whilst white liberals and their allies have an inherit right to fight dirty.

The B.H.Obama Presidency, his administration, and the liberal democrat party have embraced the immature “right to Cheat” strategy to the point that genuine crimes against the state, perhaps crimes of high treason, are committed but not prosecuted and worse, the liberal culprits, be they white or be they black, are allowed to skirt the responsibility of their crimes.

Fast and furious, our southern border, Benghazi, illegal phone tapping and the current IRS fiasco targeting non-liberal whites, all reflect, with great clarity, the accepted rules of engagement, in our ideological war, as the white liberals and their loser allies prescribe them to be.

B.H.Obama and Eric Holder, the two mulatto black, current leaders of our government today, are and will, walk away clean, with their dirty hands, from their employed illegal tactics, designed to hasten and complete, the transmogrification of our Founding Father’s free enterprise Republic for white winners, to their socialist democracy for white liberal losers, and their lower IQed allies, the blacks, the browns, the Islamics and others, the losers of humanity.

In a 1987 movie release, an Arnold Schwarzenegger, futuristic sci-fi picture set in the year 2017, just 4 years from now, “The Running Man”, by Richard Bachman, where the entire collective is held under the sway of an illusion, which further, the powers that be of said illusion, protect and defend that illusion via indoctrination of all, and corrective thinking indoctrination for those who see through the illusion, and begin the fight for freedom anew.

This is so apropos to the illusion of the liberal ideology of today, both of the white liberal ideology, and the black, “social justice” ideology, together, two peas in the same pod, the pod whereby all non-liberal whites must sacrifice themselves to the liberal ideology of the “White man’s burden”, allowing the losers to become winners, and forcing winners to become losers, in a total abrogation and abomination of nature herself.

The white race and gene pool, as evidence by the white races’ accomplishments of the last millennium, stands above the other races; it is they who parasitize us, not the other way around. For white liberals to blame non-liberal whites, for the other sub-species of human’s failures and in capabilities, is insanity. To follow up and further this insane ideology by giving our white, cultural wealth and white, gene pool treasures to those non-white, losers in the world of human sub-species people, is an act of sacrilege and a transgression of nature, the equivalent of Lucifer attempting to usurp God to serve his own selfish desires, including achieving superiority, via guile, at the collectives expense.

Our white cultural treasure lost to this insanity is only outweighed by our white gene pool lost to this same insanity, for our posterity should be our white race’s most cherished valuable.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Islam in Historical Truth

Most people are of the mistaken belief that Europe’s dark ages began with the fall of Rome in AD 476. This is not true. Europe’s dark ages began shortly after Mohammed sent his Muslims out to conquer the world at or near his own death, circa AD 632, a sesquicentennial later. What transpired then to cause the collapse of Roman civilization, the Mediterranean world, were in fact those very Muslims on the march for Allah and Mohammed.
The man who postulated this thesis was Henri Pirenne, a Belgian historian, born circa 12/1862- died 10/1935. His book was published as Mohammed and Charlemagne shortly after his death. Apparently, Henri was imprisoned by Germany during WW1, and wrote his book, while in prison, from memory, and then upon release at wars end, unbelievably, he put his manuscript down never to return to. I believe this is what happened as best I understand it.

Further, it appears to me his great work may have been lost forever but for one of his sons finding his work, editing it into completion and subsequently publishing it, in 1937

The Muslims did then what they do now, bring their faith of ruination and destruction into all the lands they invade, conquer, submit and further, with the intent to enslave all people to their misogynistic, inferiority complexed, hateful and insane religion. Unbelievably, white liberals embrace these people.

When those very Muslims destroyed the civilization the Roman’s built in SW Asia, the Levant, NA and the Iberian Peninsula, the fair free trade that supported the Roman civilization was destroyed as well, eliminating the wealth creation process and ushered in the poverty that subsequently caused the dark ages.

It was with the Crusades that the middle ages began. In the late 11th century Pope Urban the 2nd, called for European Christians to retake the Holy Land, as the Muslim conquerors were beheading European Christians on their pilgrimage to the said, Holy Land. This effort helped spurred the growth of European culture, and therefore helped lead Europe on into the renaissance.

For me, the state of affairs between European, white Christians and Islam remained fairly stable from the end of the Crusades until the late 19th, early 20th century, when American oil men I believe, found oil in the Arab deserts of the Middle East. Capitalism came to Islam, and this meant wealth creation, which in turn, spurred a resurgence of sorts, in loser Islam, by the Muslins themselves, as reflected in the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood, by one Hassan el-Banna in 1928.

Since that time Islam has been growing by leaps and bounds. Like mushrooms after a rain storm, the Muslims took advantage of the oil money and sprouted fast and furious as mushrooms must do before the life creating wealth dries up, and this to further Mohammed’s directive to conquer, submit and enslave all to their insanity of Islam.

Meanwhile, white liberals the world over began adopting the liberal ideological concept of the “White man’s burden” at least as early as the 1830s. This insanity of white liberals, be they the flock of immaturity or be they the Good Shepard white leaders of the megalominiacism of a God-complexed, narcissistic personality, is forcing upon all whites the burden of parenting and saving all non-whites, to the point of, “invading and raiding”, our treasures of cultural wealth and gene pool.

The liberal nightmare falsely perceived as a dream, where all will be delivered to a new Promised Land of Utopia, will in reality lead only to a Dystopia, from which our posterity will be forced to slog through said Dystopia’s slough, perhaps never to rendezvous with their happiness which only the living in “harmony with their own nature” can bring.

Blacks, browns, Islamics and all the world’s losers, intend to rifle our locks, raid our treasures and sub-plant us in our own land.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.


Monday, May 20, 2013

The Reality of Detroit

American blacks are not losers forced into a life of crime because the evil white man holds blackie down in poverty and decadence; American blacks are losers, and criminals who live in poverty because their gene pool produces an organism tailor cut and suited for a more animalistic, tribal culture, and that particular organism, so produced is incapable of, and unfit for, the white man’s higher culture of civilization. This is the source from which springs the realities of the Detroits and Birminghams of America.

The biggest obstacle for blacks to assimilate functionally in the white man’s culture of civilization is his low IQ, the American black mean IQ is 85, for African blacks it is 70. The 15 point difference reflects the amount of white genes pilfered from the white gene pool by blacks. This of course is the long term strategy of both Negros and white liberals, to meld the gene pools. This abrogation of nature works well for both the Negro strategy targeting evolutionary success of continuing on the Negro sub-species through said melding, and the white liberal ideology, targeting a future socialist democracy where all are the same.

Unfortunately, this same abrogation of nature, the melding of our mutually exclusive gene pools, is ruinous of the white gene pool, and along with other, insane liberal ideologies is driving the white gene pool and race into extinction. In the meanwhile this slow process has a huge price in blood and treasure for white people, in the form of rapes and murders of whites by blacks, and the very high transference of white created wealth to the American and African Negro. By the way, it was African blacks who brought aids from the lower primate world to the world of humans, but it is whites who have spent billions trying to solve this black scourge problem, whilst further, both African and American blacks pretend they believe evil whitey manufacture the virus and unleashed it upon poor, persecuted blackie.

Both BHO and Eric Holder clearly have a black brain supercharged by white genes; Barrac’s mother Stanley Dunham was white, Eric, I simply see white features tempering his black features. They clearly, in their abuse of power, of wrongfully aggressing whites, but also of wrongfully not prosecuting blacks for clear, black transgressions of the law, should ring the bell of alarm within all and every, non-liberal whites, of the inherit danger of allowing blacks to mate with whites. Miscegenation should be outlawed.

While blacks who embrace miscegenation, help their evolutionary cause of their, low man on the human species totem pole by breeding up, white liberals who embrace miscegenation commit apostasy to their own white gene pool and race. They are lower than the belly of a snake.

Woe and rueful will our white posterity be, should we non-liberal whites of today fail to draw the line and say no more, this is ours and ours it will remain. Thank you.

Sunday, May 19, 2013




Revisited and Revised

Sometimes resolutions to an appropriate understanding takes time, and sometimes that time  may be half a lifetime.
When I was young I went along with the liberal ideology of abortion. Constantly we the collective here in America were bombarded with the over population of planet Earth by humans, such as with Paul Ehrlich's book " The Population Bomb, circa 1968, liberal ideology and agitproping. Back in those days, the 60s and 70s, I had no problem with abortion.
Decades later I saw Norma McCorvey tell her story and was moved by her story to change my mind on abortion. Most of you readers probably know Norma better as Jane Row of Row vs Wade.
Norma is in my opinion, a very beautiful person, not the liberal type as in the Hollywood liberals, the beautiful people, but rather a genuinely beautiful person. Norma, aka Jane Roe, a white woman, never did have an abortion, and if I remember correctly she gave birth to 3 children in her life.
Tim Tibow’s mother, for those not in the know, Tim is a white football player, was told by her Drs., while pregnant with Tim, that she needed an abortion to save her own life. She chose not to have the abortion and both she and Tim are alive and well today.
Therefore I accepted the new position that abortion of the innocent human fetal life was wrong, except where the mother's life is truly at high risk. This position was universal for me, that all fetus's, no matter the origin of sub-species, was wrong.
However, though at first I accepted my new position that abortion was the murdering of innocent life, and therefore concluded that all abortion was wrong, again I would update my thinking on this matter and concluded that abortion of white fetuses is murder but not necessarily so for other fetuses of different sub-species of humans.
I came to realize still further, that abortion for different sub-species of humans, for a plethora of reasons, is good.
Take the negro sub-species of human, being of a more r selective gene pool, where quantity of numbers produced is more important than the quality of IQ produced, life is necessarily shorter. However the white man's higher culture of civilization produces life prolonging products, such as food and medicine, that when embraced by the negro, allows the negro to cheat his nature, live longer and over populate in numbers. 
The higher incidents of early Negro death are addressed by their more r selective gene pool strategy, and we whites have interfered with their own nature by embracing the liberal’s ideology of "The white man's burden", (see elsewhere by PDK).
So sick is the white liberal ideology, we whites have been condition to hate our own kind, right Susan, “The white race is the cancer of humanity”, Sontag, right Bill, “All white babies should be killed”, Ayers.
As our white race, clearly the superior race when judged by our collective accomplishments, slowly recedes in population percentages, our posterity is being put at great risk and peril. In reality we are headed for extinction, and worst of all, we are headed toward extinction because of our fellow white liberals and their ideology chasing the achievement of a new world, one world order, which among other realities embraces the melding of all gene pools into one.
Miscegenation and it's product mulattoism is good for non-whites but it is clearly both bad and therefore wrong for whites.
It is what we non-liberal whites of today choose to do now that determines our posterity’s fate. Can we honestly allow our children’s children, and their children to inherit a world where the only good white is a dead white?
To save our posterity of tomorrow, we must today begin agitproping for secession from the cancer of the white race, the white liberals, and their allies, the loser peoples of planet Earth, in this abrogation of nature via white gene pool/race apostasy.
Not to do so would be a clear dereliction of duty.
I believe in the SS&DI solution; the separate out and away to subsequently secede and declare independence solution. To further subsequently disenfranchise or outlaw outright white liberals, white liberal ideology and the allies of white liberals the losers of planet Earth such as the negros and Islamics.
From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank You.