Thursday, September 22, 2011

Islam and Liberals, Two Briefs By PDK





I have long believed that the desert of Mohameds time was a big factor in creating Islam. The desert naturally begets poverty, conceptually speaks poverty, and this poverty sets the stage for an inferiority complex that I believe is the birth bed of Islam.

Mohamed was well aware of his Christian and Jewish neighbors as evidenced by his knowledge of Ishmael, which he used as his back door pass into monotheism. He would have been well aware of their superior cultures, greater wealth and better way. Here is where he would have suffered his inferiority complex, and it would have been here that he decided to steal monotheism and use it to further what would be his future agenda of conquer, submit and enslave as the means to placate his inferiority complex.

The inferiority complex of Islam is quintessential to their existence, it is the giver of hate, which serves as the "fire in the belly" motivant so necessary to an ideology of negativity.
Wherever Islam has gone they have trampled the people, robbed them of what liberty and wealth they had, and enslave them by the sword, they proselytized their conquered into Islam.
Now Islam begins its invasion of the West, including our country America. We see them for what they are, intolerant and disrespectful, yet, as unbelievable as unbelievable gets, we allow them into our culture of toleration and respect, and further, this while knowing their history of conquer, submit and enslave. This is insanity, this is stupidity.

Islam is currently "successfully" invading our cultures of toleration and respect, both of the West in general, and for we Americans in our much beloved America. They are succeeding as much as they are in large part because some of our own, who choosing to defend their personal agenda of a BS illusion, itself designed to protect them from their failure to mature, feign noblism and defend Islams right to invade. They feign courage and reproach their fellow countrymen trying to defend against said invasion. Some of our own choose to protect themselves from their own cowardice complex with a beguiling BS illusion, whereby their responsibility to mature through and beyond said cowardice, is first shirked, then sloughed off onto the culture, and this illusion begets a price tag that is our cultures liberty for their cultures tyranny, our wealth for their poverty, our happiness for their misery.
If one day, you finally hear the ringing of distant bells question not for whom those bell toll, for they toll for liberty. Their ringing is the harbinger of libertys death, killed off as much by the enemy from within, as by the enemy from without. Thank you.


In 1979, Jimmy "the coward" Carter, allowed the Shah of Iran and his reign to be abrogated by Islamic forces, lead by the Ayatollah Khomeini, cheating the people of Iran out of the wonderful country the Shah crafted, and in its stead handing them the rueful and morose condition Islam always, eventually, creates. It is obvious to all, the time to usurp is when America is ruled by the milk toast liberal/democrat party.

However, where old Jimmy was a coward liberal, Barac, the anti American Messiah liberal, is a false Christian and closet Islamic. There can be no doubt why the time was so right for Islamic fundamentalists to stir the pot of the populace in both NA and the ME. The milk toast closet Islamic liberal/democrat BHO is Commander in Chief of the worlds most powerful military, and the only country with enough clout to back it up. With the big cat docile and harmless, it was time for the big rat to come out and do the Islamic three step, conquer, submit and enslave.

The price to be paid, for Jimmy cowardice is large. As the Islamic fundamentalist give the modernized Iran death by anaconda, "political" criminals are hanged, elections are rigged, non Islamics are persecuted, nuclear weapons are pursued, and Israel is openly threatened and covertly attacked. Thanks Jimmy, as I recall you in part stole the Presidency by bad mouthing Nixon for Watergate, pointing out how the great man stumbled, calling him a crook. But Richard promised and delivered on his promise, to end the Vietnam war, Americas greatest 20th century nightmare, started by a liberal democrat, LBJ, and doing so while giving America "peace with honor." He left office with America in a better place than when he entered the Presidency. You Jimmy left the world and America in a far more dangerous place than when you entered the Presidency, you sir created Bin laden, Al-Qaeda, and are responsible for 9/11. Personally I wish you would do us all a favor and off yourself.

As we proceed into the future the price we must pay for abandoning our ally Mubarak will be high, Israels Egyptian embassy was sacked in early September, and this is only the beginning. The Muslim Brotherhood will now rule Egypt from behind the scene as the mullahs do in Iran. They too will go for the "bomb," they too will threaten the world. Thanks Barac, you anti American Messiah, socialists, false Christian closet Islamic, blackie possessed, milk toast Commander in Chief of what should be America the beautiful. For you single handily transformed us, we are now America the ugly, congratulations you lowlife.

This is not diatribe, this is truth. I suggest strongly, and urge all to consider, a genuine America, free from her two greatest threats, liberalism with its secular socialist tyranny and poverty, and Islam with its pseudo religious tyranny and poverty, together, the two sides of the "coin of misery," as they attempt to usurp our free, wealthy America pursuing our happiness.
Outlawing Islam, and disenfranchising liberals, or a gathering of the matured conservatives to republican states followed by a declaration of independence, does seem to me to be the only long term hope for the survival of what our founding fathers bequeathed unto us, liberty, wealth and happiness. Please consider. Thank you.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Usurpation of Personal Sovereignty By PDK

There is the spiritual quest, which deals with the inner world, the world of non ordinary reality. Though it has its link to other humans and can be played out in the outer world, it is primarily the inner world of personality development, the individuation unfurling, and not just consciousness and ego, but also archetypes, the collective unconscious and for some, beyond into the unus mundus. This is the life I have lived.
However, though this be true, it is not the only life I live, my spiritual quest is not the only quest I have undertaken.  Like so many others, I find with no preconceived intent, a secular quest befalls me. It is the need to understand the culture I was born into, the culture I am a part of, the culture that gives and takes.
I have always been thankful for the public education I received. Thankful because it was so good to me, brought me to a place I could not have achieved on my own, my education was a thing of great value. I further am thankful because my public education in the 60s was not the liberal insanity education that began to materialize in the 80s where feeling good, weather one passed or failed was more important than achieving a successful education, I can actually add and subtract, read and write, and know a fair amount of humanitys history.
It is with the history that I learned of my countrys founding fathers. I learned the things they did, what transpired as they pursued their cause, and I learned words, words that quite frankly back then were just words. I learned words such as liberty and tyranny, unalienable rights, and the pursuit of happiness, I could pronounce them, I could spell them, but I never experienced them, I really knew not what they meant, they were, in the end, just words.
Now I am 57 years old, I am in my 6th decade of life, and the need to satisfy that secular quest to understand my culture has reached fruition. Those words our founding fathers spoke and banded about were not just words dead and lifeless, they have life, they have meaning. The words, and their meanings, of our founding fathers has for me come out into the daylight where I see, they have entered into my being and now I am one with those words, I more than understand them now, I know them.
I have come to realize that my time frame is not much different from the founding fathers time frame as their liberty and tyranny is the same as my liberty and tyranny. They had their King George the 3rd and the British crown tyrannizing them, I have my fellow American liberal and their democrat party tyrannizing me. King George stole their liberty, he denied them their pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers realized that the King had misappropriated his power, cheated them out of their unalienable rights, and left them in a state of poverty.
My secular quest has now brought me to a far away island, and on this island I have found an old wood and iron chest, lifting the top I look inside and see precious jewels, gems, gold and silver, and as I touch them they transform themselves into all the words my founding fathers used those 235 years ago. I pull out a jewel and see that at the moment of my conception, as with all others, I have unalienable rights, I have personal sovereignty. I pull out some gold and see that liberty begets wealth, that wealth begets happiness. I take some silver and see that tyranny creates poverty, and poverty creates misery. I haul out a big jem and see that the usurpation of my personal sovereignty by the governing power not only cheats me out of my unalienable rights but also my liberty to pursue my happiness which in turn gives me the wealth that begets and becomes my happiness.
Weather dealing with the secular world of liberal socialism, or the religious world of Islam, the usurpation of personal sovereignty begets tyranny, poverty and misery. Good for the few at the top, bad for the many below. The usurpation of personal sovereignty ultimately gives the lowest quality of life to the greatest number of people, this is maximised misery, this is not the world I wish to live in. Take from me for the common defence, take from me for the common welfare, but take not from me my personal sovereignty for when you take from me my personal sovereignty you take my liberty and give me your tyranny, you take from me my wealth and give to me your poverty. When you usurp my personal sovereignty you take from me my happiness and give to me your misery.
My cultural quest ends here, for now I both know and understand George, John, Tom and the rest. Lastly, it ends here for I now understand Patrick Henry quite clearly when he exclaimed in a moment of higher consciousness "give me liberty, or give me death". Thank you