Monday, March 31, 2014

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Michael and Eamon

"It is not the critic who points out where the great man stumbled", Teddy Roosevelt, circa 1910.

Michael Collins, aka the big fellow, was born in county Cork, 10/1890, and died 8/1922. Eamon de Valera was born in New York City of an Irish mother and a Cuban father, 10/1882 and died 8/1975.

These two were, Irish Nationalist heavyweights, in Ireland's great struggle for independence and the creation of an Irish Free State during the early 20th century.

For modern day Ireland the big day came on the 6th of December, 1921. It was here that the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed by both Great Briton and Ireland, ending the Irish War of Independence, and ultimately creating the Irish Free State for all of Ireland except the 6 counties of Northern Ireland.

Michael Collins was one of the Irish delegates to, and signer of, the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

By any measure a great achievement by the Irish.

However, there were Irish detractors, those not satisfied with the outcome, among them was Eamon de Valera.

Eamon had chosen not to be part of the Irish delegation, he was not there for the Anglo-Irish negotiations; and this, though others begged and prompted him to attend, as he was the most able negotiator among them all.

This was important because some of the Irish accepted the treaty as the best possible achievement of the time, while others wanted nothing less than complete independence. Therefore Michael and Eamon represented these two distinct factions.

"It is the man who is actually in the arena, the man who sweats and toils greatly", Teddy Roosevelt circa 1910.

Michael Collins was the man actually in the Arena, up against the great and powerful, John Bull, sweating and toiling greatly.

At the signing, Lord Birkenhead, a Brit, said to Michael Collins, "in signing this treaty, I am signing my political death warrant", to which Michael replied, "Lord Birkenhead, I'm signing my actual death warrant".

Michael Collins was subsequently killed, or assassinated, by anti-Treaty Irish in an ambush in southern Ireland some 9.5 months later, two moths short of his 32nd birthday.

"For his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat", Teddy Roosevelt circa 1910.

Between 12/21 and his death in 8/22 Michael put forth the proposition that the Anglo-Irish Treaty gave Ireland the "freedom to achieve freedom".

Eamon de Valera, the critic who points out where the great man stumbled, but not the man actually in the arena, stirred the pot by charging the delegates as traitors for failing to achieve complete freedom. Turmoil and bloodshed resulted.

Michael Collins's place in history shall never be with those "cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat", but Eamon de Valera's place in history is with those cold and timid souls.

In 1966, the 50th year anniversary of the Irish, Easter Rising, Eamon stated "It is my considered opinion, that in the fullness of time, history will record the greatness of Michael Collins, and it will be at my expense".

That just might be because one was the man actually in the arena, the other chose to be the critic who not only would not enter the arena, but further pointed out where the man in the arena failed rather than were he achieved.

If I could see in my lifetime, an achievement for a new, non-liberal, white, nation-state on par with the achievement of Michael Collins for The Irish Free State, I would be most moved.

Michael Collins; the man who actually got in the arena and achieved greatly.

From the sanctuary,@

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brief for Today

As I see list after list of all the whites, in different European nation-states, beginning to clamor about and for secession, from Italy to Scotland, but also right here in America, clearly the time has come; to send our message loud and clear, that all those of European white decent, those born of the European white gene pool, the planet Earth over, to immigrate together, targeting one territory, and build a new White Homeland.  A White Homeland of the white man's higher culture of civilization. A white civilization of a free enterprise Republic in liberty for the pursuit of wealth and happiness.

Let white liberals embrace their cherished crocodile of diversity and anaconda of socialism by themselves. Let those very white liberals pay the bill of their ideology themselves. I want no part of their ruination and stagnation; of their miscegenation and mulattoism.

The American Pacific North West including Alaska, and possibly the Canadian West, are ripe and prime targets for our quest.

Join us in spirit now and in body later, that our white gene pool and race might once again live in harmony with it's own nature.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.


Thomas Dixon

The movie “ The Birth of a Nation” by D.W. Griffith, a 1915 classic of the silent era, was a box office smash. It was a technical marvel achieved. Most of all it moved, deep inside, many American Whites of the time to appreciate the difference between the natures of the White and the negro. It fairly depicted the more animalish tendencies of the negro, and how the more animalish negro would perform when liberated or unleashed in the White man’s higher culture of civilization.

The negro is born of a gene pool that prefers the quantity of numbers reproduced over the quality of IQed cerebrum produced. This is a one or the other deal as nature cannot evolve on its own to have both.

The negro and his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum evolved in concert with a much different environment or biosphere than did the White. He is endowed by this nature with a makeup that readies him earlier for reproduction, reproduces in higher quantities and dies early in life than Whites do.

In modern scientific parlance, the negro is born of a more r selective gene pool than Whites, who in turn, are born of a more K selective gene pool. r/K selection theory can be gleaned online.

The movie by Griffith was taken from a book published in 1905, The Clansman, by one Thomas Dixon. The Clansman was the second installment in Dixon's Ku Klux Klan trilogy. Dixon was born in the Piedmont of North Carolina, a plateau east of the Appalachians, in 1/1864. North Carolina was a Southern state in the war between the states, 4/1861-4/1865. Thomas passed in 4/1946.

In his book The Clansman, Dixon made clear to his readers that the lowly negro once liberated or unleashed in the White man's higher culture of civilization he would subsequently commit, in a much higher proportion to his total numbers, the uglier more heinous crimes of murder, rape and robbery.
Further, it is clear to me that Thomas wanted the liberals of the north to understand this phenomenon because it was a reality liberals chose to avoid in favor of their preferred illusion. That illusion stated that the only difference between a White and a negro was the color of the skin, and moreover, not because of the truth of reality,  the difference of the mutually exclusive cerebrums of White and negro.
In the liberals illusion of then, and now as well, the negro, simply by donning the White man's clothes was capable of assimilation into the said White man's higher culture of civilization. This illusion went hand and hand with the liberal doctrine of ideology, that it is the White race's duty to embrace the White man's burden, for the other race's benefit, at the White race's expense. 
This illusion is born out of immaturity and insanity, which of course are where all liberals and their liberalism comes from.
It is clear to me that Thomas Dixon was a credit to his race via his veneration to the White gene pool. The phrase "White gene pool", was possibly a phrase Thomas never heard in his life, yet he clearly intuited it's reality.
Thomas has earned my respect as a fellow member of our gene pool/race. Clearly more Thomas Dixons are needed to halt the parasitizing of our white gene pool/race and culture by all the losers of planet Earth before our day as the White race sets because of miscegenation and by being out reproduced.
Woe and rueful will our posterity be, if we of today chose to care not for them, but rather, only for ourselves.
From the Sanctuary, @

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Some Briefs I Posted Elsewhere

On the French:

I remember back around the turn of the century perhaps 2002, when the old man Le Pen came out publicly against immigration, and its child the crocodile of diversity. Islam was making a move on France and I thought perhaps there is hope for those French yet.

I had come to dislike the French because they denied Reagan when Reagan requested use of the airfields for a hit on M. Gaddafi. The nerve of those thankless buttheads.

I figured France was so liberal, so full of liberal ideology they would be the source of their own destruction.

But with 20,000 French turning out for him, I thought maybe there is hope.

However shortly thereafter, a million French came out against him publically. I then thought France falls to Islam 2035-2040. Serves them right the buttheads.

During the first decade of this new century, only BB, Bridget Bardot publically spoke out against Islam. Eventually the French government fined her.

The only Frenchmen with a pair, BB, a woman and an ex sexpot. Geesch!

So now the old man's daughter Marie will try to save France. A modern Day Joan of Arch. Good luck to her as the French track record says they will march with the Pied Piper of liberalism, up over the precipice and into the morass of Islam. Serves them right those buttheads.

In the dichotomy of manhood achieved either by fighting other males or sexual conquest of women, France, as a national spirit, clearly favors the latter.

In 1871, WW1 and WW2, the Germans really kicked French butt.

Though the French are such a romantic people of the sexual kind, their birth rates are pitifully low. Islam is outbreeding them fast. Islam now defiantly shows its accruing power with religious services in public which is outlawed in France.

France is such a loser because it embraces liberalism, the ideology of the immature and the insane.

I still think France will fall to Islam by 2040. Charlie Martel, the Hammer, must be weeping in his long sleep.

If Islam can do France in 2032, it will be exactly 1300 years since good old Charlie repulsed Islam on its quest to conquer Europe.

From the Sanctuary: @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

On the Negro in America

The negro illusion, which by the way is the same as the white liberal illusion, is that evil whitey, the blue eyed devil, headhunts to persecute and crucify the innocent negro, simply and only, because he has a different skin color.

In reality the lowly negro is such because he is born of a more r selective gene pool, where quantity of numbers reproduced is favored over quality of IQed cerebrum produced.

This particular evolution for the negro makes him suitable for the lower culture of the primitive savage but not at all suitable for the white man's higher culture of civilization.

In America, when the negro chooses to prefer his illusion over reality, by first usurping and second then trying to run, a white culture territory, he finds himself in way over his head, as his incapability of creating or maintaining the white man's higher culture of civilization has ramifications which necessarily become manifest.

Not being capable of water responsibility, as in Detroit, is just the tip of the iceberg and but one manifestations of negro incompetency in the white man's higher culture of civilization.

However, though the lowly negro claims he is worthy and ready for liberation in the white man's world, in reality he is just a fish out of water. His only long term hope is for his posterity, which, via miscegenation with whites and the pilfering of white genes, will engender a more intelligent negro.

This is good for them, but horribly bad for we whites.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you..
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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Remember the Alamo: Remember the Maine: Remember, Trayvon Martin.

The Alamo, an old Spanish mission where in early 1836, 186 white men defended the mission as a then improvised fort, from 5,000 Mexican army regulars under the leadership of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, to give Sam Houston the time he so desperately needed to forge a small army to defend the newly declare Republic of Texas.

The white Americans living in Tejano were tired of the oppressive rule of the corrupt Mexican government and its tyranny. Believing in the white man's "manifest destiny" of the time, and wanting the liberty so needed to further the white man's higher culture of civilization, the whites of Texas were willing to fight to the death for their higher cause.

Fight they did, right down to the last, all 186 white Americans died in that battle. Counted amongst the 186 were Stephen F. Austin for whom the Texas state capital is now named; Jim Bowie, inventor of the famed Bowie knife; and one Mr. David Crockett, a Tennessean, and one of Americas two greatest frontier heroes; the other being Daniel Boone.

Remember the Alamo became Houston's rebel rousing call to duty. Every white child learned this slogan as part of American history, up to my time anyway.

Some 62 years further on down the American road, another war/skirmished materialized. This one became known here in America as the Spanish American War. This war involved the man himself, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt and his rough riders, who by the way became infantry as their horses did not make the journey in time.

At a desperate hour, but with the chance to seize victory, Col. Teddy shouted out to his men, "follow me", not charge, or go for it boys, but follow me, and follow Teddy they did, securing an American victory, and causing Spain to surrender.

All this started when, after things had come to a head, the American ship "Maine" exploded in a Cuban port. Naturally the Spanish were suspected, though they may not, and probably had not, any hand in the tragedy. But such was it at the time and America rallied for war around the slogan, "Remember the Maine".

In 2/2012, a young negro man of 17, was by the reality of his own negro nature, walking through a foreigners territory, a gated community in which he did not live. The young negro was on suspension from High School again, this time for drugs, as it turned out he was a drug dealing, drug abusing ant- white racist.

Further, he was by his own actions a punk thug, a B&E, (breaking and entering), burglar, who was clearly high on drugs and scoping out possible "opportunities" in the gated community to enrich himself via his B&E burglar enterprise.

It was at this moment when another entered the field, a community watchman. Quickly the situation deteriorated to a fight. The punk thug Trayvon sucker punched the watchman to the ground where he initiate a ground and pound, mixed martial arts style attack.

Clearly hoping to add murder 1 to his resume', Trayvon proceeded to attempt murder of the watchman. However, the watchman defended his life with a handgun, saving his life by taking Trayvon's.

Subsequently white liberals and negros turned this unfolding into an example of white persecution of a negro child. Nothing could be further from the truth of reality. However, it allowed the negro, to employ his favorite, most lucrative money making scam, the wrongful, "shakedown whitey" scam. Where whites ultimately would rather cough up the dough, that is money people, than face negro insurrection and rioting.

Trayvon's parents made millions off whitey. To the negro, Trayvon became the latest symbol of the white man's persecution of the negro. The truth is that the white man did not persecute the negro, that is just an illusion, in reality it was the negro persecuting the white, and the white race.

I for one, as an American and as a non-liberal white shall remember the Alamo and the Maine. But also as a non-liberal white, surrounded by both white liberals and negros, I shall never be allowed to forget Trayvon.

Somehow to me, those are two different realities. How about you?

From the Sanctuary, @
I'm PDK: Thank you.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Sometimes resolutions to an appropriate understanding take time, and sometimes that time may be half a lifetime.
When I was young I went along with the liberal ideology of abortion. Constantly we the white collective here in America were bombarded with the over population of planet Earth by humans, such as with Paul Ehrlich's book " The Population Bomb, circa 1968, liberal ideology and agitproping. Back in those days, the 60s and 70s, I had no problem with abortion.
Decades later I saw Norma McCorvey tell her story and was moved by that story to change my mind on abortion. Most of you readers probably know Norma better as Jane Row of Row vs Wade.
Norma is in my opinion, a very beautiful person, not the liberal beautiful people such as those Hollywood liberals, but rather a genuinely beautiful person. Norma, aka Jane Roe, a white woman, never did have an abortion, and she gave birth to 3 children in her life.
Tim Tibow’s mother, for those not in the know, Tim is a white football player, was told by her Drs., while pregnant with Tim, that she needed an abortion to save her own life. She chose not to have the abortion and both she and Tim are alive and well today.
Therefore I accepted an updated position that abortion of the innocent human fetal life was wrong, except where the mother's life is truly at high risk. This position was universal for me, that all fetus's, no matter the origin of sub-species, was wrong.
However, though at first I accepted my new position that abortion was the murdering of innocent life, and therefore concluded that all abortion was wrong, again I would update my thinking on this matter and concluded that abortion of white fetuses is murder but not necessarily so for other fetuses of different sub-species of humans.
I came to realize still further, that abortion for different sub-species of humans, for a plethora of reasons, is good.
Take the negro sub-species of human, being of a more r selective gene pool, where quantity of numbers produced is more important than the quality of IQ produced, life is necessarily shorter. However the white man's higher culture of civilization produces life prolonging products, such as food and medicine, that when embraced by the negro, allows the negro to cheat his nature, live longer and over populate in numbers. 
The higher incidents of early Negro death are addressed by their more r selective gene pool strategy, and we whites have interfered with their own nature by embracing the liberal’s ideology of "The white man's burden".
So sick is the white liberal ideology, we whites have been condition to hate our own kind, right Susan, “The white race is the cancer of humanity”, Sontag, right Bill, “All white babies should be killed”, Ayers.
As our white race, clearly the superior race when judged by our collective accomplishments, slowly recedes in population percentages, our posterity is being put at great risk and peril. In reality we are headed for extinction, and worst of all, we are headed toward extinction because of our fellow white liberals and their ideology chasing the achievement of a new world, one world order, which among other realities embraces the melding of all gene pools into one.
Miscegenation and it's product mulattoism is good for non-whites but it is clearly both bad and therefore wrong for whites, it is an abrogation of nature.
It is what we non-liberal whites of today choose to do now that determines our posterity’s fate. Can we honestly allow our children’s children, and their children to inherit a world where the only good white is a dead white?
To save our posterity of tomorrow, we must today begin agitproping for secession from the cancer of the white race, the white liberals, and their allies, the loser peoples of planet Earth, in this abrogation of nature via white gene pool/race apostasy.
Not to do so would be a clear dereliction of duty.

 I believe in the SS&DI solution; the separate out and away, secede and declare independence solution. To further subsequently disenfranchise or outlaw outright white liberals, white liberal ideology and the allies of white liberals the losers of planet Earth such as the negros and Islamics.

 From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank You.